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Dr Rochelle Wynne



Honorary Associate Professor


Faculty of Health


School of Nursing & Midwifery


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Graduate Certificate of Science (Applied Statistics), Swinburne Univ. of Technology, 2012
Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2010

+61 3 522 73228


Since becoming a Registered Nurse Rochelle has been an active clinical researcher in cardiothoracic patient care. With a focus on exploring patients' recovery trajectory, Rochelle's research to date has investigated the ways in which point of care nursing practice impacts on patient safety, quality of care and the patient experience. A quantitative researchers, Rochelle has expertise in logistic and multivariate regression, repeated measures, risk prediction modelling and propensity analyses. Rochelle has a keen interest in reducing unnecessary variation in patient recovery by investigating modifiable risk factors that prevent wellness, improving patient participation in care and testing interventions to optimise patient outcome. In addition to supervising higher degree and Honours students, to date Rochelle has had the priviledge of constant clinical engagement during her career which has enabled her to mentor numerous clinicians from a variety of disciplines in understanding, generating and translating evidence into practice. She is passionate about mentoring the next generation of clinical nursing researchers.

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Research interests

The key theme in Rochelle's program of research is patient recovery trajectory. Investigating the recovery trajectory generates evidence to benchmark nursing practice and to identify points of variation in care. While many patients recover according to an expected trajectory, for some there are minor or major deviations in recovery. Rochelle has a keen interest in reducing unnecessary variation in patient recovery with a view to developing and testing interventions to optimise patient outcome. The aims of her program of research are to identify risk factors that influence recovery trajectory, to explore factors associated with variability in expected recovery pathways and to explore pre-emptive strategies to reduce variation in care.

Rochelle has been an active clinical researcher in cardiothoracic patient care for over 2 decades with a particular interest in practice patterns in acute and critical care. Her work is primarily focused on the immediate postoperative management of cardiac surgical and lung cancer candidates and particular areas of interest include pulmonary dysfunction, pain, haemodynamic monitoring and thoracostomy tube management. Current and future research projects will investigate ways in which nursing practice is influenced by system, process or patient problems in terms of impact on patient safety, quality of care and the patient experience during their recovery trajectory. A quantitative researcher, Rochelle has expertise in logistic and multivariate regression, repeated measures, risk prediction modelling and propensity analyses.


Deakin University School of Nursing & Midwifery, Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research.

SPHERE: Member of Cardiac & Vascular Health Clinical Academic Group and Implementation Science Nursing & Midwifery Academy.

Sydney Health Partners: Member of Implementation Science Stream and Cardiovascular Stream.

Affiliate Member: ANZSCTS, Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain & Ireland, CSANZ.

Core Member WSU Translational Health research Institute (THRI).

Member of Australian Cardiovascular Aliiance, NSW Cardiovascular Research Network, European Society of Cardiology Assocaition of Cardiovascular Nursing & Allied Professionals (ACNAP), ACCCN and ACN.

Teaching interests

Supervision of Honours, Masters and Doctor of Philosophy students.

Rochelle's teaching expertise is focused on appraisal, understanding and use of evidence.

Knowledge areas

Rochelle has extensive experience in investigating quality and safety in clinical patient care, with a specific focus on cardiothoracic and acute care delivery as well as patient recovery trajectories.

Rochelle's teaching expertise is focused on appraisal, understanding and implementation of evidence for practice.

Rochelle has expertise in mixed methods with strenths in quantitative methodologies, particularly logisitic and multivariate regression, repeated measures analyses and propensity analysis.

Professional activities

Clinical Representative ANZSCTS National Database Steering Committee & Quality Audit Committee.

CSANZ Cardiovascular Nursing Council Executive Member.

Nursing Convenor for the 27th Annual Congress of the Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons of Asia, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 16th-19th November, 2017.


Current Projects

Wynne R, Ferguson C, Dickson C, Le A, Campbell T, Everett B. Impact of an mHealth self-help intervention on readmission rates after adult cardiac surgery: a double blind pilot randomised controlled trial.

Wynne R, McTier L, Kerr D, Seevanagaham S, Skillington P, Tatoulis J, Driscoll A. 30-day readmission after adult cardiac surgery: a multisite prospective Australian study.

Wynne R, McTier L, Kerr D, Driscoll A. 30-day readmission after adult cardiac surgery: a retrospective national database study.

O'Flynn A, Lee D, Amarasekera A, Wynne R. Delirium detection in the community using the $AT: a feasibility study.

MacDonald A, Bishay R, Holdaway S, Driscoll S, Cisack C, Yap J, Tjung J, Ahlenstiel G, WynneR. The effect of grop versus indiviudal education on diabetes control in obese adults.

Vasquez D, dadich A, Egerton A, Napier F, Wynne R. Death in the acute care context: a retrosepctive review of eligibility criteria for end of life care.

Tilley D, Lewis D, Goulding L, Wynne R. Improving sexual health in marginalised and vulnerable patients: the role of the Nurse Practitioner in a primary health care service.

Dixon E, Murphy M, Varshney K, Wynne R. Care for the caregiver: staff well-being in the Emergency Department.

Matthews S, O'Neil A, Wynne R. The effect of sex on morbidity and mortality outcomes after adult cardiac surgery.

Fitzgerald S, McTier L, Wynne R. Inter-rater reliability of descriptors for classification of mucosal pressure injuries: a multisite prospective cross-sectional survey.

Jackson M, Brooks L, Wynne R, McTier L. Does gaming improve undergraduate nursing students engagement compared to traditional instruction?

Shaikh F, Ferguson C, Salamonsen Y, Wynne R, Inglis S. Pharmacological considerations for obese indivudals with atrial fibrillation.

Connore A, Elliot K, Wynne R. Bioscience and speciality nursing: a multi-method analysis of the implications of eLearning on practice knowledge.

McGrath M, McTier L, Wynne R, Duke M. Exploring the intersection between undergraduate nursing students transition to practice and work readiness.


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