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Specialist, Carbon Fibre Leader


Instit for Frontier Materials


Instit for Frontier Materials


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


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Flexible and reusable carbon nano-fibre membranes for airborne contaminants capture

R Al-Attabi, Y Morsi, J Schütz, D Cornu, M Maghe, L Dumée

(2021), Vol. 754, pp. 1-11, Science of the total environment, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Carbonization of low thermal stability polymers at the interface of liquid metals

F Allioux, S Merhebi, J Tang, C Zhang, A Merenda, S Cai, M Ghasemian, M Rahim, M Maghe, S Lim, J Zhang, L Hyde, M Mayyas, B Cunning, R Ruoff, K Kalantar-Zadeh

(2021), Vol. 171, pp. 938-945, Carbon, C1

journal article

Time dependent structure and property evolution in fibres during continuous carbon fibre manufacturing

S Nunna, M Maghe, R Rana, R Varley, D Knorr, J Sands, C Creighton, L Henderson, M Naebe

(2019), Vol. 12, Materials, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Influence of Different Nanocellulose Additives on Processing and Performance of PAN-Based Carbon Fibers

E Jiang, M Maghe, N Zohdi, N Amiralian, M Naebe, B Laycock, B Fox, D Martin, P Annamalai

(2019), Vol. 4, pp. 9720-9730, ACS Omega, United States, C1

journal article

A pathway to reduce energy consumption in the thermal stabilization process of carbon fiber production

S Nunna, M Maghe, S Fakhrhoseini, B Polisetti, M Naebe

(2018), Vol. 11, Energies, C1

journal article

Cellulose nanofibers as rheology modifiers and enhancers of carbonization efficiency in polyacrylonitrile

E Jiang, N Amiralian, M Maghe, B Laycock, E McFarland, B Fox, D Martin, P Annamalai

(2017), Vol. 5, pp. 3296-3304, ACS sustainable chemistry and engineering, Washington, D.C., C1-1

journal article

The effect of thermally induced chemical transformations on the structure and properties of carbon fibre precursors

S Nunna, C Creighton, B Fox, M Naebe, M Maghe, M Tobin, K Bambery, J Vongsvivut, N Hameed

(2017), Vol. 5, pp. 7372-7382, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, C1

journal article

Using ionic liquids to reduce energy consumption for carbon fibre production

M Maghe, C Creighton, L Henderson, M Huson, S Nunna, S Atkiss, N Byrne, B Fox

(2016), Vol. 4, pp. 16619-16626, Journal of materials chemistry A, Cambridge, Eng., C1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Industry and Other Funding

Development of graphene-enhanced PAN precursor and carbon fibre.

Mr Derek Buckmaster, Dr Maxime Maghe, Dr Srinivas Nunna

2D Materials Pte Ltd

  • 2022: $14,216
  • 2021: $22,888

Production of Carbonised Electrospun fibres.

Dr Maxime Maghe

Acondicionamiento Tarrasense trading as LEITAT

  • 2023: $4,009

Other Funding Sources

Non-Combustible Fabric Development

Prof Russell Varley, Dr Maxime Maghe, Dr Masihullah Jabarulla Khan

Innovative Manfacturing CRC Limited

  • 2022: $140,089

Development of Lightweight Australian Composite Overwrapped Gun Barrels.

Prof Russell Varley, Dr Maxime Maghe, Dr Claudia Creighton

Innovative Manfacturing CRC Limited

  • 2022: $103,133


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