A/Prof. Peter Biro



Associate Professor In Behavioural Ecology


Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


School of Life & Env. Sciences


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


+61 3 522 72426


2011 to present:  Assoc. Prof. and ARC Future Fellow, Deakin University

2010 Senior Lecturer and ARC Future Fellow, UNSW.

2009 Lecturer, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Australia.

2006 Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow, UTS.

2006 Endeavour Research Fellow, UTS.

2003 NSERC Postdoctoral fellow, University of Manitoba, Canada.

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Research interests

Research interests

  • animal behavior, physiology, population ecology, statistics


My research is currently exploring linkages between animal physiology, behaviour, life-history, and natural and human-caused selection in fish and other organisms.

In particular, I want to know what promotes the existence (& maintenance) of consistent individual differences in behavior, often termed ‘personality’ or ‘temperament’, and what this means for predator-prey interactions, and for practical issues such as sampling bias and the effects of human harvesting of animal populations.

Units taught

Animal Behaviour SLE224

Animal Diversity SLE204

Statistics SLE251

Research groups

Postdoctoral fellows

Dr Kerry Fanson (2012  - present)         Metabolism and animal personality

Dr Vincent Careau  (2013 - present)     Behavior, metabolism, thermal sensitivity

Dr Bart Adriaenssens (2010-2011)      Metabolism and animal personality


Research Associates

Francesca Santostefano    Guppy personality, honest signals and mating effort



David Mitchell  (PhD 2015 - present)  Evolutionary and developmental effects of predation risk on behavior

Portia Sampson    (honours 2011)   Growth-personality links in crayfish, and implications for fishing harvest


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Spontaneous activity rates and resting metabolism: support for the allocation model of energy management at the among-individual level

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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Linkages between productivity and consistent behavioural traits in fish: implications for harvesting, climate impacts, and selective breeding for aquaculture

A/Prof Peter Biro

ARC Fellowships - Future Fellowships

  • 2013: $97,935
  • 2012: $188,508
  • 2011: $147,018

Can consistent individual differences in metabolic rate explain animal personality? Implications for fish and aquaculture in a warming climate

A/Prof Peter Biro

ARC - Discovery Projects

  • 2013: $77,774
  • 2012: $74,893
  • 2011: $75,166


Principal Supervisor

David Mitchell

Thesis entitled: Individuals to populations: Linking hierarchical levels of phenotypic assortment.

Doctor of Philosophy (Life & Env), School of Life and Environmental Sciences