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Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


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New approach to probing localised corrosion processes over wide length and time scales using integrated multi-scale electrode arrays

R Parvizi, A Hughes, M Tan

(2021), Vol. 181, Corrosion Science, C1

journal article

Combined electrochemical and surface analytical techniques for probing complex multi-scale localized corrosion of metals and alloys: an overview

Yongjun Tan, Reza Parvizi, Majid Laleh, F Varela, Ying Huo, A Hughes

(2020), pp. 1-8, PRiME 2020 : Proceedings of the Pacific Rim Meeting on Electrochemical and Solid State Science, Online, E1


Recent insights into corrosion initiation at the nanoscale

R Parvizi, Y Tan, A Hughes

(2018), pp. 525-551, Fundamentals of aluminium metallurgy: recent advances, Duxford, Eng., B1

book chapter

Role of microstructure in corrosion initiation of a highly-deformed AA2024 wire

R Parvizi, A Hughes, A Glenn, P Cizek, M Tan, M Forsyth

(2018), Vol. 144, pp. 184-197, Corrosion science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Probing corrosion initiation at interfacial nanostructures of AA2024-T3

R Parvizi, A Hughes, M Tan, R Marceau, M Forsyth, P Cizek, A Glenn

(2017), Vol. 116, pp. 98-109, Corrosion science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

A review on the passivation ability of nanostructured steel surfaces created by nanocrystallization treatment

M Laleh, Y Tan, A Hughes, R Parvizi

(2017), pp. 1-9, Corrosion & Prevention 2017 : Proceedings of the Australasian Corrosion Association, Sydney, N.S.W., E1


Electrochemical and quantum chemical assessment of two organic compounds from pyridine derivatives as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in HCl solution under stagnant condition and hydrodynamic flow

Ali Kosari, Mohammad Moayed, A Davoodi, R Parvizi, M Momeni, H Eshghi, H Moradi

(2015), Vol. 78, pp. 138-150, Corrosion science, Oxford, England, C1-1

journal article

Microstructure and corrosion of AA2024

A Hughes, A Hughes, R Parvizi, R Parvizi, M Forsyth, M Forsyth

(2015), Vol. 33, pp. 1-30, Corrosion reviews, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

Beeswax-colophony blend: a novel green organic coating for protection of steel drinking water storage tanks

S Abdikheibari, S Abdikheibari, R Parvizi, R Parvizi, M Moayed, M Moayed, S Zebarjad, S Zebarjad, S Sajjadi, S Sajjadi

(2015), Vol. 5, pp. 1645-1664, Metals, Basel, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Establishing a correlation between interfacial microstructures and corrosion initiation sites in Al/Cu joints by SEM-EDS and AFM-SKPFM

M Sarvghad-Moghaddam, M Sarvghad-Moghaddam, R Parvizi, R Parvizi, A Davoodi, A Davoodi, M Haddad-Sabzevar, M Haddad-Sabzevar, A Imani, A Imani

(2014), Vol. 79, pp. 148-158, Corrosion science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Atom probe tomography study of the nanoscale heterostructure around an Al20Mn3Cu2 dispersoid in aluminum alloy 2024

R Parvizi, R Parvizi, R Marceau, R Marceau, A Hughes, A Hughes, M Tan, M Tan, M Forsyth, M Forsyth

(2014), Vol. 30, pp. 14817-14823, Langmuir, Washington, D.C., C1

journal article

Corrosion evaluation of multi-pass welded nickel-aluminum bronze alloy in 3.5% sodium chloride solution : A restorative application of gas tungsten arc welding process

B Sabbaghzadeh, R Parvizi, A Davoodi, M Moayed

(2014), Vol. 58, pp. 346-356, Materials & Design, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1-1

journal article

An insight into the influence of morphological and compositional heterogeneity of an individual intermetallic particle on aluminium alloy corrosion initiation

A Davoodi, A Davoodi, J Pan, J Pan, C Leygraf, C Leygraf, R Parvizi, R Parvizi, S Norgren, S Norgren

(2013), Vol. 64, pp. 195-198, Materials and corrosion, Weinheim, Germany, C1-1

journal article

Hydrometallurgical extraction of vanadium from mechanically milled oil-fired fly ash: analytical process optimization by using taguchi design method

R Parvizi, J Khaki, M Moayed, M Ardani

(2012), Vol. 43, pp. 1269-1276, Metallurgical and materials transactions b, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1-1

journal article

Influence of heat treatment on microstructure and passivity of Cu-30Zn-1Sn alloy in buffer solution containing chloride ions

U Tabrizi, R Parvizi, A Davoodi, M Moayed

(2012), Vol. 35, pp. 89-97, Bulletin of Materials Science, Berlin, Germany, C1-1

journal article

Theoretical and electrochemical assessment of inhibitive behavior of some thiophenol derivatives on mild steel in HCl

A Kosari, M Momeni, R Parvizi, M Zakeri, M Moayed, A Davoodi, H Eshghi

(2011), Vol. 53, pp. 3058-3067, Corrosion science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1-1

journal article

Microstructural and mechanical properties of friction stir welded Cu-30Zn brass alloy at various feed speeds: influence of stir bands

M Moghaddam, R Parvizi, M Haddad-Sabzevar, A Davoodi

(2011), Vol. 32, pp. 2749-2755, Materials and design, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1-1

journal article

Minuscule device for hydrogen generation/electrical energy collection system on aluminum alloy surface

A Davoodi, J Pan, C Leygraf, R Parvizi

(2011), Vol. 36, pp. 2855-2859, International journal of hydrogen energy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1-1

journal article

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