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Dr Samarth Vaidya



Senior Lecturer


Faculty of Business and Law


Deakin Business School


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, University of California, 2003
Master of Arts (Economics), University of California, 2002
Master of Arts, Delhi University, 1997
Bachelor of Science, University of Calcutta, 1996



Dr Samarth Vaidya is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics in Deakin Business School. Samarth has over 10 years of experience in teaching subjects involving microeconomic analysis.

His research fields are the political economy and public choice and do theoretical research on topics such as corruption, media and governance and persuasion and lobbying using applied game theory.

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Research interests

  • Applied Microeconomic Theory
  • Political Economy
  • Public Choice

Teaching interests

  • Microeconomic Analysis
  • Political Economics
  • Public Choice

Units taught

  • MAE201 - Competition and Industry
  • MAE403 - Advanced Issues in Economics


  • Joint projects on corruption, tax evasion and media slant with D. Banerjee
  • Joint projects on persuasion contests and lobbying with S. Skaperdas


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Why did pre-modern states adopt Big-God religions?

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journal article

Contested Political Persuasion

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book chapter

Anticorruption reforms, tax evasion, and the role of harassment

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journal article

Corruption via media capture : the effect of competition

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journal article

Difference-form persuasion contests

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journal article

Contest functions : theoretical foundations and issues in estimation

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journal article

Persuasion as a contest

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journal article

Influencing the public and efficiency in bureaucratic provision

S Vaidya

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The nature of corruption deterrence in a competitive media sector

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journal article

Corruption in the media's gaze

S Vaidya

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journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

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Associate Supervisor

Mohammad Shihab Khan

Thesis entitled: Electoral Behaviour in Bangladesh:1991-2008

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Economics