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Birdwatchers evoke longer escape distances than pedestrians in some African birds

A Radkovic, W Van Dongen, L Kirao, P Guay, M Weston

(2019), Vol. 18, pp. 100-106, Journal of ecotourism, Abingdon, Eng., C1


Evaluating how the group size of domestic, invasive dogs affect coastal wildlife responses: The case of flight-initiation distance (fid) of birds on Southern Australian beaches

S Guinness, W Van Dongen, P Guay, R Robinson, M Weston

(2019), Vol. 29, pp. 413-424, Impacts of Invasive Species on Coastal Environments: Coasts in Crisis, Cham, Switzerland, B1


Does zonation and accessibility of wetlands influence human presence and mediate wildlife disturbance?

P Guay, W Van Dongen, E McLeod, D Whisson, H Vu, H Wang, M Weston

(2019), Vol. 62, pp. 1306-1320, Journal of environmental planning and management, Abingdon, Eng., C1


Flight initiation distance in Lepidopterans is species-specific and positively related to starting distance

Danah Harbour, Ella Henson, Chelsea Boers, Darcy Truman, Chandima Fernando, Patrick Guay, M Weston

(2019), Vol. 22, pp. 41-43, Journal of Asia-Pacific entemology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Camera shy? Motivations, attitudes and beliefs of bird photographers and species-specific avian responses to their activities

C Slater, G Cam, Y Qi, Y Liu, P Guay, M Weston

(2019), Vol. 237, pp. 327-337, Biological conservation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Flight initiation distance in dragonflies is species-specific, positively related to starting distance and sometimes body length

Tom Bell, Jack Harriss, Ahmed Ruzaini, Chandima Fernando, Patrick Guay, Michael Weston

(2019), Vol. 22, pp. 173-179, International journal of odonatology, Abingdon, Eng., C1


Are disturbance separation distances derived from single species applicable to mixed-species shorebird flocks?

Grant Linley, Patrick-Jean Guay, Michael Weston

(2019), Vol. 46, pp. 719-723, Wildlife Research, Melbourne, Vic., C1


A genetic assessment of the human-facilitated colonization history of black swans in Australia and New Zealand

V Montano, W van Dongen, M Weston, R Mulder, R Robinson, M Cowling, P Guay

(2018), Vol. 11, pp. 364-375, Evolutionary applications: evolutionary approaches to environmental, biomedical and socio-economic issues, Chichester, Eng., C1


Are the big and beautiful less bold? Differences in avian fearfulness between the sexes in relation to body size and colour

P Guay, R Leppitt, M Weston, T Yeager, W van Dongen, M Symonds

(2018), Vol. 304, pp. 252-259, Journal of zoology, Chichester, Eng., C1-1


Bicycles evoke longer flight-initiation distances and higher intensity escape behaviour of some birds in parks compared with pedestrians

G Bernard, W van Dongen, P Guay, M Symonds, R Robinson, M Weston

(2018), Vol. 178, pp. 276-280, Landscape and Urban Planning, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


A test of the "leave early and avoid detection" (LEAD) hypothesis for passive nest defenders

M Weston, Yung-Ki Ju, Patrick Guay, Callum Naismith

(2018), Vol. 130, pp. 1011-1013, The Wilson journal of ornithology, Albion, Mich., C1


Joggers cause greater avian disturbance than walkers

H Lethlean, W Van Dongen, K Kostoglou, P Guay, M Weston

(2017), Vol. 159, pp. 42-47, Landscape and urban planning, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


A comparison of the effectiveness and time efficiency of traditional and photographic environmental monitoring techniques

W van Dongen, R San Martin, P-J Guay, M Weston

(2017), Vol. 193, pp. 64-69, Journal of environmental management, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Flight initiation distances in relation to sexual dichromatism and body size in birds from three continents

A Mller, D Samia, M Weston, P Guay, D Blumstein

(2016), Vol. 117, pp. 823-831, Biological journal of the Linnean Society, London, Eng., C1


AvianBuffer: an interactive tool for characterising and managing wildlife fear responses

P Guay, W van Dongen, R Robinson, D Blumstein, M Weston

(2016), Vol. 45, pp. 841-851, Ambio, Dodrecht, The Netherlands, C1


Time since urbanization but not encephalisation is associated with increased tolerance of human proximity in birds

M Symonds, M Weston, W van Dongen, A Lill, R Robinson, P Guay

(2016), Vol. 4, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, C1


Distance from shore positively influences alert distance in three wetland bird species

E Dear, P-J Guay, R Robinson, M Weston

(2015), Vol. 23, pp. 215-318, Wetlands ecology and management, Berlin, Germany, C1


Up the creek with a paddle; avian flight distances from canoes versus walkers

H Glover, P-J Guay, M Weston

(2015), Vol. 23, pp. 775-778, Wetlands ecology and management, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


The height of approaching humans does not affect flight-initiation distance

W Van Dongen, E McLeod, R Mulder, M Weston, P Guay

(2015), Vol. 62, pp. 285-288, Bird study: the science of pure and applied orinthology, Oxford, Eng., C1


Do birdwatchers care about bird disturbance?

