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Dr Rose Butler



DECRA Senior Research Fellow


Faculty of Arts and Education


Alfred Deakin Institute


Melbourne Burwood Campus


I am a sociologist and Senior Research Fellow. My research focuses on how young people and families negotiate broad-scale economic and social change within their personal and social relationships, particularly in relation to class, identity, intimacy and emotion.

My doctoral research, based on sustained ethnographic research with children and parents in two school communities, examined the moral and cultural resources on which children draw to make sense of economic insecurity in everyday social life. It spoke to implications of increasing economic inequality for young people’s relationships, and the social labour required by children from diverse class and ethnic backgrounds to belong in contemporary rural Australia.

Building on this work, I’m currently examining young people’s mobilities, relationships and place-making in north-west Victoria as part of an ARC DECRA. This research investigates how young people from diverse ‘local’, migrant and humanitarian refugee backgrounds negotiate difference and belonging in a rapidly transforming rural town.

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Research interests

Youth and childhood; family; inequality; class and intimacy; migration, mobilities and globalisation; schooling and social change; critical rural studies.

Teaching interests


Professional activities

Co-convenor: Mobilities, Diversity and Multiculturalism Stream, Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation

Member: The Australian Sociological Association (Youth; Migration, Ethnicity & Multiculturalism; and Rural Issues Thematic Groups)

Member: Consortium for Youth, Generations & Culture (

Member: American Sociological Association


Chief Investigator: 'Young People's Rural Multicultures: Strengthening Intercultural Relationships among Australia’s Rural Youth'. Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA), Australian Research Council, 2019-2021.

Chief Investigator: 'Widening Participation and Outreach for Students from Regional and Remote, Low-SES, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Backgrounds'. The University of Sydney & UNSW, 2017.

Chief Investigator: 'The Ryde and Northern Beaches Projects Evaluation'. Department of Social Services, Mission Australia, The Burdekin Association & UNSW, 2016.


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Strengthening Intercultural Relationships among Australia's Rural Youth

Dr Rose Butler

ARC DECRA - Discovery Early Career Researcher Award

  • 2020: $28,514
  • 2019: $145,388


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