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Dr Michiko Weinmann



Senior Lecturer in Education (Languages Education)


Faculty of Arts and Education


School of Education


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Royal Melb Inst. of Technology, 2010


My career in Education spans 20 years. I began my teaching career as a Languages specialist, and have worked across a range of contexts and programs including secondary education, bilingual primary immersion, community language schools and adult education. My work as a researcher and teacher educator at Deakin focuses on multilingualism, Languages and EAL/D pedagogy, Asia-related curriculum, and the internationalisation of the teaching profession.  

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Research interests

My research explores the nexus of language, culture and education in global contexts, bringing together Education and Cultural Studies perspectives. Through interdisciplinary co-authored publications and research collaborations, my research contributes to a reconstitution of established notions of language, people and place towards more complex understandings that disrupt dominant discourses of nation, geopolitics and identity. This has led to sustained work with large education systems to inform the reframing of Languages education policy, curriculum, pedagogy and teacher practice through approaches that are inclusive of and responsive to multilingual and transnational perspectives, knowledges and new identity narratives.

As a research-informed educator, my pedagogy takes as its premise an understanding of teaching and learning as a cornerstone of social transformation, and a theoretical stance that our human condition and expression are inherently multilingual and multidimensional. Drawing on the nexus of contemporary theory, curriculum and practice in the discipline, my work translates directly into the units and courses I design for 21st century Languages, EAL/D and TESOL educators who live, work and teach in global contexts.

I am Co-Convenor of the Australia-China Relations and Higher Education Research Network and a member of the Makers Performers Practices Research Network. With Deakin colleague Dr Rebecca Cairns, I am currently co-authoring a book Rethinking Asia-related Curriculum, due to be published in the Routledge Schools and Schooling in Asia series in 2022. 

Research expertise: Multilingualism and multilingual education; innovation in Languages and EAL/D pedagogy and practice; Languages and EAL/D policy and curriculum in international contexts; 'Asia literacy'; global mobility and study abroad programs; internationalisation of the teaching profession. 

Research methodologies: Critical discourse analysis; visual/multimodal methodologies; narrative inquiry; case study; curriculum inquiry; policy analysis.

Units taught

I currently teach and chair the following units:

  • ETL710 (ETLQ710) Teaching and Learning in Languages Classrooms
  • ETL716 CLIL Pedagogy
  • ECL306 Teaching and Learning Languages in Primary Contexts.

I also supervise students undertaking units within the Master's or Graduate Certificate Research Pathway (EDX703/4 and EDX705/6).


Conferences and invited presentations of the last three years include:

International conferences

  • Charbonneau, N., Weinmann, M. & Arber, R. (2019). Decolonising language education policy: Beyond the imagination of Francophone identities. Paper presented at Multilingualism and Identity: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Murray Edwards College University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, 11–13 September 2019. 
  • Weinmann, M., Neilsen, R. & Martin, I., (2019). Juggling Selves: Navigating Pre-service Teaching Experiences in Overseas Contexts. Paper presented at Educating the Global Citizen: International Perspectives on Foreign Language Teaching in the Digital Age, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, 25–28 March 2019. 

Invited presentations

  • Weinmann M. & Neilsen R. (2021). ‘Reorientating mobility and study abroad programs: We are crossing borders…or are we?’. Asia Education Foundation – AEF Clubhouse International network, Second Meeting, 27 May 2021.
  • Weinmann, M. (2019). Traversing multilingualism and the ‘monolingual mindset’: A critical perspective on Languages education in Australian schools. Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg,18 November 2019.  
  • Weinmann, M. & Cairns, R. (2019). El campo curricular en Australia: La prioridad transversal ‘Capacidades de Asia’ Contexto, debates, y limitaciones. Il seminario internacional Curriculum, conocimiento y experiencia educacional, Facultad de Sciencias Sociales, Universidad de Chile, 24 October 2019.

Professional activities

Guest editor Language Awareness 2022 special conference issue

Co-Editor TESOL in Context

Coordinator Deakin-MLTAV Master of Teaching Languages graduate award 

Media appearances

I am regularly invited to provide media comment, and to contribute to education blogs and industry publications. Recent examples include:

Mandarin secures spot as most popular language to learn at Victorian schools  (The Age, 7 November 2021)

Concerns Asian experts 'dispensable' as Australian universities cut Asian programs due to COVID-19 (ABC News, 28 July 2021)

Just a few minutes daily learning a language can boost your brain power (The Sydney Morning Herald,13 June 2021)

‘Too foreign, difficult and suspicious’: Discourses of Chinese language learning in Australia (Asian Studies Association of Australia,19 March 2021)

Looking to Languages: New opportunities right on our doorstep (Asia Education Foundation/Asialink, 26 Feb 2021)

Language of the future or national threat? Unpacking the discourses of teaching and learning Chinese in Australian schools (Network for Research into Chinese Education Mobilities, 16 Oct 2020)

We asked two experts how to actually learn a language in isolation (, 21 April 2020)

Research groups

Australia-China Relations and Higher Education Research Network (Co-Convenor) 

Makers Performers Practices Research Network


  • Deakin School of Education Research Awards 2018: Sustained achievement in Higher Degree by Research Supervision.
  • DAAD Bridges Network: Strategic transitional network of universities 2020 travel grant, 2019 (University of Bamberg, Germany).
  • DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service Award for Research Stays for University Academics and Scientists 2016 (Karlsruhe University of Education, University of Regensburg, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich).
  • RUIS (RMIT University International Student) scholarship for PhD research (2007).


