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Living with a long-term health condition and seeking paid work: qualitative systematic review and thematic synthesis

J Fadyl, D Anstiss, K Reed, W Levack

(2022), Vol. 44, pp. 2186-2196, Disability and Rehabilitation, England, C1

journal article

Experiences of vocational rehabilitation and support services for people living with a long term condition: qualitative systematic review

K Reed, J Fadyl, D Anstiss, W Levack

(2022), pp. 1-9, Disability and Rehabilitation, London, Eng., C1

journal article

LGBTQ+ Loss and Grief in a Cis-Heteronormative Pandemic: A Qualitative Evidence Synthesis of the COVID-19 Literature

J Lucas, J Lucas, S Bouchoucha, S Bouchoucha, R Afrouz, R Afrouz, K Reed, K Reed, S Brennan-Olsen, S Brennan-Olsen

(2022), Vol. 32, pp. 2102-2117, Qualitative Health Research, United States, C1

journal article

Effectiveness of vocational interventions for gaining paid work for people living with mild to moderate mental health conditions: Systematic review and meta-analysis

J Fadyl, D Anstiss, K Reed, M Khoronzhevych, W Levack

(2020), Vol. 10, BMJ Open, England, C1

journal article

The contribution of occupation to children's experience of resilience: a qualitative descriptive study

L Bowden, K Reed, E Nicholson

(2018), Vol. 65, pp. 268-275, Australian occupational therapy journal, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Focusing on employment in primary mental health care: A scoping review

K Reed, H Kalaga

(2018), Vol. 59, pp. 3-13, Work, Netherlands, C1

journal article

Resituating Aotearoa New Zealand mental health legislation in the context of social and occupational justice

Kirk Reed, Brian Field

(2017), Vol. 29, pp. 55-65, Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work, Christchurch, N.Z., C1

journal article

Occupational science informing occupational therapy interventions

C Hocking, M Jones, K Reed

(2015), pp. 127-134, International Handbook of Occupational Therapy Interventions, Second Edition, B1-1

book chapter

Survival, momentum, and things that make me "me": patients' perceptions of goal setting after stroke

M Brown, W Levack, K McPherson, S Dean, K Reed, M Weatherall, W Taylor

(2014), Vol. 36, pp. 1020-1026, Disability and rehabilitation, Abingdon, Eng., C1

journal article

A new perspective on family involvement in chronic pain management programmes

C Swift, K Reed, C Hocking

(2014), Vol. 12, pp. 47-55, Musculoskeletal Care, England, C1-1

journal article

Resituating the meaning of occupation: A transactional perspective

K Reed, C Hocking

(2013), Vol. 9789400744295, pp. 39-49, Transactional Perspectives on Occupation, B1-1

book chapter

Re-visioning practice through action research

K Reed, C Hocking

(2013), Vol. 60, pp. 181-188, Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, Australia, C1-1

journal article

The experiences of people who re-enter the workforce following discharge from a forensic hospital

J Tregoweth, J Walton, K Reed

(2012), Vol. 37, pp. 49-62, Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, C1-1

journal article

A pilot cluster randomized controlled trial of structured goal-setting following stroke

W Taylor, M Brown, L William, K McPherson, K Reed, S Dean, M Weatherall

(2012), Vol. 26, pp. 327-338, Clinical Rehabilitation, England, C1-1

journal article

Exploring the meaning of occupation: The case for phenomenology

K Reed, C Hocking, L Smythe

(2011), Vol. 78, pp. 303-310, Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Thousand Oaks, Calif., C1

journal article

The interconnected meanings of occupation: The call, being-with, possibilities

K Reed, C Hocking, L Smythe

(2010), Vol. 17, pp. 140-149, Journal of Occupational Science, Melbourne, Vic., C1

journal article

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