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Professor of Communication and End of Life Care


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Master of Medicine, University of Melbourne, 2000

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Health care professionals' experiences of dealing with cancer cachexia

J Ellis, M Petersen, S Chang, G Ingham, P Martin, N Morgan, V Vaughan, L Brown, D Currow, V Razmovski-Naumovski

(2023), Vol. 28, pp. 592-602, International Journal of Clinical Oncology, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

What Impact Does Participation in a Communication Skills Training Program Have on Health Professionals' Communication Behaviors: Findings from a Qualitative Study

V White, M Chiswell, E Webber, P Martin, A Piper

(2023), Journal of Cancer Education, England, C1-1

journal article

Heritage genetics for adaptation to marginal soils in barley

Sidsel Schmidt, Lawrie Brown, Allan Booth, John Wishart, Pete Hedley, Peter Martin, Soren Husted, Timothy George, Joanne Russell

(2023), Vol. 28, pp. 544-551, Trends in Plant Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Understanding and managing psychological disorders in patients with inflammatory bowel disease: a practical guide

Klaartje Kok, Peter Byrne, Ana Ibarra, Peter Martin, David Rampton

(2023), Vol. 14, pp. 78-86, Frontline Gastroenterology, London, Eng., C1-1

journal article

Responding to nurses' communication challenges: Evaluating a blended learning program for communication knowledge and skills for nurses

D Kerr, S Milnes, P Martin, J Ammentorp, M Wolderslund, M Chiswell

(2022), Vol. 105, pp. 2285-2291, Patient Education and Counseling, Ireland, C1

journal article

Challenges Experienced by Italian Nursing Home Staff in End-of-Life Conversations with Family Caregivers during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Descriptive Study

S Gonella, P Di Giulio, A Antal, N Cornally, P Martin, S Campagna, V Dimonte

(2022), Vol. 19, pp. 1-18, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Basel, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Communication skills training for nurses: Is it time for a standardised nursing model?

Debra Kerr, Peter Martin, Lynn Furber, Sandra Winterburn, Sharyn Milnes, Annegrethe Nielsen, Patricia Strachan

(2022), pp. 1-6, Patient Education and Counseling, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

"I want to get myself as fit as I can and not die just yet" - Perceptions of exercise in people with advanced cancer and cachexia: a qualitative study

K Bland, M Krishnasamy, E Parr, S Mulder, P Martin, L van Loon, P Cormie, N Michael, E Zopf

(2022), Vol. 21, pp. 75-, BMC Palliative Care, England, C1

journal article

Multidisciplinary approaches to cancer cachexia: current service models and future perspectives

V Vaughan, P Martin

(2022), Vol. 22, pp. 737-749, Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy, England, C1

journal article

Translating knowledge into practice for communication skills training for health care professionals

J Ammentorp, M Chiswell, P Martin

(2022), Vol. 105, pp. 3334-3338, Patient Education and Counseling, Ireland, C1

journal article

Prognostic Markers of Overall Survival in Cancer Patients Attending a Cachexia Support Service: An Evaluation of Clinically Assessed Physical Function, Malnutrition and Inflammatory Status

K Bland, E Zopf, M Harrison, M Ely, P Cormie, E Liu, A Dowd, P Martin

(2021), Vol. 73, pp. 1400-1410, Nutrition and Cancer, United States, C1

journal article

Upscaling communication skills training - lessons learned from international initiatives

J Ammentorp, S Bigi, J Silverman, M Sator, P Gillen, W Ryan, M Rosenbaum, M Chiswell, E Doherty, P Martin

(2021), Vol. 104, pp. 352-359, Patient education and counseling, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Evaluation of a Multidisciplinary Cachexia and Nutrition Support Service- The Patient and Carers Perspective

V Vaughan, M Harrison, A Dowd, P Eastman, P Martin

(2021), Vol. 8, Journal of Patient Experience, United States, C1

journal article

A randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled trial of megestrol acetate or dexamethasone in treating symptomatic anorexia in people with advanced cancer

D Currow, P Glare, S Louw, P Martin, K Clark, B Fazekas, M Agar

(2021), Vol. 11, Scientific Reports, England, C1

journal article

Quality of Life and Symptom Burden Improve in Patients Attending a Multidisciplinary Clinical Service for Cancer Cachexia: A Retrospective Observational Review

K Bland, M Harrison, E Zopf, M Sousa, D Currow, M Ely, M Agar, B Butcher, V Vaughan, A Dowd, P Martin

(2021), Vol. 62, pp. e164-e176, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Discussing diabetes, palliative and end of life care: choosing the 'right' language

T Dunning, P Martin, S Milnes, N Simpson, G Lee, N Orford

(2021), Vol. 10, pp. 3739-3749, Annals of palliative medicine, China, C1

journal article

Defining a new model of interdisciplinary cancer cachexia care in regional Victoria, Australia

V Vaughan, H Farrell, P Lewandowski, S McCoombe, P Martin

(2020), Vol. 28, pp. 3041-3049, Supportive Care in Cancer, Germany, C1

journal article

Challenges for nurses when communicating with people who have life-limiting illness and their families: A focus group study

D Kerr, S Milnes, J Ammentorp, C McKie, T Dunning, J Ostaszkiewicz, M Wolderslund, P Martin

(2020), Vol. 29, pp. 416-428, Journal of Clinical Nursing, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Finding common ground: Meta-synthesis of communication frameworks found in patient communication, supervision and simulation literature

M Links, L Watterson, P Martin, S O'Regan, E Molloy

(2020), Vol. 20, BMC Medical Education, England, C1

journal article

The effectiveness of training interventions on nurses' communication skills: A systematic review

D Kerr, J Ostaszkiewicz, T Dunning, P Martin

(2020), Vol. 89, Nurse Education Today, Scotland, C1

journal article

Investigating the association between physicians self-efficacy regarding communication skills and risk of "burnout"

A Messerotti, F Banchelli, S Ferrari, E Barbieri, F Bettelli, E Bandieri, D Giusti, H Catellani, E Borelli, E Colaci, V Pioli, M Morselli, F Forghieri, G Galeazzi, R Marasca, S Bigi, R D'Amico, P Martin, F Efficace, M Luppi, L Potenza

(2020), Vol. 18, Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, England, C1

journal article

Effect of communication skills training on outcomes in critically ill patients with life-limiting illness referred for intensive care management: a before-and-after study

N Orford, S Milnes, N Simpson, G Keely, T Elderkin, A Bone, P Martin, R Bellomo, M Bailey, C Corke

(2019), pp. 1-8, BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Developing the International Association for Communication in Healthcare (EACH) to address current challenges of health communication

S Rubinelli, J Silverman, K Aelbrecht, M Deveugele, A Finset, G Humphris, P Martin, M Rosenbaum, S van Dulmen, E van Weel-Baumgarten

(2019), Vol. 102, pp. 1217-1221, Patient Education and Counseling, Ireland, C1

journal article

iValidate: a communication-based clinical intervention in life-limiting illness

N Simpson, S Milnes, P Martin, A Phillips, J Silverman, G Keely, M Forrester, T Dunning, C Corke, N Orford

(2019), pp. 1-7, BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Communicating with Adolescents and Young Adults about Cancer-Associated Weight Loss

J Reid, C McKeaveney, P Martin

(2019), Vol. 21, Current Oncology Reports, United States, C1

journal article

Palliative and end of life care of people with diabetes: Issues, challenges and strategies

T Dunning, P Martin

(2018), Vol. 143, pp. 454-463, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, Ireland, C1

journal article

A randomized open-label study of guideline-driven antiemetic therapy versus single agent antiemetic therapy in patients with advanced cancer and nausea not related to anticancer treatment

J Hardy, H Skerman, P Glare, J Philip, P Hudson, G Mitchell, P Martin, O Spruyt, D Currow, P Yates

(2018), Vol. 18, BMC Cancer, England, C1

journal article

Locating advance care planning facilitators in general practice increases consumer participation

J Mann, S Gill, L Mitchell, M Rogers, P Martin, F Quirk, C Corke

(2017), Vol. 46, pp. 691-695, Australian Family Physician, Australia, C1

journal article

Prevalence, goals of care and long-term outcomes of patients with life-limiting illness referred to a tertiary ICU

N Orford, S Milnes, N Lambert, L Berkeley, S Lane, N Simpson, T Elderkin, A Bone, P Martin, C Corke, R Bellomo, M Bailey

(2016), Vol. 18, pp. 181-188, Critical care and resuscitation, Prahran, Vic., C1

journal article

Health care professionals' experience, understanding and perception of need of advanced cancer patients with cachexia and their families: The benefits of a dedicated clinic

D Scott, J Reid, P Hudson, P Martin, S Porter

(2016), Vol. 15, BMC Palliative Care, England, C1

journal article

Insights into hospitalisation of advanced cancer patients: a study of medical records

Adam Bostanci, Dell Horey, Kate Jackson, Leeroy William, Lise Pittmann, Jennifer Ward, Gaye Moore, Peter Martin, Peter Hudson, Jennifer Philip

(2016), Vol. 25, pp. 190-201, European journal of cancer care, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Diagnosis matters: the differing 
clinical trajectories for terminal prostate, 
lung and haematological cancers

Leeroy William, Kate Jackson, Adam Bostanci, Jennifer Ward, Peter Martin, Lise Pittman, Gaye Moore

(2015), Vol. 44, pp. 479-484, Australian family physician, East Melbourne, Vic., C1

journal article

The experiences and needs of family carers of people with diabetes at the end of life

S Savage, P Dunning, N Duggan, P Martin

(2015), Vol. 17, pp. 293-300, Journal of hospice & palliative nursing, Philadelphia, Pa., C1

journal article

Palliative and end-of-life care for patients with diabetes

P Dunning, P Martin

(2015), Vol. 4, pp. 16-20, Endocrinology Today, Chatswood West, N.S.W., C1

journal article

Palliative and end of life care for people with diabetes : a topical issue

T Dunning, S Savage, N Duggan, P Martin

(2014), Vol. 4, pp. 449-460, Diabetes management, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Cancer cachexia : impact, mechanisms and emerging treatments

V Vaughan, P Martin, P Lewandowski

(2013), Vol. 4, pp. 95-109, Journal of cachexia, sarcopenia and muscle, [Berlin, Germany], C1

journal article

Diabetes and end of life : ethical and methodological issues in gathering evidence to guide care

T Dunning, N Duggan, S Savage, P Martin

(2012), Vol. 27, pp. 203-211, Scandinavian journal of caring sciences, Oxford, England, C1

journal article

Developing clinical guidelines for end-of-life care : blending evidence and consensus

T Dunning, S Savage, N Duggan, P Martin

(2012), Vol. 18, pp. 397-405, International journal of palliative nursing, London, England, C1

journal article

Eicosapentaenoic acid and oxypurinol in the treatment of muscle wasting in a mouse model of cancer cachexia

V Vaughan, M Sullivan-Gunn, E Hinch, P Martin, P Lewandowski

(2012), Vol. 7, pp. 1-8, PLoS one, San Francisco, Calif., C1

journal article

The experiences and care preferences of people with diabetes at the end of life: a qualitative study

S Savage, N Duggan, P Dunning, P Martin

(2012), Vol. 14, pp. 293-302, Journal of hospice and palliative nursing, Philadelphia, Pa., C1-1

journal article

Intensive communication skills teaching for specialist training in palliative medicine: development and evaluation of an experiential workshop

Josephine Clayton, Jonathan Adler, Anne O'Callaghan, Peter Martin, Jenny Hynson, Phyllis Butow, Rebekah Laidsaar-Powell, Robert Arnold, James Tulsky, Anthony Back

(2012), Vol. 15, pp. 585-591, Journal of palliative medicine, New Rochelle, N.Y., C1

journal article

Factors influencing survival after discharge from an Australian palliative care unit to residential aged care facilities: a retrospective audit

Peter Eastman, Peter Martin

(2012), Vol. 15, pp. 327-333, Journal of palliative medicine, New Rochelle, N.Y., C1

journal article

Symptomatic management of calciphylaxis: a case series and review of the literature

Mark Polizzotto, Tamsin Bryan, Michael Ashby, Peter Martin

(2006), Vol. 32, pp. 186-190, Journal of pain and symptom management, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1-1

journal article

Buried alive: an unusual problem at the end of life

Mark Polizzotto, Peter Martin

(2006), Vol. 22, pp. 117-118, Journal of Palliative Care, Thousand Oaks, Calif., C1-1

journal article

"Burst" Ketamine for Refractory Cancer Pain: An Open-Label Audit of 39 Patients

Kate Jackson, Michael Ashby, Peter Martin, Maria Pisasale, David Brumley, Barbara Hayes

(2001), Vol. 22, pp. 834-842, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, C1

journal article

Opioid substitution to reduce adverse effects in cancer pain management

Michael Ashby, Peter Martin, Kate Jackson

(1999), Vol. 170, pp. 68-71, Medical Journal of Australia, Sydney, N.S.W., C1

journal article

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Healthcare communications training.

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Department of Health and Human Services - Victoria

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Conversations Matter: Skilled Conversations Building Excellence in Cancer Care.

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Australian Government Department of Health

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Your Thoughts Matter - Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

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Department of Health and Human Services - Victoria

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