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Associate Professor Of Communication


Faculty of Arts and Education


SCCA Arts & Ed


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


Bachelor of Arts, Deakin University, 1981
Graduate Diploma of Applied Film & Television, Swinburne Univ. of Technology, 1982
Diploma of Education, La Trobe University, 1984
Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2008


Research interests

Critical public relations, politics, activism,  gender, public communication, ethics, citizenship, community consultation, stakeholder, critical community engagement


International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR)
International Communication Association (ICA)
National Communication Association (NCA)

Teaching interests

Critical public relations, activism, communication ethics, community engagement and citizenship


Now a double award winner for her book's, Kristin’s monograph ‘Public Relations, Activism and Social Change: Speaking Up’ has been awarded the 2014 PRIDE Book Award for outstanding Innovation, Development, and Educational Achievement in PR from the Public Relations Division National Communication Association (NCA), USA.

In 2013: PRIDE Book Award, National Communication Association (USA) Outstanding Innovation, Development and Educational Achievement in Public Relations (with co-editor Christine Daymon) for 'Gender and Public Relations: Critical Perspectives on OVice, Image and Identity (Routledge, 2013)

In 2009 Kristin was awarded the PRism Prize for the 2010 special issue of PRism on Gender and Public Relations with Associate Professor Christine Daymon (Murdoch University WA).

In 2009 Kristin was awarded an Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning For a radical new public relations curriculum, engaging students with contentious debates around activism and ethics in anticipation of future social and political orientations demanding greater accountability.

In 2008 Kristin was the recipient of four internal teaching awards: WJC Banks Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching and Learning Deakin University Award for Teaching Excellence (Teacher of the Year); Vice-Chancellor's Award for Distinguished Teaching; Joint Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching and learning for the virtual simulation PRessure Point! (with David O'Brien and Stephen Segrave).

In late 2008, Edith Cowan Universitys, Professor Ron Oliver recognised PRessure Point! for excellence in educational learning technology.

In recognition of her community contributions in urban greening and placemaking, Kristin was recognised by the Australian Government with a Centenary of Australian Federation Medal in 2003.


In 2013 Kristin has published two books: a monograph around activism and social change titled: Public Relations, Activism, and Social Change: Speaking Up for Routledge Research (New York) and an edited collection with Christine Daymon
Gender and Public Relations, Critical Perspectives of Image, Voice, Identity. (Routledge New Directions in Communications Research series).


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A/Prof Kristin Demetrious

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A/Prof Kristin Demetrious

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A/Prof Kristin Demetrious

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All the animals are gone? The politics of contemporary hunter arcade games.

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The object of public relations and its ethical implications for late modern society - a Foucauldian analysis

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New activism and communication in Australian risk society : a case study of the Otway Ranges Environment Network

A/Prof Kristin Demetrious

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Secrecy and illusion : Second Life and the construction of unreality

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Corporate social responsibility, new activism and public relations

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Playing a critical role: experiential learning resources and analytical media studies in higher education

A/Prof Kristin Demetrious

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Engaging with stakeholders or constructing them? Attitudes and assumptions in stakeholder software

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Active voices

A/Prof Kristin Demetrious

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Reflexive modernity and the art of public communication

A/Prof Kristin Demetrious

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People, power and public relations

A/Prof Kristin Demetrious

(2001), Vol. 3, pp. 109-120, Asia Pacific public relations journal, Geelong, Vic., C1-1



Other Funding Sources

TrISMA - Tracking Infrastructure for Social Media Analysis

A/Prof Axel Bruns, A/Prof Jean Burgess, Dr John Banks, Mr Dian Wirawan Tjondronegoro, A/Prof Alexander Dreiling, Prof John Hartley, Dr Tama Leaver, Dr Anne Aly, Dr Timothy Highfield, Dr Rowan Wilken, A/Prof Ellie Rennie, Dr Dean Lusher, Prof Matthew Allen, Prof David Marshall, A/Prof Kristin Demetrious

  • 2016: $20,595
  • 2015: $35,819


Associate Supervisor

Marlene Drysdale

Thesis entitled: Aboriginal Women and Reconciliation in Australia: Communication Strategies and Symbolism

Doctor of Communication, School of Communication & Creative Arts