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Defining patient-centered recovery after critical illness - a qualitative study

L Thurston, S Milnes, C Hodgson, D Berkovic, D Ayton, T Iwashyna, N Orford

(2020), Vol. 57, pp. 84-90, Journal of critical care, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Patient values informing medical treatment: a pilot community and advance care planning survey

S Milnes, C Corke, N Orford, M Bailey, J Savulescu, D Wilkinson

(2019), Vol. 9, pp. 1-6, BMJ supportive and palliative care, London, Eng., C1


Osteoporosis and the critically ill patient

Neil Orford, Julie Pasco, Mark Kotowicz

(2019), Vol. 35, pp. 301-313, Critical care clinics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


iValidate: a communication-based clinical intervention in life-limiting illness

N Simpson, S Milnes, P Martin, A Phillips, J Silverman, G Keely, M Forrester, T Dunning, C Corke, N Orford

(2019), pp. 1-7, BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care, London, Eng., C1


Patients with life-limiting illness presenting to the emergency department

M Ragg, J Ragg, S Milnes, M Bailey, N Orford

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Day or overnight transfusion in critically ill patients: does it matter?

C Aubron, R Kandane-Rathnayake, N Andrianopoulos, A Westbrook, S Engelbrecht, I Ozolins, M Bailey, L Murray, D Cooper, E Wood, Z McQuilten, Neil Orford

(2018), Vol. 113, pp. 275-282, Vox sanguinis, Chichester, Eng., C1


Changes in bone mineral density in women before critical illness: a matched control nested cohort study

Neil Orford, Michael Bailey, Rinaldo Bellomo, Julie Pasco, David Cooper, Mark Kotowicz

(2018), Vol. 13, pp. 1-10, Archives of osteoporosis, London, Eng., C1


The association of time and medications with changes in bone mineral density in the 2 years after critical illness

N Orford, M Bailey, R Bellomo, J Pasco, C Cattigan, T Elderkin, S Brennan-Olsen, D Cooper, M Kotowicz

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Effect of communication skills training on outcomes in critically ill patients with life-limiting illness referred for intensive care management: a before-and-after study

N Orford, S Milnes, N Simpson, G Keely, T Elderkin, A Bone, P Martin, R Bellomo, M Bailey, C Corke

(2017), pp. 1-8, BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care, London, Eng., C1


Potential impact of the 2016 consensus definitions of sepsis and septic shock on future sepsis research

Sandra Peake, Anthony Delaney, Michael Bailey, Rinaldo Bellomo, ARISE Investigators, Neil Orford

(2017), Vol. 70, pp. 553-561.e1, Annals of emergency medicine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Does anyone ever expect to die?

M Anstey, N Watts, N Orford, I Seppelt, I Mitchell

(2017), Vol. 45, pp. 466-468, Anaesthesia and intensive care, Potts Point, N.S.W., C1


Age of red cells for transfusion and outcomes in critically ill adults

D Cooper, Zoe McQuilten, Alistair Nichol, Bridget Ady, Ccile Aubron, Michael Bailey, Rinaldo Bellomo, Dashiell Gantner, David Irving, Kirsi-Maija Kaukonen, Colin McArthur, Lynne Murray, Ville Pettil, Craig French, TRANSFUSE Investigators and the Australian and New

(2017), Vol. 377, pp. 1858-1867, New England journal of medicine, Waltham, Mass., C1-1


Changes in bone mineral density in the year after critical illness.

N Orford, S Lane, M Bailey, J Pasco, C Cattigan, T Elderkin, S Brennan-Olsen, R Bellomo, D Cooper, M Kotowicz

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A trial of nebulised heparin to limit lung injury following cardiac surgery

B Dixon, R Smith, J Santamaria, N Orford, B Wakefield, K Ives, R McKenzie, B Zhang, C Yap

(2016), Vol. 44, pp. 28-33, Anaesthia and intensive care, North Sydney, N.S.W., C1-1


Prevalence, goals of care and long-term outcomes of patients with life-limiting illness referred to a tertiary ICU

