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Dissecting EXP2 sequence requirements for protein export in malaria parasites

E Pitman, N Counihan, J Modak, M Chowdury, P Gilson, C Webb, T de Koning-Ward

(2024), Vol. 13, pp. 1-15, Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, Lausanne, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Methods Used to Investigate the Plasmodium falciparum Digestive Vacuole

R Edgar, N Counihan, S McGowan, T de Koning-Ward

(2022), Vol. 11, pp. 1-12, Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, Lausanne, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Post-translational lipid modifications in Plasmodium parasites

N Counihan, H Chernih, T de Koning-Ward

(2022), Vol. 69, pp. 1-9, Current Opinion in Microbiology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Genetic and chemical validation of Plasmodium falciparum aminopeptidase PfA-M17 as a drug target in the hemoglobin digestion pathway

R Edgar, G Siddiqui, K Hjerrild, T Malcolm, N Vinh, C Webb, C Holmes, C Macraild, H Chernih, W Suen, N Counihan, D Creek, P Scammells, S McGowan, T de Koning-Ward

(2022), Vol. 11, eLife, England, C1

journal article

Characterisation of complexes formed by parasite proteins exported into the host cell compartment of Plasmodium falciparum infected red blood cells

T Jonsdottir, N Counihan, J Modak, B Kouskousis, P Sanders, M Gabriela, H Bullen, B Crabb, T de Koning-Ward, P Gilson

(2021), Vol. 23, Cellular Microbiology, England, C1

journal article

How Malaria Parasites Acquire Nutrients From Their Host

N Counihan, J Modak, T de Koning-Ward

(2021), Vol. 9, Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, Switzerland, C1

journal article

The cysteine protease dipeptidyl aminopeptidase 3 does not contribute to egress of Plasmodium falciparum from host red blood cells

S Ghosh, S Chisholm, M Dans, A Lakkavaram, K Kennedy, S Ralph, N Counihan, T De Koning-Ward

(2018), Vol. 13, PLoS ONE, United States, C1

journal article

The malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum Sortilin is essential for merozoite formation and apical complex biogenesis

S Hallée, N Counihan, K Matthews, T de Koning-Ward, D Richard

(2018), Vol. 20, Cellular Microbiology, India, C1

journal article

The Plasmodium rhoptry associated protein complex is important for parasitophorous vacuole membrane structure and intraerythrocytic parasite growth

S Ghosh, K Kennedy, P Sanders, K Matthews, S Ralph, N Counihan, T de Koning-Ward

(2017), Vol. 19, Cellular Microbiology, India, C1

journal article

Plasmodium falciparum parasites deploy RhopH2 into the host erythrocyte to obtain nutrients, grow and replicate

N Counihan, S Chisholm, H Bullen, A Srivastava, P Sanders, T Jonsdottir, G Weiss, S Ghosh, B Crabb, D Creek, P Gilson, T De Koning-Ward

(2017), Vol. 6, eLife, England, C1

journal article

Specific IgA Enhances the Transcytosis and Excretion of Hepatitis A Virus

N Counihan, D Anderson

(2016), Vol. 6, Scientific Reports, England, C1

journal article

PTEX is an essential nexus for protein export in malaria parasites

B Elsworth, K Matthews, C Nie, M Kalanon, S Charnaud, P Sanders, S Chisholm, N Counihan, P Shaw, P Pino, J Chan, M Azevedo, S Rogerson, J Beeson, B Crabb, P Gilson, T de Koning-Ward

(2014), Vol. 511, pp. 587-591, Nature, London, United Kingdom, C1

journal article

Plasmodium rhoptry proteins: why order is important

N Counihan, M Kalanon, R Coppel, T de Koning-Ward

(2013), Vol. 29, pp. 228-236, Trends in parasitology, Oxford, England, C1

journal article


D Anderson, N Counihan

(2011), pp. 1307-1311, The Springer index of viruses, New York, N. Y., B1-1

book chapter

Hepatitis A and E viruses

D Anderson, N Counihan

(2011), pp. 1423-1436, Manual of clinical microbiology, Washington, DC, B1-1

book chapter

Trafficking of hepatitis C virus core protein during virus particle assembly

N Counihan, S Rawlinson, B Lindenbach

(2011), Vol. 7, pp. 1-14, PLoS pathogens, San Francisco, Calif., C1-1

journal article

Vectorial entry and release of hepatitis A virus in polarized human hepatocytes

M Snooks, P Bhat, J Mackenzie, N Counihan, N Vaughan, D Anderson

(2008), Vol. 82, pp. 8733-8742, Journal of virology, Washington, D. C., C1-1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Deciphering the molecular constituents, assembly and structure of the Plasmodium new permeability pathways

Prof Tania De Koning-Ward, Dr Natalie Counihan, Dr Joyanta Modak, Dr Rowena Martin

NHMRC - Ideas Grant

  • 2023: $126,871
  • 2022: $249,502
  • 2021: $241,646
  • 2020: $133,452


Associate Supervisor

Rebecca Edgar

Thesis entitled: Characterising the aminopeptidases of Plasmodium falciparum as potential drug targets

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Rebecca Edgar

Thesis entitled: Starving the Malaria Parasite

Master of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Sreejoyee Ghosh

Thesis entitled: Dissecting the function of essential rhoptry genes of the malaria parasite

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine