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Dr Russell Kennedy



Senior Lecturer In Screen and Design


Faculty of Arts and Education


School of Comm & Creative Arts


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Swinburne Univ. of Technology, 2015
GCHE Exempt, Deakin University, 2014



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RBGV Insights : Informing a comprehensive brief

Tonya Meyrick, Russell Kennedy

(2021), Vol. 1, pp. 1-69, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria - Insights Document 5.11.21 - v1, Melbourne, Vic., A6

research report/technical paper

Designing with Indigenous knowledge: a journey to develop policy and protocols for respectful cross-cultural representation in design education and practice

Russell Kennedy

(2020), Vol. 17, pp. 147-156, Education, design and practice : Understanding skills in a complex world, New Jersey / New York, N.Y., E1


International Indigenous Design Charter : Protocols for sharing Indigenous knowledge in professional design practice

Russell Kennedy, Meghan Kelly, Brian Martin, Jefa Greenaway

(2018), Geelong, Vic., JO3

Non-Traditional Research Output

Madrid Gráfica 17: Mandela poster project exhibition

R Kennedy

(2017), Madrid, Spain, J2

Non-Traditional Research Output

Recognizing appropriate representation of Indigenous knowledge in professional design practice

M Kelly, R Kennedy

(2016), Vol. 50, pp. 153-173, Visible language, Cincinnati, Ohio, C1

journal article

Kardinia Park Stadium Trust- Brandmark

T Murphy, R Kennedy, M Kelly

(2016), Geelong, Vic., J1

Non-Traditional Research Output

Australian Indigenous Design Charter: Communication Design. Protocols for sharing Indigenous knowledge in communication design practice

R Kennedy, M Kelly

(2015), pp. 1-22,, [Melbourne, Vic.], A6

research report/technical paper


R Kennedy

(2015), National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, Seoul, Korea, JO1-1

Non-Traditional Research Output


R Kennedy

(2014), Seoul, Korea, J1

Non-Traditional Research Output

Process black

R Kennedy

(2014), Melbourne, Vic., J2

Non-Traditional Research Output

Mandela Poster Project Exhibition

R Kennedy

(2013), Melbourne, Victoria, J2-1

Non-Traditional Research Output

Appropriate or appropriate? Strategic considerations when representing indigenous culture in communication design and branding

R Kennedy

(2012), pp. 178-197, AGideas research : design for business, Melbourne, Vic., B1-1

book chapter

A way to communicate: A new signage system for the Mah Meri Indigenous community

N Ibrahim, J Butler, R Kennedy

(2011), Vol. 5, pp. 579-598, Design principles and practices : an international journal, Champaign, Il.., C1-1

journal article


G Bawden, B Haylock, S Jones, R Kennedy

(2011), Melbourne, Victoria, J1-1

Non-Traditional Research Output

Sharing questions and initiatives, the professional organizations' point of view

R Grefe, C Guellerin, T Van Kerm, F Petren, R Kennedy

(2010), Designer: careers and professionalization, Brussels, Belgium, B1-1

book chapter

Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Protocols for Indigenous-led creative practice

Dr Brian Martin, A/Prof Meghan Kelly, Dr Russell Kennedy, Mr Jefa Greenaway

ARC Discovery Indigenous

  • 2022: $32,479

Other Public Sector Funding

ACDGP051 - Developing the International Indigenous Design Charter: International Forum

A/Prof Meghan Kelly, Dr Russell Kennedy, Prof Brian Martin

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade DFAT

  • 2016: $30,000

City of Bendigo UNESCO Creative Cities Network Research Project.

Dr Russell Kennedy

City of Greater Bendigo

  • 2019: $4,000
  • 2018: $1,000

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria - Wayfinding and Signage Strategy Project.

Dr Tonya Meyrick, Dr Russell Kennedy

Royal Botanic Gardens VIctoria

  • 2021: $25,000

Passing Electrical Storms

Prof Stefan Greuter, Mr Simeon Taylor, Dr Russell Kennedy, Dr Tonya Meyrick

National Gallery of Victoria

  • 2022: $65,000

Industry and Other Funding

Kardinia Park Stadium Trust - Visual Identity Research Project

Dr Russell Kennedy, A/Prof Meghan Kelly

Kardinia Park Stadium Trust

  • 2016: $25,000

Other Funding Sources


A/Prof Meghan Kelly, Dr Russell Kennedy

The Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools (ACUADS)

  • 2017: $3,000


Associate Supervisor

Jessica Byrne

Thesis entitled: Yarning in Motion: Relationally responsive processes in filmmaking practice

Doctor of Philosophy, NIKERI Institute