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Dr Liz Rouse



Senior Lecturer in Education (Early Childhood)


Faculty of Arts and Education


SoE Arts & Education


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Education, Victoria University, 2015
Master of Education, Victoria University, 2008
Bachelor of Education, La Trobe University, 1989
Graduate Diploma in Special Education, Inst. of Early Childhd Dvlpmt, 1981


Dr Elizabeth Rouse has worked in the field of education for over thirty years. She has taught in both early childhood settings as well as in schools. Additionally she has also worked in special education settings, community based family support programs and as a policy advisor at both state and local govenment level. She has worked in initial teacher education since 2010. Dr Rouse has developed a strong research profile in the area of family-school-community partnerships, which was the focus of her doctoral dissertation. Her publication 'Partnerships in the Early Years (2019, Oxford University Press), framed by her doctoral research, is now a prescribed text in a number of Australian Universities as well as in Europe and North America. More recently her research has focused on partnerships during transitions within and across education settings. 

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Career highlights

2016-2018  Project Director - Transition a positive start to school - Professional Learning Program (A DET funded Statewide Initiative)

2019 - Project Director - Reggio Emilia in Schools (Funded by Frank Leydon Trust)

Program Coordinator - MTeach Internship Program 

Research interests

Early Childhood Curriculum and pedagogy
Family/school/community Partnerships
Infant and toddler curriculum and learning
Learning spaces in early childhood education and care

Transitions across and within education contexts

Outdoor learning spaces in early years education
Language and literacy in under threes
Pedagogical leadership and professional practice



Member - International Network of Scholars (INET) - Centre for School Family and Community Partnerships, John Hopkins University
Member - Implementation Committee Learning and Development Advisory Group for the Early Learning and Development Framework 0-8
Founding member Victorian Early Childhood Research Consortium
Australian Teacher Education Association
Australian Association for Research in Education
Early Childhood Australia
Victorian Institute of Teachers
Australian Literacy Educators Association
Community Child Care
Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange

Knowledge areas

Paren-school-community partnerships

Early childhood learning and development

Teaching and Asssessment in early childhood contexts

Infants and toddler pedagogy

Outdoor learning spaces

Leadership and management in early childhood contexts

Transitions within and across education contexts

Pedagogical leadership

Reggio Emilia Approaches


Rouse, E. (2019). Teachers working in hospitals: what do partnerships look like. ERNAPE Conference , Gdansk, 18-20 September.

Hadley, F. & Rouse, E. (2019).Examining parent partnerships in early childhood settings from multiple stakeholders - Listening to parents, educators, teachers, directors and principals. ERNAPE Conference , Gdansk, 18-20 September.

Rouse, E. Garner, R & Nicholas, M. (2018). Transition to school - what challenges teachers? EECERA Conference, Budapest, 28-31 August.

Hadley, F. & Rouse, E. (2018). Parent centred partnerships. Are teachers and parents in early childhood centres on the same page? EECERA Conference Budapest, 28-31 August.

Professional activities

Masters of Teaching Early Childhood Internship Advisory Committee

Coordinator - MTeach Internship program

Chair- Course Advisory Committee- Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care - Box Hill Insititute.

Media appearances

AITSL Interview -

Life Matters: Are teachers expecting parents to do the job of mum or dad. 84

ABC Baby Talk: Learning from home -


2017 Deakin University - School of Education Teaching Excellence Award 

2017 Deakin University - School of Education Research Excellence Award


Project Director - Chief Investigator: Reggio Emilia in Schools - what does learning look like (2018-2019).

Chief Investigator: Early Childhood Professional Practice Partnerships (EC PPP) (DET) (2019-2021)

Project Director- Chief Investigator Transition: A positive start to school professional learning project (DET) 2016 - 2017

Chief Investigator: Building futures for newly-arrived migrants through schools - community development in school communities to improve whole family outcomes (2016-2018)

Chief Investigator DEECD - Pilot statewide professional mentoring program for early childhood teachers (2011-2014)

Chief Investigator 2013 -2014 Early Years Education in the Primary Years Programme (PYP): Implementation Strategies and Programme Outcomes

Chief Investigator - Greening Child care Outdoor Learning Spaces

Chief Investigator 2011-2012 Student perspectives on their infant/toddler practicum

Chief Investigator 2012 - The Harbour Outdoors - How it works for children and educators


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Deconstructing the use of video research with children - a methodology for truth and meaning

Elizabeth Rouse, Julie Carmel

(2020), pp. 96-110, Seeing the world through children's eyes : visual methodologies and approaches to research in the early years, Leiden, Germany, B1

book chapter

School readiness - what does this mean? Educators' perceptions using a cross sector comparison

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journal article

Recalling childhood: transformative learning about the value of play through active participation

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Learning to read: where should early childhood educators begin?