N Orford, S Milnes, N Lambert, L Berkeley, S Lane, N Simpson, T Elderkin, A Bone, P Martin, C Corke, R Bellomo, M Bailey

(2016), Vol. 18, pp. 181-188, Critical care and resuscitation, Prahran, Vic., C1


Service delivery model of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in an Australian regional hospital

Joe McCaffrey, Neil Orford, Nicholas Simpson, Jill Jenkins, Christopher Morley, Vin Pellegrino

(2016), Vol. 18, pp. 235-241, Critical care and resuscitation journal, Prahran, Vic., C1


Insurance status and mortality in critically ill patients

Lucinda Gabriel, Michael Bailey, Rinaldo Bellomo, Peter Stow, Neil Orford, Forbes McGain, John Santamaria, Carlos Scheinkestel, David Pilcher

(2016), Vol. 18, pp. 43-49, Critical care and resuscitation, Bedford Park, S. Aust., C1


A multicentre, randomised controlled pilot study of fluid resuscitation with saline or Plasma-Lyte 148 in critically ill patients

Brij Verma, Nora Luethi, Luca Cioccari, Patryck Lloyd-Donald, Marco Crisman, Glenn Eastwood, Neil Orford, Craig French, Rinaldo Bellomo, Johan Martensson

(2016), Vol. 18, pp. 205-212, Critical care and resuscitation, Bedford Park, S. Aust., C1


A prospective observational study of prevalence and outcomes of patients with Gold Standard Framework criteria in a tertiary regional Australian Hospital

S Milnes, N Orford, L Berkeley, N Lambert, N Simpson, T Elderkin, C Corke, M Bailey

(2015), pp. 1-9, BMJ supportive & palliative care, London, Eng., C1


Effectiveness of a care bundle to reduce central line-associated bloodstream infections

D Entesari-Tatafi, N Orford, M Bailey, M Chonghaile, J Lamb-Jenkins, E Athan

(2015), Vol. 202, pp. 247-250, Medical journal of Australia, Strawberry Hills, N.S.W., C1-1


Overview of the study protocols and statistical analysis plan for the Saline versus Plasma-Lyte 148 for Intravenous Fluid Therapy (SPLIT) research program

Sumeet Reddy, Paul Young, Richard Beasley, Diane Mackle, Shay McGuinness, Colin McArthur, Seton Henderson, Laurence Weinberg, Craig French, Neil Orford, Michael Bailey, Rinaldo Bellomo

(2015), Vol. 17, pp. 29-36, Critical care and resuscitation, Bedford Park, S. Aust., C1


The association between critical illness and changes in bone turnover in adults: a systematic review

N Orford, C Cattigan, S Brennan, M Kotowicz, J Pasco, D Cooper

(2014), Vol. 25, pp. 2335-2346, Osteoporosis international, Berlin, Germany, C1


Glycaemic control and long-term outcomes following transition from modified intensive insulin therapy to conventional glycaemic control

N Orford, M Bailey, K Kaukonen, T Elderkin, P Stow, C Cattigan, M Kotowicz, R Bellomo

(2014), Vol. 42, pp. 239-247, Anaesthesia and intensive care, North Sydney, NSW, C1


Efficacy and safety of oral methazolamide in patients with type 2 diabetes : a 24-week, placebo-controlled, double-blind study

R Simpson, G Nicholson, J Proietto, A Sarah, K Sanders, G Phillips, J Chambers, R MacGinley, N Orford, K Walder, G Krippner, K Skoff, V Wacher

(2014), Vol. 37, pp. 3121-3123, Diabetes Care, Alexandria VA., C1


Prospective observational study of emergent endotracheal intubation practice in the intensive care unit and emergency department of an Australian regional tertiary hospital

L Phillips, N Orford, M Ragg

(2014), Vol. 26, pp. 368-375, Emergency medicine Australasia, Richmond, Vic, C1


Cost-effectiveness of dalteparin vs unfractionated heparin for the prevention of venous thromboembolism in critically ill patients

