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Dr Rojan Afrouz



Lecturer, Social Work


Faculty of Health


School of Health & Social Dev


Geelong Waterfront Campus

+61 3 524 79612


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Online education in social work, effectiveness, benefits, and challenges: a scoping review

Rojan Afrouz, Beth Crisp

(2021), Vol. 74, pp. 55-67, Australian social work, Abingdon, Eng., C1

journal article

Experiences of domestic violence among newly arrived Afghan women in Australia, a qualitative study

Rojan Afrouz, Beth Crisp, Ann Taket

(2021), Vol. 51, pp. 445-464, The British journal of social work, Oxford, Eng., C1

journal article

Understandings and Perceptions of Domestic Violence Among Newly Arrived Afghan Women in Australia

R Afrouz, B Crisp, A Taket

(2021), Vol. 27, pp. 2511-2529, Violence Against Women, United States, C1

journal article

Approaching uncertainty in social work education, a lesson from COVID-19 pandemic

R Afrouz

(2021), Vol. 20, pp. 561-567, Qualitative social work, London, Eng., C1

journal article

The Nature, Patterns and Consequences of Technology-Facilitated Domestic Abuse: A Scoping Review

R Afrouz

(2021), pp. 1-15, Trauma, Violence, and Abuse, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Exploring Rural and Regional Social Workers' Perceptions and Practices of Technology-Facilitated Domestic Abuse

S Williams, R Afrouz, S Vassos

(2021), pp. 1-14, Australian Social Work, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Afghan Women's Barriers to Seeking Help for Domestic Violence in Australia

R Afrouz, B Crisp, A Taket

(2021), pp. 1-14, Australian Social Work, C1

journal article

Seeking Help in Domestic Violence Among Muslim Women in Muslim-Majority and Non-Muslim-Majority Countries: A Literature Review

R Afrouz, B Crisp, A Taket

(2020), Vol. 21, pp. 551-566, Trauma, Violence, and Abuse, C1

journal article

Religious literacy for responding to violence and abuse involves the capacity to go beyond stereotypes

B Crisp, S Epstein, R Afrouz, A Taket

(2018), Vol. 11, pp. 100-108, International journal of human rights in healthcare, Bingley, Eng., C1

journal article

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