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Dr Michiko Weinmann



Senior Lecturer in Education (Languages Education)


Faculty of Arts and Education


SoE Arts & Education


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Royal Melb Inst. of Technology, 2010


Michiko's career in Languages Education spans over 15 years. Her work as a teacher educator in Languages and multilingual education is centred around the nexus of contemporary theory, curriculum and practice in the discipline. She lectures in Languages and EAL pedagogy, multilingualism and multilingual education, and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), across the Master/GradCert of Languages Teaching, Master of Teaching, and Bachelor of Education Primary courses. Central to her passion of contributing to the professional learning of Languages teachers as experts and leaders in their field, is the engagement with innovative, context-sensitive pedagogies, which comprehensively integrate linguistic, intercultural and digital aspects.

Michiko's research explores the nexus of language, culture and identity in globalised contexts. Bringing together Education and Cultural Studies perspectives, her works seeks to contribute to an interdisciplinary reconstitution of established notions of language, culture and identity towards a more complex understanding that regards them as multifaceted, hybrid and fluid. A particular focus of Michiko's research is the examination of the ways that discourses and imaginations of nation, nationality, and geography continue to shape the representations of languages and cultures, and of the people who speak, live and teach them. Michiko's work seeks to inform a reframing of Languages education policy, curriculum, pedagogy and teacher practice beyond established boundaries and hierarchies of languages and culture towards multilingual and transnational approaches.

She curates the Languages resource website and blog The Language Teacher Helpmate:

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Research interests

Research expertise

  • Multilingualism and multilingual education in globalised contexts
  • Innovation in Languages and EAL pedagogy
  • Languages education and Languages education policy in international contexts
  • Intercultural education
  • Asia and 'Asia literacy' in policy and curriculum
  • Teacher education and teacher mobility in the global age

Research methodologies

  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Visual/multimodal methodologies
  • Narrative inquiry
  • Case study

Teaching interests

  • Languages and EAL education in global contexts
  • Languages and EAL pedagogy
  • Multilingualism and multilingual education
  • Intercultural language teaching and learning
  • CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning

Units taught

Michiko teaches across a range of courses in the School of Education, including the Master/GradCert of Languages Teaching, Master of Teaching, Bachelor of Education Primary. She is Unit Chair for:

  • ETL709 Multilingualism and multilingual education in global contexts;
  • ETL710 Teaching and Learning in Languages Classrooms;
  • ETL716 - CLIL Pedagogy;
  • ECL306 Teaching and Learning Languages in Primary Contexts.


Conferences and invited presentations of the last three years include:

International conferences

  • Martin, I., Weinmann, M. & Neilsen, R. (2019). Juggling Selves: Navigating Pre-service Teaching Experiences in Overseas Contexts. Paper accepted for Educating the Global Citizen: International Perspectives on Foreign Language Teaching in the Digital Age, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, 25–28 March 2019.
  • Weinmann, M., Kanaizumi, R. & Arber, R. (2018). Navigating language, culture and internationalisation: (Re)Orientating English language education in Japan. Paper presented at Colloquium Language ideologies and practices in Asia: Exploring the global East-West dichotomy, at the Sociolinguistics Symposium 22, University of Auckland, 27–30 June.
  • Charbonneau N. & Weinmann, M. (2018). Enabling translanguaging in the French language classroom: Bridging the gap between multilingual perspectives and multilingual practice. Paper presented at CCERBAL 2018 Conference Translanguaging: Opportunities and Challenges in a Global World, Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI), University of Ottawa, 3-4 May.
  • Weinmann, M. & Arber. R. (2018). Orientating Multilingualism: Navigating Language teacher identities. Paper presented at Symposium Education for Cultural Diversity: International Perspectives on Changing Policy and Curriculum Engagement, American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, New York, 13–17 April 2018.

National conferences

  • Cairns, R. & Weinmann, M. (2018). ‘Successful participation’? Exploring the gap between intended and experienced Asia curriculum in senior secondary schooling. Paper presented at Where’s your Asia? Symposium, presented by the Asian Australian Studies Network, The University of Western Australia Institute of Advanced Studies, 22 November 2018.
  • Weinmann, M. (2018). ‘Asia Learning’ in global contexts: Curriculum perspectives on Asian languages education in Australia and Germany’. Paper presented at research symposium Re-positioning Asia literacy: beyond binaries and boundaries, Deakin University, Melbourne 15 May. 
  • Cabezas, C., Weinmann, M. & Arber, R. (2017). Back to the Future 1987 – 2017: Looking back at the NLP, looking towards critical multilingual education. Paper presented at the Languages practices and language policies in multilingual contexts workshop, ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language, The University of Melbourne, 6–7 April 2017.

Invited presentations:

  • Weinmann, M., Arber, R. & Neilsen, R. (2018). Orientating Multilingualism: Navigating teacher identities. VicTESOL Symposium 2018, Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, Melbourne, 20 August 2018.
  • Weinmann, M. (2017). Beyond discourses of the surgical Other: Unmasking representations of cosmetic surgery in popular media. Paper presented at Regensburg University (Germany), 10 May 2017.
  • Weinmann, M. (2016). Languages education in global contexts: Reconceptualising the ‚Asia literacy‘ debate in Australia. Guest lecture presented at Karlsruhe University of Education (Germany), 24 June 2016.

