Dr Mathew Ling



Lecturer in Psychology


Faculty of Health


School of Psychology


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Member - Australasian Society of Behavioural Health and Medicine

Member - Society for Australasian Social Psychologists

Executive Committee Member - Association for Interdisciplinary Metaresearch and Open Science 

Units taught

HPS111 / HPY711 - Psych A - Fundamentals of Human Behaviour

HPS307 / 791 - Personality

HPS301 / 781 - Research Methods in Psychology B

HPS327 - Research Methods Capstone

HPS911 - Advanced Research Methods

Research groups


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Interventions for adolescents with ADHD to improve peer social functioning: a systematic review and meta-analysis

S Morris, J Sheen, M Ling, D Foley, E Sciberras

(2020), pp. 1-18, Journal of attention disorders, London, England, C1


Mitigation system threat partially mediates the effects of right-wing ideologies on climate change beliefs

E Clarke, M Ling, E Kothe, A Klas, B Richardson

(2019), Vol. 49, pp. 349-360, Journal of applied social psychology, Chichester, Eng., C1


Predicting intention to receive a seasonal influenza vaccination using Protection Motivation Theory

Mathew Ling, Emily Kothe, Barbara Mullan

(2019), Vol. 233, pp. 87-92, Social science and medicine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Trait body image flexibility as a predictor of body image states in everyday life of young Australian women

W Tan, N Holt, I Krug, M Ling, B Klettke, J Linardon, K Baxter, S Hemmings, D Howard, E Hughes, I Rivelli-Rojas, M Fuller-Tyszkiewicz

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Does body dissatisfaction influence sexting behaviors in daily life?

D Howard, B Klettke, M Ling, I Krug, M Fuller-Tyszkiewicz

(2019), Vol. 101, pp. 320-326, Computers in human behavior, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Protection motivation theory and pro-environmental behaviour: a systematic mapping review

E Kothe, M Ling, M North, A Klas, B Mullan, L Novoradovskaya

(2019), Vol. 71, pp. 411-432, Australian journal of psychology, Chichester, Eng., C1


Lifestyle and psychological factors associated with pregnancy intentions: Findings from a longitudinal cohort study of Australian women

B Hill, M Ling, G Mishra, L Moran, H Teede, L Bruce, H Skouteris

(2019), Vol. 16, pp. 1-16, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, C1


Systematic review of meditation-based interventions for children with ADHD

S Evans, M Ling, B Hill, N Rinehart, D Austin, E Sciberras

(2018), Vol. 27, pp. 9-27, European child and adolescent psychiatry, Berlin, Germany, C1


Dissociation between wanting and liking for alcohol and caffeine: a test of the Incentive Sensitisation Theory

L Arulkadacham, B Richardson, P Staiger, N Kambouropoulos, R O'Donnell, M Ling

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Regression tree analysis of ecological momentary assessment data

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The Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire-Brief lacks measurement invariance across three countries

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The use of the SDQ with Chinese adolescents in the clinical context

D Mellor, W Cheng, M McCabe, M Ling, Y Liu, Z Zhao, J Fan, M You, F Zhang, J Sun, L Byrne, Y Xu

(2016), Vol. 246, pp. 520-526, Psychiatry research, Clare, Ireland, C1


Funded Projects at Deakin

No Funded Projects at Deakin found


Associate Supervisor

Shujuan (Tina) Liu

Thesis entitled: Validation of Schizotypal Measures: Can they be used cross-culturally?

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), School of Psychology


Edward John Roy Clarke

Thesis entitled: Climate Change Denial: The Effects of Ideological Polarisation and Threat

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), School of Psychology

Lilani Arulkadacham

Thesis entitled: Dissociation Between Wanting and Liking: An Examination of the Incentive Sensitisation Theory in Human Substance Users

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), School of Psychology