Dr Natalie Robertson



Lecturer In Early Childhood Education


Faculty of Arts and Education


SoE Arts & Education


Melbourne Burwood Campus


+61 3 924 43767


Natalie Robertson is a Lecturer in Early Childhood Education at Deakin University. Natalie's research interests include early childhood education, classroom involvement, policy and curriculum and teacher professionalism. Natalie is currently completing her PhD which is entitled 'An analysis of preschool children's involvement in dramatic play'.

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Units taught

Natalie is currently the unit chair of;

ECE112: Curriculum 2 Planning and Assessment for Teaching and Learning

ECE116: Health, Safety, Nutrition and Wellbeing of young children

ECE403: Developing Partnerships

ECE370 & 401: Advanced Management of Children's Behaviour

ECI401: Advanced Management of Children's Behaviour


Natalie is also the lecturer for:

ECE110: Child Development 1

EEE753: Becoming a Professional Educator


Robertson, N & Yim, B. (2013). Educators’ implementation and perspectives on the Early Years Learning Framework. Paper presented at the Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association 14th Annual Conference, Seoul, South Korea.

Robertson, N., Downes, N., Yim, B & Paatsch, L. (2013). Assessment of children’s learning in Australian Early Childhood education. Paper presented at the European Early Childhood Education Research Association 23rd Annual Conference, Tallin, Estonia.

Robertson, N., Yim, B., Downes, K & Ohi, S. (2014). Enhancing professionalism in early childhood education and care: A study of educators’ views. Paper presented at Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association 15th Annual Conference, Bali, Indonesia.

Robertson, N. (2014). An analsysis of children’s involvement in dramatic play. Paper presented at UPSI - Deakin 2nd Post Graduate Research Symposium.


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journal article

From boats to bushes: environmental elements supportive of children's sociodramatic play outdoors

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'I feel like I'm getting sad there': early childhood outdoor playspaces as places for children's wellbeing

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journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Inclusive Practices for Children from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds in Early Childhood Education Settings in Victoria and Sichuan: An Exploration of Opportunities for Improved Lear

A/Prof Indika Liyanage, Dr Laura Gurney, A/Prof Bonnie Yim, Dr Natalie Robertson

  • 2017: $47,727

Early Childhood Professional Practice Partnerships.

Dr Natalie Robertson, Prof Andrea Nolan, A/Prof Anne-Marie Morrissey, A/Prof Louise Paatsch, Dr Liz Rouse, Dr Deb Moore

  • 2019: $232,252


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