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Dr Kristijan Mirkovski



Senior Lecturer


Faculty of Business and Law


Deakin Business School


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Dr Kristijan Mirkovski is a senior lecturer of Information Systems at the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics in Deakin Business School. He received his PhD in Information Systems from the City University of Hong Kong and since has held various academic positions in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Mirkovski's research focus is on digital innovation and it falls into four research streams: (1) IT adoption and use, (2) information sharing behaviour on social media and social commerce, (3) open innovation in small firms and (4) alternative genres for communicating scholarly research. He also uses a variety of research methods, such as interviews, analysis of secondary data, surveys, and experiments.

His work has been accepted and published by Information Systems Journal, MISQ Executive, Small Business Economics, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Internet Research, Information Systems Frontiers, International Journal of Logistics Management, Electronic Commerce Research, Information Technology & People, IEEE IT Professional and CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly. Dr Mirkovski’s work also has been accepted and presented at internationally-recognized conferences such as AOM (CORE: A*), ICIS (CORE: A*), HICSS (CORE: A), PACIS (CORE: A), AMCIS (CORE: A) and ACIS (CORE: A). He also serves on the advisory editorial board of the International Journal of Logistics Management. 

Dr Mirkovski has successfully obtained highly competitive funding as a CI from the Australian Research Council (ARC) for Discovery Project (DP) in the value of AU$288,064 (2023-2025) and as a Co-PI from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in the value of CN¥199,000~ AU$43,257 (2018-2020). He has also worked on research projects with small businesses from the finance industry in China (UGO Internet Company; AU$7,000; 2019-2020) and obtained three internal and inter-university grants in the value of AU$24,678 from Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) and RMIT.

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Career highlights

Research interests

  • IT adoption and use
  • Social media and social commerce
  • Open innovation
  • Alternative genres


  • Member, Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM).
  • Member, Association for Information Systems (AIS).
  • Member, Australian Computer Society (ACS).

Teaching interests

  • Management Information Systems
  • Business Analytics

Units taught

  • MIS202 - Making Sense of Information
  • MIS362 - Social Media Analytics and Data Driven Innovation
  • MIS712 - Managing Digital Transformation
  • MIS782 - Value of Information
  • MIS399 - Applied Business Project


  • Excellent Academic Teacher, Swinburne University of Technology, 2016.
  • Excellent Academic Teacher, Swinburne University of Technology, 2015.
  • PhD Research and Conference Grant by City University of Hong Kong ($4,800), 2011-2014.
  • PhD Fellowship by University Grants Committee of Hong Kong ($115,100), 2011-2014.
  • PhD Entrance Scholarship by City University of Hong Kong ($11,000), 2011.
  • 1st Prize on Kleemann Consulting Project by University of Sheffield, 2007.
  • 2nd Prize on Business Plans Competition by University of Sheffield, 2006


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Achieving entrepreneurial growth despite resource and capability constraints: the role of service intermediaries

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(2024), Vol. 62, pp. 353-380, Small Business Economics: an international journal, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

"Do as I say but not as I do": Influence of political leaders' populist communication styles on public adherence in a crisis using the global case of COVID-19 movement restrictions

L Liu, K Mirkovski, P Lowry, Q Vu

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journal article

Cross-Country Determinants of Citizens' E-Government Reuse Intention: Empirical Evidence from Kuwait and Poland

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(2023), Information Technology and People, Bingley, Eng., C1

journal article

Knowledge Retention Challenges in Information Systems Development Teams: A Revelatory Story From Developers in New Zealand

Yi-Te Chiu, Kristijan Mirkovski, Jocelyn Cranefield, Shruthi Shankar

(2022), Vol. 18, pp. 1-25, International Journal of Knowledge Management, Hershey, Pa., C1

journal article

Setting Priorities for Exploiting and Exploring Digital Capabilities in a Crisis

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(2022), Vol. 21, pp. 269-285, MIS Quarterly Executive, Bloomington, Ind., C1

journal article

Political Leaders' Communication Style and Public Perceptions: Case of the COVID-19 Crisis

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Use of Video Narratives to Increase Relevance in Design Science Research

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Do Customers Always Rely on Opinion Leaders' Behaviour to Make a Decision? The Moderating Role of Customer Expertise

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Exploring the contingent effect of community equity on users' intention to share information

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A storyteller's guide to problem-based learning for information systems management education

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Does more crowd participation bring more value to crowdfunding projects? The perspective of crowd capital

C Yin, L Liu, K Mirkovski

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journal article

Visual storytelling for improving the comprehension and utility in disseminating information systems research: Evidence from a quasi-experiment

K Mirkovski, J Gaskin, D Hull, P Lowry

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journal article

The effects of trust and distrust on ICT-enabled information sharing in supply chains: Evidence from small- and medium-sized enterprises in two developing economies

K Mirkovski, R Davison, M Martinsons

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journal article

Understanding microblogging continuance intention: the directed social network perspective

K Mirkovski, Y Jia, L Liu, K Chen

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journal article

Proposing the core contributor withdrawal theory (CCWT) to understand core contributor withdrawal from online peer-production communities

Ling Jiang, Kristijan Mirkovski, Jeffrey Wall, Christian Wagner, Paul Lowry

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journal article

Who are the spoilers in social media marketing? Incremental learning of latent semantics for social spam detection

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Design principles (DPs) for building social media enabled collaborative learning environments (SMECLEs)

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Semantic Learning-Based Innovation Framework for Social Media

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Factors that influence interorganizational use of information and communications technology in relationship-based supply chains: evidence from the Macedonian and American wine industries

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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

A Process-Based Framework for Open Innovation with Social Media Data

Dr Libo Liu, Prof Marta Indulska, Dr Kristijan Mirkovski, Prof Paul Lowry

ARC - Discovery Projects

  • 2024: $15,000

Industry and Other Funding

Developing theory-driven narrative animated videos (NAVs) for communicating product instructions in the finance industry.

Dr Kristijan Mirkovski

UGO Internet Company

  • 2020: $7,000


No completed student supervisions to report