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journal article

Discourses/1, Australia: whose rights? The child's right to be heard in the context of the family and the early childhood service: an Australian early childhood perspective

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book chapter

Pedagogies of outdoor spaces: an early childhood educator professional learning journey

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The theory-practice challenge: International early childhood education students making connections in Australia

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journal article

Students and learning: The impact of the Reggio Emilia approach on student success

Elizabeth Rouse

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research report/technical paper

Free to learn? Removing unfreedoms in school communities to improve learning outcomes: Final report of Phase 2 SMAG Cluster Project 2018-19

Vicki Ware, Shannon McSolvin, Elizabeth Rouse

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The family-centre partnership disconnect: Creating reciprocity

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Community development in schools - building connections with and for families

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Mutuality and reciprocity in parent-teacher relationships: understanding the nature of partnerships in early childhood education and care provision

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International students experience in teacher education: creating context through play workshops

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journal article

Free to learn? Removing unfreedoms in school communities to improve learning outcomes: final report on SMAG cluster pilot project 2016-17

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research report/technical paper

Transition: a positive start to school: statewide professional learning delivery final report

E Rouse, Rosemarie Garner, Maria Nicholas, Christopher Speldewinde

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research report/technical paper

The role of the educational leader in long day care - how do they perceive their role?

E Rouse, G Spradbury

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journal article

Making learning visible - parents perceptions of children's learning outdoors

E Rouse

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journal article

Social presence - connecting pre-service teachers as learners using a blended learning model

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journal article

The power of play: preparing international higher education students for practicum

D Joseph, E Rouse

(2016), Vol. 39, pp. 137-145, HERDSA 2016 : The Shape of Higher Education : Proceedings of the 39th Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia International Conference, Freemantle, Western Australia, E1


Mentoring and reflective practice: transforming practice through reflexive thinking

E Rouse

(2015), pp. 25-38, Mentoring in early childhood education: a compilation of thinking, pedagogy and practice, Wellington, New Zealand, B1

book chapter

Mixed-age grouping in early childhood - creating the outdoor learning environment

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How do early childhood teachers understand and support the needs of young English language Learners

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The Harbour outdoors: Investigating how children and educators engage with the outdoor learning space at the Harbour Family and Children's Centre

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Where to from here? Career choices of pre-service teachers undertaking a dual early childhood/primary qualification

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Early years education in the primary years programme (PYP): Implementation strategies and programme outcomes : interim report

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Problematic placement: pathways pre-service teachers' perspectives on their infant/toddler placement

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Family-centred practice: Empowerment, self-efficacy, and challenges for practitioners in early childhood education and care

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Partnerships in Early Childhood Education and Care: Empowering Parents or Empowering Practitioners

Elizabeth Rouse

(2012), Vol. 2, pp. 14-25, Global Studies of Childhood, C1

journal article

First choice : early childhood

A Nolan, E Rouse

(2011), Melbourne, Vic, A6-1

research report/technical paper

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Pilot statewide professional mentoring program for early childhood teachers

A/Prof Anne-Marie Morrissey, Dr Sarah Ohi, Ms Louise Laskey, Dr Liz Rouse, Prof Andrea Nolan

  • 2015: $188,450
  • 2013: $64,200
  • 2011: $64,200

Transition: A Positive Start to School ¿ State-wide PL Delivery

Dr Liz Rouse, Prof Christine Ure, Prof Andrea Nolan, Mrs Rosemarie Garner, Dr Maria Nicholas

  • 2018: $99,619
  • 2017: $967,012
  • 2016: $199,239

Early Childhood Professional Practice Partnerships.

Dr Natalie Robertson, Prof Andrea Nolan, A/Prof Anne-Marie Morrissey, A/Prof Louise Paatsch, Dr Liz Rouse, Dr Deb Moore

  • 2019: $232,252

Industry and Other Funding

Early Years Education in the Primary Years Program PYP Implementation Strategies and Program

A/Prof Anne-Marie Morrissey, Dr Brian Doig, Dr Liz Rouse

  • 2014: $4,458
  • 2013: $40,128

The Ballarat KinderGardens Project: The research, evaluation and professional development components - Forrest Hill application

A/Prof Anne-Marie Morrissey, Dr Liz Rouse, Dr Llewellyn Wishart, Prof Julianne Moss

  • 2014: $18,000

Building futures for newly-arrived migrants through schools - community development in school communities to improve whole family outcomes

Dr Vicki Ware, Dr Liz Rouse

  • 2017: $5,000
  • 2016: $10,000

Students and learning: the impact of the Reggio Emilia Approach on student success

Dr Liz Rouse

  • 2018: $48,418



Dewi Mulia

Thesis entitled: The role of play in teaching English as a foreign language in early childhood settings in Indonesia

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education