Ms Margaret Ryan



Senior Digital Communications Officer


Faculty of Arts and Education


Int & Partnerships Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus

Biography summary

Margaret is responsible for providing high level digital development and e-channel support for the Faculty of Arts and Education, ensuring that important web communication requirements of the Faculty are effectively implemented and administered within the framework of Deakin University and the Faculty of Arts and Education strategic priorities, policies and operating procedures. A very important responsibility is to work in close consultation with the Faculty's Manager of Marketing, Recruitment and External Engagement, the Marketing Division’s Digital Communications team and the Deakin International Marketing and Communications team to develop and implement effective social media campaigns (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In, etc.), that support Faculty domestic and international undergraduate and postgraduate student recruitment.


Presented at:

Investigating the future of social media: Public Sector Congress 2014
'Future Social Media - Integrating and optimising for your business goals'
Margaret Ryan

Social Media for the Public Sector 2013 conference
'Raising the profile of programs and events through social media'
Margaret Ryan

Deakin University Teaching and Learning Conference 2010 "Flexible Education Futures: partnering for collaborative and active learning"
'Supporting community discussion: Using Drupal to capture a groundswell about National Curriculum and My School'
Dr Debra Bateman, Dr Jill Loughlin, Ms Margaret Ryan


Recipient of:

Faculty of Arts and Education - Dean's Award for
'Achieving Excellence in Administration' (2010)

2012 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Contribution to
Communication, Marketing and 'Positioning'
Dr Scott Burchill, Mr Trevor Dean and Ms Margaret Ryan