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Untangling the conflation of 'young adults' and 'young people' in STI and sexual health policy and sex education

N Hendry, G Brown, M Carman, J Ellard, J Wallace, G Dowsett

(2018), Vol. 18, pp. 527-540, Sex education, Abingdon, Eng., C1

journal article

Social media bodies : revealing the entanglement of sexual well-being, mental health, and social media in education

N Hendry

(2017), pp. 509-526, The Palgrave Handbook of Sexuality Education, Basingstoke, Eng., B1

book chapter

Beyond social media panics for 'at risk' youth in mental health practice

N Hendry, B Robards, S Stanford

(2017), pp. 135-154, Beyond the risk paradigm in mental health policy and practice, London, Eng., B1

book chapter

association between sexually transmissible infection testing, numbers of partners and talking to partners and friends about sexual health: survey of young adults

N Hendry, G Brown, G Dowsett, M Carman

(2017), pp. a-e, Sexual Health, Collingwood, VIC, C1

journal article

Investigating combination HIV prevention: isolated interventions or complex system

G Brown, D Reeders, G Dowsett, J Ellard, M Carman, N Hendry, J Wallace

(2015), Vol. 18, pp. 1-6, Journal of the international AIDS society, Geneva, Switzerland, C1-1

journal article

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