Current projects

1. Plurilingualism for equity: Developing linguistically diverse practice in Higher Education - Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Rod Neilsen, Prof Jill Blackmore (Deakin University); Dr Janice McGregor (University of Arizona, USA).

This project aims to examine how different stakeholders in Higher Education (HE) including students, academic and professional staff, and executive and governance understand and engage with language diversity in the university. In particular, it seeks to explore what tensions and power imbalances underpin their perceptions of language (other than English) use, and the role and contribution of plurilingualism to equity in teaching and learning in HE.

2. Australia, NZ, China relations and the impact on education - Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Rod Neilsen (Deakin University), Dr Jeffrey Gil (Flinders University), Andrew Scrimgeour (University of South Australia), Dr Grace Qi (Massey University, NZ), Dr Benjamin Mulvey (Education Institute of Hong Kong), Dr Yingmei Luo (Henan University, China).

The aim of this project is to capture the impact of the current geopolitical relations between Australia, New Zealand and China on various Education sectors, including: primary and secondary schooling, University and Higher Education, and the ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) sector. In particular, this study aims to investigate the perspectives of educators, researchers and professional staff employed across various education sectors regarding the measures that are critical for a sustainable future of bilateral educational relations between Australia, NZ and China.

3. Building capacity in the Languages teaching profession in Australia:Teacher perspectives - Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Ruth Arber, Dr Rod Neilsen (Deakin University).

This project is part of a larger longitudinal research program (2015-current) investigating the policy, institutional and professional discourses underpinning debates of capacity building in the Languages and EAL/D teaching profession in Australia, and internationally. This research directions aims to amplify the voices of Languages teachers in policy and curriculum debates in order to gain a more in-depth understanding of their career trajectories and how their beliefs about language(s) and Languages education in the multilingual and multicultural context of Australia inform their pedagogy and practice.


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book chapter

Towards Asia "curriculum-as-lived": amplifying student voice in the Asia literacy curricular landscape

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English language education reform in pre-2020 Olympic Japan: Educator perspectives on pedagogical change

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Juggling selves: navigating pre-service teaching experiences in overseas contexts

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English as an additional language teachers, policy enactments and intercultural understanding

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Asia engagement beyond binaries and boundaries: towards a re-theorisation of Asia, community and curriculum

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Asia literacy and the Australian teaching workforce

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research report/technical paper

Editorial: Teaching and learning English in the age of COVID-19: Reflecting on the state of TESOL in a changed world

Rod Neilsen, Michiko Weinmann, Ruth Arber

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journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Evaluation of the languages start-up Grants

Dr Athena Vongalis-Macrow, Dr Naoko Araki-Metcalfe, Dr Michiko Weinmann

  • 2013: $13,636

Adult literacy innovation program

Dr Ruth Arber, Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Rod Neilsen

  • 2018: $12,426

Upskilling EAL Pedagogy in the Northern Territory

Dr Ruth Arber, Dr Rod Neilsen, Dr Michiko Weinmann

  • 2018: $272,526

Language Teaching Professional Development: Practice-Based Research

Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Ruth Arber, Dr Rod Neilsen

  • 2018: $99,519

Upskilling the Languages teaching profession in Queensland.

Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Ruth Arber, Dr Rod Neilsen

  • 2020: $93,249

Building capacity in the languages teaching profession in Australia: Teacher perspectives.

Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Rod Neilsen, Dr Ruth Arber

  • 2021: $84,155

Industry and Other Funding

Asia Literacy Project

Prof Christine Halse, A/Prof Anne Cloonan, A/Prof Alex Kostogriz, Prof Dianne Toe, Ms Julie Dyer, Dr Michiko Weinmann

  • 2013: $107,750
  • 2012: $107,750

Operation Belle - Pozible

Dr Michiko Weinmann

  • 2016: $5,269

Languages Teaching Methodology Course: Upskilling Community Language Teachers.

Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Ruth Arber

  • 2019: $15,640

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Pedagogy in South Australia.

Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Rod Neilsen, Dr Ruth Arber

  • 2019: $20,400

EAL Action Research for primary teachers

Dr Rod Neilsen, Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Ruth Arber

  • 2020: $890
  • 2019: $9,602


Executive Supervisor

Nicholas Henry Carr

Thesis entitled: Collaboratively Processing Written Corrected Feedback through Co-Constructed Texts

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education


Rebecca Cairns

Thesis entitled: The Representation of Asia in Victorian Senior Secondary History Curriculum

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education


Margaret Perger

Thesis entitled: Settling Teachers in Multicultural Classrooms: A Critical Response to Inequality

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education

Suyoun Lee

Thesis entitled: Exploring Implementation of Dialogical Inquiry into a Korean English Classroom

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education

Associate Supervisor

Gary Robert Shaw

Thesis entitled: How might interculturality be developed in an Australian primary school?

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education