Professional activities

Co-Coordinator Deakin University Languages teaching methodology courses for Community Language Teachers

Co-Editor TESOL in Context

Media appearances

We asked two experts how to actually learn a language in isolation (21 April 2020)

Mandarin now most popular foreign language in Victorian state schools. Sydney Morning Herald. (16 June 2019).

Little language, big benefits. Geelong Advertiser (14 June 2019).

This is what we need to do to boost languages learning in Australian schools. AARE EduResearch Matters. (21 November 2016).

One skill you must have next year. Herald Sun. (3 January 2016).

Why learning a new language should be your New Year's resolution. 774 ABC Melbourne (24 December 2015).


  • Deakin School of Education Research Awards 2018: Sustained achievement in Higher Degree by Research Supervision.
  • DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service Award for Research Stays for University Academics and Scientists 2016 (Karlsruhe University of Education, University of Regensburg, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich).
  • RUIS (RMIT University International Student) scholarship for PhD research (2007).
  • DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship for academic exchange year at the University of Stirling 1999/2000.
  • Patji-Dawes Award nomination 2017


Current research projects:

  • Ruth Arber, Rod Neilsen & Michiko Weinmann (Deakin University) (2018-current): Upskilling EAL Pedagogy in the Northern Territory.
  • Michiko Weinmann, Ruth Arber & Rod Neilsen (Deakin University) (2018-current): Language Teaching Professional Development: Practice-Based Research.
  • Rebecca Cairns & Michiko Weinmann (Deakin University) (2018-current). Student Experience of Asia-related Curriculum in Senior Secondary School.
  • Ruth Arber, Michiko Weinmann, Rod Neilsen, Hossein Shokouhi (Deakin University) (2016-current). Multilingual identities: EAL/D families’ experiences of Australian English language education.
  • Michiko Weinmann (Deakin Univeristy) (2015-current) .Crowdfunding project Operation Belle ( via Pozible - Deakin Research my World.

Completed research projects:

  • Rod Neilsen & Michiko Weinmann (Deakin University) (2017-2018). The role of local buddies as intercultural mediators for pre-service teachers in a global practicum.
  • Ruth Arber, Michiko Weinmann & Rod Neilsen (Deakin University) (2018): Adult literacy innovation program.
  • Rod Neilsen, Alex Kostogriz, Ruth Arber, Michiko Weinmann (Deakin University), & Nishta Rosunee (Monash University) (2013-2015). How Melbourne teachers practice Asia literacy: Religious dimensions.
  • Michiko Weinmann, Ruth Arber, Alistair Welsh (Deakin University), Alex Kostogriz (ACU), & Stefan Romaniw (Ethnic Schools Association of Victoria (ESAV)/Community Languages Australia (CLA)) (2015). Language, culture and identity: Exploring the diasporic spaces of community language schools in Victoria.
  • Indika Liyanage, Ruth Arber, Rod Neilsen, Michiko Weinmann (Deakin University) (2015). Navigating the languages policy landscape: An exploration of teacher practice.
  • Athena Vongalis-Macrow, Naoko Araki-Metcalfe, Michiko Weinmann (Deakin University) (2013). Evaluation of the Languages Start-up Grants.
  • Christine Halse, Anne Cloonan, Alex Kostogriz, Dianne Toe, Julie Dyer, Michiko Weinmann (Deakin University) (2012-2013). Asia Literacy Project.


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book chapter

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Evaluation of the languages start-up Grants

Dr Athena Vongalis-Macrow, Dr Naoko Araki-Metcalfe, Dr Michiko Weinmann

  • 2013: $13,636

Adult literacy innovation program

Dr Ruth Arber, Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Rod Neilsen

  • 2018: $12,426

Upskilling EAL Pedagogy in the Northern Territory

Dr Ruth Arber, Dr Rod Neilsen, Dr Michiko Weinmann

  • 2018: $272,526

Language Teaching Professional Development: Practice-Based Research

Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Ruth Arber, Dr Rod Neilsen

  • 2018: $99,519

Upskilling the Languages teaching profession in Queensland.

Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Ruth Arber, Dr Rod Neilsen

  • 2020: $93,249

Industry and Other Funding

Asia Literacy Project

Prof Christine Halse, A/Prof Anne Cloonan, A/Prof Alex Kostogriz, A/Prof Dianne Toe, Ms Julie Dyer, Dr Michiko Weinmann

  • 2013: $107,750
  • 2012: $107,750

Operation Belle - Pozible

Dr Michiko Weinmann

  • 2016: $5,269

Languages Teaching Methodology Course: Upskilling Community Language Teachers.

Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Ruth Arber

  • 2019: $15,640

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Pedagogy in South Australia.

Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Rod Neilsen, Dr Ruth Arber

  • 2019: $20,400

EAL Action Research for primary teachers

Dr Rod Neilsen, Dr Michiko Weinmann, Dr Ruth Arber

  • 2020: $890
  • 2019: $9,602


Executive Supervisor

Nicholas Henry Carr

Thesis entitled: Collaboratively Processing Written Corrected Feedback through Co-Constructed Texts

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education


Rebecca Cairns

Thesis entitled: The Representation of Asia in Victorian Senior Secondary History Curriculum

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education


Margaret Perger

Thesis entitled: Settling Teachers in Multicultural Classrooms: A Critical Response to Inequality

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education

Suyoun Lee

Thesis entitled: Exploring Implementation of Dialogical Inquiry into a Korean English Classroom

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education

Associate Supervisor

Gary Robert Shaw

Thesis entitled: How might interculturality be developed in an Australian primary school?

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education