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Doctor of Philosophy, La Trobe University, 1978


Pasquale Sgro is a Professor in the Department of Economics in Deakin Business School. Pasquale received his B.Ec (H1) and PhD from La Trobe University and he joined Deakin University as Foundation Professor in Economics in 1989.

His research interests include international trade, growth theory and labour economics. He has published papers in journals such as the Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, The World Economy, Review of International Economics, International Review of Economics and Finance, Southern Economic Journal and Economic Record.

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Research interests

  • International Trade
  • Growth Theory
  • Labour Economics


  • Co-Editor, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, published by Routledge (UK and USA).
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Asia Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.
  • Member of Editorial Board, Applied Economics: Systematic Research.
  • Member of Editorial Board, International Journal of Decision Sciences, Risk and Management (IJDSRM).
  • Member of the Scientific Committee, European Economic and Finance Society (EEFS).

Teaching interests

  • International Trade
  • Microeconomics

Units taught

  • MAE101 - Microeconomics
  • MPE781 - Economics for Managers


  • 'Egalitarian Distribution, Polarisation of Political platforms and the Role of Foreign Aid', European Economics and Finance Society Conference (EEFS), European Economics and Finance Society (EEFS), England, 21-24 June 2018. 
  • 'Bilateral International Agreement, Cooperation and Reneging', International Conference: Recent Advances in International Trade and Finance, Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong, 14-15 December 2017.
  • 'Product quality, Intellectual Property rights protection and International Standards', European Economics and Finance Society Conference (EEFS), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 21-24 June 2017.
  • 'Product quality, Intellectual Property rights protection and International Standards', Symposium of Development and Institutional Economics, Henan University, China, 17-19 May 2017.

Professional activities

Media appearances

  • 'Winter Olympics 2018; Games costing taxpayers over $16m', The New Daily, Australia, 2018.
  • 'Tap and Go? Sure but cash still has plenty of Lure', The Age, Australia, 2018.
  • "Cashing in the curse of hard bills', Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, 2018. 
  • 'Is household debt ruining the economy', This, Australia, 2017.


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Funded Projects at Deakin

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Principal Supervisor

Xing Xu

Thesis entitled: China-US Competition: Trade War and Aid to Africa

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Economics


My Trang Tran

Thesis entitled: Three Essays on International Trade, Environment, and Environmental Regulation

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Economics


Franziska Wolf

Thesis entitled: Hedging decisions and firm value: A cross-validation study of Australian and Canadian industries

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Economics


Robin Visser

Thesis entitled: The Role of Commercial Diplomacy in Relation to International Trade

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Economics

Cong Tam Trinh

Thesis entitled: Non-life Insurance Expenditure in Developed and Developing Economies

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Economics


Becksndale Masawi

Thesis entitled: The Power of Words: Central Bank Communication and Currency Markets

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Economics


Muhammad Iqbal Anjum

Thesis entitled: Economic Effects of the External Debt Crisis for Pakistan

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Accounting, Economics & Finance


Syed Abbas

Thesis entitled: Inflation dynamics and new Keynesian Phillips curve in Australia

Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin Graduate School of Business


Mohammad Shihab Khan

Thesis entitled: The Sources of Economic Growth in Bangladesh: 1972/73 - 1995/96

Master of Commerce, School of Economics

Yilin (George) Chen

Thesis entitled: Modelling Australian Business Cycle Fluctuations: A Real Business Cycle Approach

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Economics


Grace Daquila

Thesis entitled: The Determinants of Intra-ASEAN Exports and Imports

Master of Economics, School of Economics

Associate Supervisor

Philip Soos

Thesis entitled: Determinants of Australian Dwelling Supply 1996 - 2014

Master of Commerce, Department of Finance


Paul Wilson

Thesis entitled: The Introduction of Compulsory Benchmarking to the New Zealand Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics Sector: Issues and Implications

Doctor of Business Administration, Deakin Graduate School of Business