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How Do People With Intellectual Disability Engage With and Understand Gambling? A Qualitative Study of Adults in Victoria, Australia

Hannah Pitt, Samantha Thomas, Joanne Watson, Russell Shuttleworth, Kevin Murfitt, Susan Balandin

(2021), Vol. 8, pp. 1-10, Frontiers in Public Health, Lausanne, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Boy interrupted - biographical disruption during the transition to adulthood

Nikki Wedgwood, Louisa Smith, Tereza Hendl, Russell Shuttleworth

(2020), Vol. 42, pp. 20-34, Sociology of health & illness, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Weighing up the risks and benefits of community gambling venues as recreational spaces for people with lifelong disability

H Pitt, S Thomas, J Watson, R Shuttleworth, K Murfitt, S Balandin

(2020), Vol. 20, pp. 1-9, BMC public health, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Erognomic education on housework for women with upper limb repetitive strain injury (RSI): a conceptual representation of therapists' clinical reasoning

T Cheung, L Clemson, K O' Loughlin, R Shuttleworth

(2018), Vol. 40, pp. 3136-3146, Disability and rehabilitation, Abingdon, Eng., C1

journal article

Youth and masculinity in rural and regional Australia: beer, 4WDs and home

L Smith, N Wedgwood, R Shuttleworth, G Llewellyn

(2017), pp. 127-140, Disability and rurality: identity, gender and belonging, London, Eng., B1

book chapter

Accommodating critical disability studies in bioarchaeology

R Shuttleworth, H Meekosha

(2017), pp. 19-38, Bioarchaeology of impairment and disability: theoretical, ethnohistorical, and methodological perspectives, Cham, Switzerland, B1

book chapter

Understanding decision-making towards housework among women with upper limb repetitive strain injury

T Cheung, L Clemson, K O'Loughlin, R Shuttleworth

(2016), Vol. 63, pp. 37-46, Australian occupational therapy journal, Richmond, Vic., C1

journal article

Sport in the lives of young people with intellectual disabilities: Negotiating disability, identity and belonging

L Smith, N Wedgwood, G Llewellyn, R Shuttleworth

(2015), Vol. 3, pp. 61-70, Journal of sport for development, Cambridge, Mass., C1

journal article

Conceptualising disabled sexual subjectivity

R Shuttleworth

(2014), Vol. 15, pp. 77-90, The Politics of Recognition and Social Justice : Transforming Subjectivities and New Forms of Resistance, New York, NY, B1

book chapter

From diminished men to conditionally masculine: Sexuality and Australian men and adolescent boys with intellectual disability

N Wilson, T Parmenter, R Stancliffe, R Shuttleworth

(2013), Vol. 15, pp. 738-751, Culture, Health and Sexuality, C1

journal article

An eye opening experience: A critical turning point in the life of a young woman with a severe visual impairment

Nikki Wedgwood, Louisa Smith, Russell Shuttleworth, Gwynnyth Llewellyn

(2013), Vol. 4, pp. 5-23, JOURNAL OF SOCIAL INCLUSION, C1

journal article

Disability and Critical Sociology: Expanding the Boundaries of Critical Social Inquiry

H Meekosha, R Shuttleworth, K Soldatic

(2013), Vol. 39, pp. 319-323, Critical Sociology, C1

journal article

The Sociological Imaginary and Disability Enquiry in Late Modernity

R Shuttleworth, H Meekosha

(2013), Vol. 39, pp. 349-367, Critical Sociology, C1

journal article

Disability, doctors and sexuality: Do healthcare providers influence the sexual wellbeing of people living with a neuromuscular disorder?

S O'Dea, R Shuttleworth, N Wedgwood

(2012), Vol. 30, pp. 171-185, Sexuality and Disability, C1

journal article

The Dilemma of Disabled Masculinity

R Shuttleworth, N Wedgwood, N Wilson

(2012), Vol. 15, pp. 174-194, Men and Masculinities, C1-1

journal article

A literature review on vulvodynia and distress

K Bond, P Weerakoon, R Shuttleworth

(2012), Vol. 27, pp. 46-62, Sexual and Relationship Therapy, C1-1

journal article

Masculinity theory in applied research with men and boys with intellectual disability

N Wilson, R Shuttleworth, R Stancliffe, T Parmenter

(2012), Vol. 50, pp. 261-272, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, C1-1

journal article

Treatment seeking for vulvodynia and vaginismus: a systematic review

K Bond, E Mpofu, P Weerakoon, R Shuttleworth

(2012), Vol. 8, pp. 53-70, New voices in psychology, Pretoria, South Africa, C1-1

journal article

Gendered service delivery: A masculine and feminine perspective on staff gender

N Wilson, R Stancliffe, T Parmenter, R Shuttleworth

(2011), Vol. 49, pp. 341-351, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, C1-1

journal article

Conditionally sexual: Men and teenage boys with moderate to profound intellectual disability

N Wilson, T Parmenter, R Stancliffe, R Shuttleworth

(2011), Vol. 29, pp. 275-289, Sexuality and Disability, C1-1

journal article

What's so 'critical' about critical disability studies?

H Meekosha, R Shuttleworth

(2009), Vol. 15, pp. 47-75, Australian Journal of Human Rights, London, Eng., C1-1

journal article

The search for sexual intimacy for men with cerebral palsy

R Shuttleworth

(2000), Vol. 18, pp. 263-282, Sexuality and disability, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, C1-1

journal article

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Disability and ability: how young people with impairments make the transition to adulthood

Dr Nikki Wedgwood, Prof Gwynnyth Llewllyn, Dr Russell Shuttleworth

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