M Weston, P-J Guay, E McLeod, K Miller

(2015), Vol. 28, pp. 305-317, Anthrozos, Oxford, Eng., C1


Biological, ecological, conservation and legal information for all species and subspecies of Australian bird

S Garnett, D Duursma, G Ehmke, P Guay, A Stewart, J Szabo, M Weston, S Bennett, G Crowley, D Drynan, G Dutson, K Fitzherbert, D Franklin

(2015), Vol. 2, pp. 1-6, Scientific data, London, Eng., C1


Variation at the DRD4 locus is associated with wariness and local site selection in urban black swans

W van Dongen, R Robinson, M Weston, R Mulder, P Guay

(2015), Vol. 15, pp. 1-11, BMC evolutionary biology, London, Eng., C1


What the direction of matings can tell us of hybridisation mechanisms in ducks

P Guay, L Monie, R Robinson, W Van Dongen

(2015), Vol. 115, pp. 277-280, Emu, Clayton, Vic., C1-1


Lingering genetic evidence of North American mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) introduced to New Zealand

P Guay, M Williams, R Robinson

(2015), Vol. 39, pp. 103-109, New Zealand journal of ecology, [Christchurch], New Zealand, C1-1


Comparative analysis of classic brain component sizes in relation to flightiness in birds

M Symonds, M Weston, R Robinson, P Guay

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American exceptionalism: population trends and flight initiation distances in birds from three continents.

A Mller, D Samia, M Weston, P Guay, D Blumstein

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The influence of cover on nesting Red-capped Plovers: a trade-off between thermoregulation and predation risk?

Lomas, Stephanie, Whisson, Desley, Maguire, Grainne, Tan, laura, Guay, Patrick-Jean, M Weston

(2014), Vol. 131, pp. 115-127, The Victorian naturalist, Blackburn, Vic, C1


Are vehicles 'mobile bird hides'?: A test of the hypothesis that 'cars cause less disturbance'

P Guay, E McLeod, A Taysom, M Weston

(2014), Vol. 131, pp. 150-156, Victorian naturalist, Melbourne, Vic., C1


Sex-specific dive characteristics in a sexually size dimorphic duck

S Osterrieder, M Weston, R Robinson, P Guay

(2014), Vol. 64, pp. 126-131, Wildfowl, Slimbridge, England, C1


Establishing a genetic system to distinguish between domestic Mallards, Pacific Black Ducks and their hybrids

A Taysom, J Johnson, P Guay

(2014), Vol. 6, pp. 197-199, Conservation genetics resources, Berlin, Germany, C1-1


Hybridization between the mallard and native dabbling ducks: causes, consequences and management

P Guay, A Taysom, R Robinson, J Tracey

(2014), Vol. 20, pp. 41-47, Pacific conservation biology, Clayton, Vic., C1-1


Brains and bravery: little evidence of a relationship between brain size and flightiness in shorebirds

P Guay, M Weston, M Symonds, H Glover

(2013), Vol. 38, pp. 516-522, Austral ecology, Richmond, Vic., C1


Distance from water, sex and approach direction influence flight distances among habituated black swans

P Guay, R Lorenz, R Robinson, M Symonds, M Weston

(2013), Vol. 119, pp. 552-558, Ethology, Weinheim, Germany, C1


Observer effects occur when estimating alert but not flight-initiation distances

P Guay, E McLeod, R Cross, A Formby, S Maldonado, R Stafford-Bell, Z St-James-Turner, R Robinson, R Mulder, M Weston

(2013), Vol. 40, pp. 289-293, Wildlife Research, C1


Buses, cars, bicycles and walkers: The influence of the type of human transport on the flight responses of waterbirds

E McLeod, P Guay, A Taysom, R Robinson, M Weston

(2013), Vol. 8, PLoS ONE, C1


A review of flight-initiation distances and their application to managing disturbance to Australian birds

M Weston, E Mcleod, D Blumstein, P Guay

(2012), Vol. 112, pp. 269-286, Emu, C1


Population, behavioural and physiological responses of an urban population of black swans to an intense annual noise event

C Payne, T Jessop, P Guay, M Johnstone, M Feore, R Mulder

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Captive breeding does not alter brain volume in a marsupial over a few generations

P-J Guay, M Parrott, L Selwood

(2012), Vol. 31, pp. 82-86, Zoo biology, London, Eng., C1


Aberrations in plumage coloration in birds

P Guay, D Potvin, R Robinson

(2012), Vol. 29, pp. 23-30, Australian field ornithology, Nunawading, Vic., C1


Waterbird movement across the Great Dividing Range and implications for arbovirus irruption into southern Victoria.

P-J Guay, J Azuolas, S Warner

(2012), Vol. 90, pp. 197-198, Australian veterinary journal, Chichester, Eng., C1


Skewed paternity distribution in the extremely size dimorphic Musk Duck (Biziura lobata)

P Guay, R Mulder

(2007), Vol. 107, pp. 190-195, Emu, Clayton, Vic., C1-1


Learning differences between feral pigeons and zenaida doves: the role of neophobia and human proximity

A Seferta, P Guay, E Marzinotto, L Lefebvre

(2001), Vol. 107, pp. 281-293, Ethology, Berlin, Germany, C1-1


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