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A/Prof. Sally Totman Marshall



Associate Professor of Middle East Studies


Faculty of Arts and Education


SHSS Arts & Education


Melbourne Burwood Campus



Associate Professor Sally Totman Marshall joined Deakin in February 2007 having taught Middle East politics, International Relations, and Australian foreign policy at Macquarie University for over 9 years. She is an expert on the history, politics and international relations of the Middle East and North Africa.  She provides analysis on a wide range of issues relating to the region for various radio and television programs.

A/Prof. Totman Marshall is currently Chair of the Faculty of Arts and Education Academic Progress and Integrity Committee; Chair of the Student Conduct Committee, Faculty of Arts and Education;  Convenor of International Relations; and Convenor of Middle East Studies.

A/Prof. Totman Marshall has held various leadership roles at Deakin including: Deputy Head of School, Associate Head of School (Teaching Learning), and Associate Head of School (Academic Programs).

Professor Fethi Mansouri and Associate Professor Totman Marshall co-founded the Middle East Studies Forum in 2007.

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Middle East Studies Forum (co-founder)
Gulf/2000 Project, Columbia University
Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA)

Teaching interests

Middle East Studies: History, Politics and International Relations.

Units taught

Sally is Unit Chair for:
AIE153 - History of the Middle East (T1)
AIE154 - Understanding Middle East Politics (T2)

AAI018 - Academic Integrity (T1 T2 T3)

Sally co-teaches:
AIE255 - Critical Issues in Middle East Politics (T1)
AIE364 - The Arab-Israeli Conflict (T2)

AIE365 - Middle East Study Tour  (T3)

Middle East Major Sequence Information


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Funded Projects at Deakin

No Funded Projects at Deakin found


Associate Supervisor

Sayed Fadlullah Fadel

Thesis entitled: The Military and Egypt's Failed Democratisation: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Media Coverage

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences


Saleem F Gaithom Aljebori

Thesis entitled: The European Union's Foreign Policy towards Iraq during 2001-2009

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences