Dr Mike Forrester



Senior Research Fellow


Faculty of Health


Office of the Exec Dean Health


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus



Mike is a consultant paediatrician with an interest in:

  • Clinical and health system research- increasingly in health sector decarbonisation
  • Advocacy for Health in all policy, particularly regarding decarbonisation / sustainability and climate risk mitigation.
  • Person-centred paediatric care- Integrated simulation / communication skills facilitation
  • Leadership & Strategy to ensure child health access and equity
  • Peer mentorship and student / clinician wellbeing


Academic appointments:

  • Senior Research Fellow, Clinical Lead of the Sustainable Healthcare Network, Faculty of Health and Institute for Health Transformation, Deakin University, Aug 2022 - present

Non-academic employment:

  • Consultant Paediatrician, Children's Health - University Hospital Geelong, Barwon Health, 2007 - present


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Doctors for the Environment – Chair of Vic Committee & Member of National Sustainable Healthcare SIG

Teaching interests

-Undergraduate preclinical medical school lecturer re the role of the doctor in advocacy for health sector sustainability, and health in all policy.

-Clinical lecturer for 3rd year paediatric rotations. Deliver curriculum related to Clinical care, Cinical communication skills workshops with simulated patient actors, and Sustainable healthcare for med students.

Knowledge areas

Paediatric health care

Clinical Communication Skills

Health sector decarbonisation - Cobenefits for people and planet

Health in all policy advocacy

Professional activities

-Deakin – Healthcare decarbonisation research stream representative to the Sustainable Health & Environment Network (SHEN) steering committee

-Barwon Health - Consultant Paediatrician - Dept of Womens and Childrens Health

-Barwon Health – Deakin representative on the Env Sust Exec Comm (ESES)


Projects in progress:

-National Sustainable Asthma Roadmap – Stakeholder Roundtable Series. (IHT & GLOBE). Partnership with consumer host organisation Asthma Australia. The process seeks to bring all peak asthma bodies together (Techincal experts, Medical Researchers, Guideline developers, Consumer Rep Groups, Pharmacists, Nursing leaders, Pharma, Gov changemakers etc) to develop recommendations towards improving high value asthma care in Australia, with the cobenefit of decreasing the high propellant-driven greenhouse footprint of current care. Report to be completed Sept 2023. 

-Envirohaler- Development of a zero Global Warming active Dry Powder Inhaler device for sustainable asthma care - (Collaboration with Deakin SEBE)

-Scope 3 Decarbonisation Opportunities of an all -electric hospital - (Supervision of PhD Candidate-Urvi Thanakar- with co-supervision from Deakin Fac Health and Health Economics, Menzies Inst, Karolinska Inst, Uni of Melb)

-Health sector plastics circular economy -Advisor to PhD Candidate-Omid Zahibi- (Collaboration with Deakin Inst Frontier Materials)

-Balancing environmental sustainability and cost: reusable isolation gowns case study­ N Dunbar (Co-supervision of successful completion of Masters of Health Economics project- Pub pending)

-Contribution of ultra-processed foods in a sample of Australian hospitals (Collaboration with Deakin IPAN)

-Progressing system-wide Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) implementation in Hospital Food Services (Collaboration with Deakin IPAN, co-supervision of PhD candidate, Sharon Ong)

Partner site projects in progress:

-WATCH Study – Multi site survey of health worker attitudes to health sector decarbonisation (Collaboration with Monash Planetary Health)

-Multi hospital site reusable gown trial 2024– (Collaboration with University of Melb)

-Strengthening Care for Rural Children – (Collarboarion with UoM / MCRI) NHMRC grant-funded project which aims to deliver and rigorously evaluate a primary health care system strengthening program for rural children


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Identifying underlying causes of craniofacial defects in newborns

Prof Alister Ward, Dr Daniel Mcculloch, A/Prof Nicky Kilpatrick, Dr Mike Forrester

Financial Markets - Foundation for Children

  • 2016: $24,409
  • 2015: $59,364
  • 2014: $32,514

Industry and Other Funding

Inhaler Project

Dr Mike Forrester, Prof Steven Allender, Dr Cindy Needham, Dr Susan Perlen, Prof Alison Hutchinson

Asthma Australia Ltd

  • 2023: $35,000


No completed student supervisions to report