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Melinda Hinkson is an Associate Professor of Anthropology. She has wide ranging interests in the faultlines of settler colonial Australia, the governance of indigenous difference, displacement and placemaking practices, and the challenges of coexistence. Much of Melinda's work is informed by long standing research relationships with Warlpiri people of Central Australia as well as an abiding interest in visual culture. 

Prior to joining the Alfred Deakin Institute in late 2015, Melinda lectured in social anthropology and interdisciplinary visual culture studies at the Australian National University. 

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Research interests

Between 2014 and 2018 I was the recipient of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship for a project entitled Place and Displacement in Aboriginal Australia: A Warlpiri Visual Cultural Enquiry. This research explores intersections between modes of governance, displacement, cultures of seeing and creative practice in central Australia and beyond. The first stage of this research was published as Remembering the Future: Warlpiri Life Through the Prism of Drawing (Aboriginal Studies Press 2014) and staged in an associated exhibition for the National Museum of Australia. The second phase resulted in an ethnography of displacement, See How We Roll: Enduring Exile Between Desert and Urban Australia, which will be published in 2021 by Duke University Press.

From 2021 a new research direction examines transformations in people / place relationships between metropolitan and rural settings and considers ideas for regional revitalisation.

My wider research interests include practices of postcolonial placemaking, the politics of intercultural recognition, and person-image relations in contemporary society.

I have published widely on Aboriginal placemaking in Sydney, on the life work of Australian anthropologist WEH Stanner, on Warlpiri cultural production, and on the complex cultural politics of the Northern Territory Emergency Response Intervention. 


Director, Institute for Postcolonial Studies

Teaching interests

I welcome enquiries from prospective higher degree students on any aspect of my research interests.

Knowledge areas

Anthropology of Aboriginal Australia

Visual anthropology and visual culture studies

Mediations of social life

Postcolonial placemaking

History of Australian Anthropology

Professional activities

Fellow, Australian Anthropological Association

Fellow, American Anthropological Association

Fellow, European Association of Social Anthropologists

Member, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Convening Editor, Postcolonial Studies

Arena Publications Editor

Editorial board member: Visual Studies (UK), Visual Ethnography (Italy), Australian Aboriginal Studies, The Australian-Pacific Journal of Anthropology


Australian Research Council Future Fellowship: 'Place and displacement in Aboriginal Australia: A Warlpiri Visual Cultural Enquiry' FT130101280


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Non-Traditional Research Output

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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Place and displacement in Aboriginal Australia: a Warlpiri visual cultural enquiry

A/Prof Melinda Hinkson

ARC Fellowships - Future Fellowships

  • 2017: $87,641
  • 2016: $446,958

Other Funding Sources

Feeding the Crisis: Global Food Supply Chains in a World on the Edge

Dr Victoria Stead, A/Prof Melinda Hinkson, Prof Jon Altman

  • 2021: $9,000


Principal Supervisor

David Brown

Thesis entitled: Digital government: ideology and new forms of power

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Associate Supervisor

Sofya Shahab

Thesis entitled: Weaponising Affect: The turbulent displacements of heritage destruction in Iraq and Syria

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences