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Radially aligned hierarchical N-doped porous carbon beads derived from oil-sand asphaltene for long-life water filtration and wastewater treatment

B Nasri-Nasrabadi, B Czech, R Yadav, K Shirvanimoghaddam, A Krzyszczak, V Unnikrishnan, M Naebe

(2023), Vol. 863, Science of the Total Environment, C1

journal article

Surface engineering of carbon fiber via upcycling of waste gases generated during carbon fiber production: A sustainable approach towards high-performance composites

C Liu, R Zhao, Q Li, R Yadav, M Ferdowsi, Z Wang, M An, M Naebe

(2023), Vol. 255, Composites Part B: Engineering, C1

journal article

Facemask Global Challenges: The Case of Effective Synthesis, Utilization, and Environmental Sustainability

K Shirvanimoghaddam, B Czech, R Yadav, C Gokce, L Fusco, L Delogu, A Yilmazer, G Brodie, A Al-Othman, A Al-Tamimi, J Grout, M Naebe

(2022), Vol. 14, pp. 1-29, Sustainability, Basel, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Covalent treatment of carbon fibre with functionalized MoS2 nanosheets using thiol-ene click chemistry: The improvement of interface in multiscale epoxy composites

M Ahmadi, O Zabihi, R Yadav, M Ghandehari Ferdowsi, M Naebe

(2022), Vol. 236, pp. 1-14, Composites Part B: Engineering, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Mollusk-Inspired 3D Printing of Polycarbonate via Fused Deposition Modelling

Rajendra Goud, Ramdayal Yadav, Xungai Wang, Minoo Naebe, Balasubramanian Kandasubramanian

(2021), pp. 1493-1504, Handbook of Polymer and Ceramic Nanotechnology, Cham, Switzerland, B1

book chapter

Aramid Polycarbonate Resin Film Engineered Composite for Ballistic Protection: Engineered Layered Materials

Ramdayal Yadav, Minoo Naebe, Xungai Wang, Balasubramanian Kandasubramanian

(2021), pp. 49-66, Recent advances in layered materials and structures, Singapore, B1-1

book chapter

The reinforcing role of 2D graphene analogue MoS₂ nanosheets in multiscale carbon fibre composites: Improvement of interfacial adhesion

M Ahmadi, O Zabihi, R Yadav, M Ghandehari Ferdowsi, M Naebe

(2021), Vol. 207, pp. 1-12, Composites Science and Technology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Needleless electrospun phytochemicals encapsulated nanofibre based 3-ply biodegradable mask for combating COVID-19 pandemic

N Patil, P Gore, N Jaya Prakash, P Govindaraj, R Yadav, V Verma, D Shanmugarajan, S Patil, A Kore, B Kandasubramanian

(2021), Vol. 416, Chemical Engineering Journal, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Fight against COVID-19: The case of antiviral surfaces

K Shirvanimoghaddam, M Akbari, R Yadav, A Al-Tamimi, M Naebe

(2021), Vol. 9, APL Materials, United States, C1

journal article

Novel Phosphorous-Based Deep Eutectic Solvents for the Production of Recyclable Macadamia Nutshell-Polymer Biocomposites with Improved Mechanical and Fire Safety Performances

O Zabihi, M Ahmadi, R Yadav, R Mahmoodi, E Naderi Kalali, S Nikafshar, M Ghandehari Ferdowsi, D Wang, M Naebe

(2021), Vol. 9, pp. 4463-4476, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, C1

journal article

Balancing the toughness and strength in polypropylene composites

K Shirvanimoghaddam, K Balaji, R Yadav, O Zabihi, M Ahmadi, P Adetunji, M Naebe

(2021), Vol. 223, Composites Part B: Engineering, C1

journal article

Sustainable synthesis of rose flower-like magnetic biochar from tea waste for environmental applications

K Shirvanimoghaddam, B Czech, K Tyszczuk-Rotko, M Kończak, S Fakhrhoseini, R Yadav, M Naebe

(2021), Vol. 34, pp. 13-27, Journal of Advanced Research, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Organophosphorus-Functionalized Zirconium-Based Metal-Organic Framework Nanostructures for Improved Mechanical and Flame Retardant Polymer Nanocomposites

V Unnikrishnan, O Zabihi, Q Li, M Ahmadi, R Yadav, E Kalali, K Tanwar, A Kiziltas, P Blanchard, D Wang, M Naebe

(2021), Vol. 4, pp. 13027-13040, ACS Applied Nano Materials, Washington, D.C., C1

journal article

Polymer composite for antistatic application in aerospace

R Yadav, M Tirumali, X Wang, M Naebe, B Kandasubramanian

(2020), Vol. 16, pp. 107-118, Defence Technology, C1

journal article

Thermomechanical characteristics of h-BN- and POSS-based bisphenol A polycarbonate nanocomposites

R Yadav, M Naebe, X Wang, B Kandasubramanian

(2019), Vol. 58, pp. 1742-1756, Polymer-Plastics Technology and Materials, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Biomimicking of Hierarchal Molluscan Shell Structure Via Layer by Layer 3D Printing

R Yadav, R Goud, A Dutta, X Wang, M Naebe, B Kandasubramanian

(2018), Vol. 57, pp. 10832-10840, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, C1

journal article

Quantitative Evolution of Wetting Phenomena for Super Hydrophobic Surfaces

Sandhya Padhi, Suresh Gosavi, Ramdayal Yadav, Balasubramanian Kandasubramanian

(2018), Vol. 7, pp. 305-315, Materials Focus, Valencia, Calif., C1-1

journal article

Graphene and Graphene Oxide for Fuel Cell Technology

Ramdayal Yadav, Akshay Subhash, Nikhil Chemmenchery, Balasubramanian Kandasubramanian

(2018), Vol. 57, pp. 9333-9350, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, Washington, DC, C1-1

journal article

Structural and Thermal Stability of Polycarbonate Decorated Fumed Silica Nanocomposite via Thermomechanical Analysis and In-situ Temperature Assisted SAXS

R Yadav, M Naebe, X Wang, B Kandasubramanian

(2017), Vol. 7, Scientific Reports, England, C1

journal article

Bioabsorbable engineered nanobiomaterials for antibacterial therapy

Ramdayal Yadav, Kandasubramanian Balasubramanian

(2016), pp. 77-117, Engineering of Nanobiomaterials, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, B1-1

book chapter

Temperature Assisted in-Situ Small Angle X-ray Scattering Analysis of Ph-POSS/PC Polymer Nanocomposite

R Yadav, M Naebe, X Wang, B Kandasubramanian

(2016), Vol. 6, Scientific Reports, England, C1

journal article

Body armour materials: from steel to contemporary biomimetic systems

R Yadav, M Naebe, X Wang, B Kandasubramanian

(2016), Vol. 6, pp. 115145-115174, RSC Advances, C1

journal article

Encapsulation of gold nanoparticles with PHB based on coffee ring effect

R Yadav, K Balasubramanian, X Wang

(2015), Vol. 5, pp. 18501-18505, RSC advances, Cambridge, Eng., C1

journal article

Metallization of electrospun PAN nanofibers via electroless gold plating

R Yadav, K Balasubramanian

(2015), Vol. 5, pp. 24990-24996, RSC Advances, C1-1

journal article

Antibacterial nanofibers of polyoxymethylene/gold for pro-hygiene applications

K Balasubramanian, R Yadav, P Prajith

(2015), Vol. 19, pp. 363-367, International Journal of Plastics Technology, C1-1

journal article

Polyacrylonitrile/Syzygium aromaticum hierarchical hydrophilic nanocomposite as a carrier for antibacterial drug delivery systems

R Yadav, K Balasubramanian

(2015), Vol. 5, pp. 3291-3298, RSC Advances, C1-1

journal article

Antibacterial application of polyvinylalcohol-nanogold composite membranes

Ramdayal, K Balasubramanian


journal article

Egg albumin PVA hybrid membranes for antibacterial application

R Yadav, B Kandasubramanian

(2013), Vol. 110, pp. 130-133, Materials Letters, C1-1

journal article

Advancement in Textile Technology for Defence Application

Ramdayal, K Balasubramanian

(2013), Vol. 63, pp. 331-339, DEFENCE SCIENCE JOURNAL, C1-1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Industry and Other Funding

A Circular Economy Approach for Development of low-Cost Carbon Fibre

Prof Minoo Naebe, Dr Ram Yadav

CASS Grant - Research - The CASS Foundation Limited

  • 2022: $60,000

Carbon Fibre from Alberta Oilsands Aspahltene (AOA) - Phase 2

Prof Minoo Naebe, Dr Ram Yadav

Alberta Innovates

  • 2023: $192,637
  • 2022: $146,481
  • 2021: $220,542


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