R Fowler, N Mittmann, W Geerts, D Heels-Ansdell, M Gould, G Guyatt, M Krahn, S Finfer, R Pinto, B Chan, O Ormanidhi, Y Arabi, I Qushmaq, M Rocha, P Dodek, L McIntyre, R Hall, N Ferguson, S Mehta, J Marshall, C Doig, J Muscedere, M Jacka, J Klinger, N Vlahakis, N Orford, I Seppelt, Y Skrobik, S Sud, J Cade, J Cooper, D Cook, Canadian Critical Care Trials Group, Australia and New Zealand Intensive Care Society C

(2014), Vol. 312, pp. 2135-2145, JAMA: journal of the american medical association, Chicago, IL, C1


Economic evaluation of the prophylaxis for thromboembolism in critical care trial (E-PROTECT): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

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(2014), Vol. 15, pp. 1-11, Trials, London, Eng., C1


Calorie intake and patient outcomes in severe acute kidney injury: findings from The Randomized Evaluation of Normal vs. Augmented Level of Replacement Therapy (RENAL) study trial

Rinaldo Bellomo, Alan Cass, Louise Cole, Simon Finfer, Martin Gallagher, Joanne Lee, Serigne Lo, Colin McArthur, Shay McGuinness, John Myburgh, Robyn Norton, Carlos Scheinkestel, Neil Orford, RENAL Study Investigators

(2014), Vol. 18, pp. 1-11, Critical care, London, Eng., C1


Stress hyperlactatemia modifies the relationship between stress hyperglycemia and outcome: a retrospective observational study

Kirsi-Maija Kaukonen, Michael Bailey, Moritoki Egi, Neil Orford, Neil Glassford, Paul Marik, Rinaldo Bellomo

(2014), Vol. 42, pp. 1379-1385, Critical care medicine, Philadelphia, Pa., C1


Early diagnosis and treatment of necrotizing fasciitis can improve survival: An observational intensive care unit cohort study

K Bucca, R Spencer, N Orford, C Cattigan, E Athan, A McDonald

(2013), Vol. 83, pp. 365-370, ANZ Journal of Surgery, C1-1


Glycaemic control in Australia and New Zealand before and after the NICE-SUGAR trial: a translational study

Kirsi-Maija Kaukonen, Michael Bailey, David Pilcher, Neil Orford, Simon Finfer, Rinaldo Bellomo

(2013), Vol. 17, Critical care, London, Eng., C1


Skeletal morbidity among survivors of critical illness

N Orford, K Saunders, E Merriman, M Henry, J Pasco, P Stow, M Kotowicz

(2011), Vol. 39, pp. 1295-1300, Critical Care Medicine, C1-1


Age of red blood cells and mortality in the critically ill

Ville Pettil, Andrew Westbrook, Alistair Nichol, Michael Bailey, Erica Wood, Gillian Syres, Louise Phillips, Alison Street, Craig French, Lynnette Murray, Neil Orford, John Santamaria, Rinaldo Bellomo, David Cooper, Blood Observational Study Investigators for ANZICS

(2011), Vol. 15, pp. 1-8, Critical care, London, Eng., C1-1


Transfusion practice and guidelines in Australian and New Zealand intensive care units

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The influence of medical enduring power of attorney and advance directives on decision making by Australian intensive care doctors

C Corke, S Milnes, N Orford, M Henry, C Foss, D Porter

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Successful management of patients with a drug-eluting coronary stent presenting for elective, non-cardiac surgery

L Broad, T Lee, M Conroy, S Bolsin, N Orford, A Black, G Birdsey

(2007), Vol. 98, pp. 19-22, British journal of anaesthesia, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1-1


Perioperative complications in patients with drug-eluting stents: a three-year audit at Geelong Hospital

M Conroy, S Bolsin, S Black, N Orford

(2007), Vol. 35, pp. 939-944, Anaesthesia and intensive care, London, Eng., C1-1


Safety and feasibility of an insulin adjustment protocol to maintain blood glucose concentrations within a narrow range in critically ill patients in an Australian level III adult intensive care unit

N Orford, P Stow, D Green, C Corke

(2004), Vol. 6, pp. 92-98, Critical care and resuscitation, Strawberry Hills, N.S.W., C1-1


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