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Using self-captured video to support reflective practice in teacher professional learning communities

Peter Hubber, P White, Amanda Berry

(2019), pp. 244-259, Video-based research in education: cross-disciplinary perspectives, Abingdon, Eng., B1


Designing hands-on, inquiry-based activities incorporating contemporary science

Kieran Lim, John Long, Peta White, Ian Bentley

(2019), Vol. 65, pp. 48-54, Teaching science, Deakin, A.C.T., C1


Embodying our future through collaboration: the change is in the doing

M Palmer, P White, S Wooltorton

(2018), Vol. 49, pp. 309-317, Journal of environmental education, Abingdon, Eng., C1


Enlivening STEM education through school-community partnerships

R Tytler, D Symington, G Williams, P White

(2018), pp. 249-271, STEM education in the junior secondary: the state of play, Singapore, B1


Walking my talk: taking action to learn/relearn/unlearn towards engaged pedagogy

P White

(2018), pp. 41-58, Actions of their own to learn: studies in knowing, acting, and being, Leiden, The Netherlands, B1


Confronting, collaborating, and crafting: an enlivening methodology for academic ecojustice activism

P White, S Wooltorton, M Palmer

(2018), Women activating agency in academia: metaphors, manifestos and memoir, London, Eng., B1


Participating in research symposia: tales of reinscription, disruption, and inclusivity

P White, S Birdsall

(2018), Vol. 33, pp. 131-144, Australian journal of environmental education, Cambridge, Eng., C1


Innovation 5 - exploring models of interaction between scientists and PSTs

P White, Russell Tytler, Stuart Palmer

(2018), pp. 108-135, Reconceptualising maths and science teaching and learning, Camberwell, Vic., B1


Living things and environments

R Tytler, F Haslam, P White, S Peterson

(2017), pp. 268-317, Teaching primary science constructively, South Melbourne, Vic., B1


Collaborative reflective experience and practice in education explored through self-study and arts-based research

S Hannigan, J Raphael, P White, L Bragg, J Cripps Clark

(2016), Vol. 9, pp. 84-110, Creative approaches to research, Melbourne, Vic., C1


Building regional capacity for sustainable development through an ESD project inventory in RCE Saskatchewan, Canada

P White, R Petry

(2011), Vol. 5, pp. 89-100, Journal of education for sustainable development, London, England, C1-1


Graduate students lend their voices : reflections on the 10th seminar in health and environmental education research

J Russell, P White, T Chung Tiam Fook, J Kayira, S Muller, J Oakley

(2010), Vol. 15, pp. 74-85, Canadian journal of environmental education, Thunder Bay, Ontario, C1-1


Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Enriching mathematics and science learning: an interdisciplinary approach

Prof Russell Tytler, Prof Joanne Mulligan, Dr Lihua Xu, Dr Peta White, A/Prof Leona Schauble, Prof Richard Lehrer, Prof Vaughan Prain

ARC - Discovery Projects

  • 2019: $116,600
  • 2018: $154,533

Other Public Sector Funding

Advancing Science by Enhancing Learning in the Laboratory (ASELL) in the secondary school sector [ASELL Schools])

A/Prof Kieran Lim, Dr Alexandra Yeung, Dr Peta White, Dr John Long

  • 2017: $75,000
  • 2016: $85,250
  • 2015: $95,000

Assessment of impact and value: Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools Program

Prof Russell Tytler, A/Prof Coral Campbell, Dr Gail Chittleborough, Dr Gaye Williams, Dr Peta White, Prof David Symington, Mr Garrett Upstill

  • 2015: $99,710

Primary Mathematics and Science Specialist Professional Learning Program February/March 2015

Dr Gail Chittleborough, Prof Russell Tytler, A/Prof Coral Campbell, A/Prof Peter Hubber, Dr Lihua Xu, Dr John Cripps Clark, Dr Peta White

  • 2015: $6,818

Secondary STEM Catalysts: professional learning program

A/Prof Peter Hubber, Prof Russell Tytler, A/Prof Coral Campbell, A/Prof Colleen Vale, Dr John Cripps Clark, A/Prof Linda Hobbs, Dr Peta White, Dr Gaye Williams

  • 2018: $319,446
  • 2017: $295,146
  • 2016: $48,403

Victorian Certificate of Education Biology Benchmarking.

Dr Peta White

  • 2019: $6,000

Victorian Certificate of Education Biology Study Design.

Dr Peta White

  • 2019: $9,000

NSW Marine Education Strategy.

Dr Peta White

  • 2019: $27,183

Tech Schools Evaluation

A/Prof Linda Hobbs, Dr John Cripps Clark, Dr Seamus Delaney, Dr Peta White, Dr George Aranda, Prof Russell Tytler, Prof Christine Ure, A/Prof Coral Campbell

  • 2019: $112,000

Industry and Other Funding

Sustainable Schools NSW Research Brief

Dr Peta White

  • 2018: $15,000

Top 100 Jobs of the Future

Prof Russell Tytler, Dr Peta White, Prof Dineli Mather

  • 2018: $73,000

100 Jobs of the Future Research Extension: Online Aptitude Test

Prof Russell Tytler, Dr Peta White, Prof Dineli Mather, Prof Ruth Bridgstock

  • 2018: $36,200

EIANZ Collaborative Research Research on Environmental Education.

Dr Peta White

  • 2019: $3,454

AAEE Curriculum Teaching Package Project - Stand Up for Your Future / Climate: Youth activism is education.

Dr Peta White

  • 2019: $3,000


Principal Supervisor

Kathryn Riley

Thesis entitled: (Re)Storying Human/Nonhuman Relationships: Posthumanist Possibilities in Researcher/Teacher/Environmental Education Worlds

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education