Mr Matthew Ebden



Casual Academic


Faculty of Health


School of Health & Soc. Dev.


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, La Trobe University, 1998

Research interests

Matthew Ebdens research is primarily concerned with understanding the

relationship between human health and environmental volunteering, that is:

The motivations and reasons why people volunteer in environmental activities

The outcomes and benefits of environmental volunteering for the volunteers,

organisations they represent, wider community and local ecology

Ways to better attract, encourage and support environmental volunteers

The research has included:

health and wellbeing outcomes of involving people with depression or

anxiety into a local conservation group in the Geelong and Surf Coast regions of


the motivations and benefits of environmental volunteering in Britain

the benefits of environmental volunteering for farming families affected by

drought in the Warrnambool region of Victoria


International Association for Ecology and Health

World Federation of Occupational Therapists

OT Australia Australian Association of Occupational Therapists

International Society of Occupational Scientists

Australian Association of Occupational Scientists

Teaching interests

Unit Chair HSH105 Understanding Families and Health (Burwood)

Lecturer and tutor HBS107 Understanding Health (Warrnambool)

Tutor HSH201 Health Promotion Principles and Planning (Warrnambool)


Ebden, M. & Townsend, M. (2007). Feeling blue? Then touch green for better health and wellbeing. Paper presented at the OT Australia Victoria Conference Occupation, health and wellbeing: Mental health everybodys business. Eden on the Park, Melbourne, 2007. Ebden, M. & Townsend, M. (2006). Feeling blue? Then touch green. The mental health benefits of conservation groups. Paper presented at the International Landcare Conference, Melbourne Convention Centre.


In addition to a wide range of Departmental, Faculty and University activities,

Matthew Ebden also serves on the board of Pathways Rehabilitation and Support

Services that services the mental health needs of people living in the south west

region of Victoria and the Cains region in Queensland. He also regularly reviews

articles for publication in journals such as the Australian Occupational Therapy



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Volunteering in nature as a way of enabling people to reintegrate into society

L O'Brien, A Burls, M Townsend, M Ebden

(2011), Vol. 131, pp. 71-81, Perspectives in Public Health, C1

journal article

Nature and health

M Townsend, M Ebden

(2009), pp. 151-159, Understanding health : a determinants approach, South Melbourne, Vic., B1-1

book chapter

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Integrated Environmental Volunteering Initiative

Mr Matthew Ebden, A/Prof Mardie Townsend, Dr Rebecca Patrick, Dr Claire Henderson-Wilson, Dr Lynne McLoughlin

  • 2017: $52,917
  • 2015: $105,834


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