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Impacts of land cover on reptile movement and habitat use in farming landscapes

S Balouch, D Driscoll, A Naseer, M Rais, T Doherty

(2022), pp. 1-12, Animal Conservation, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Reptile responses to anthropogenic habitat modification: a global meta-analysis

Tim Doherty, Sara Balouch, Kristian Bell, Thomas Burns, Anat Feldman, Charles Fist, Timothy Garvey, Tim Jessop, Shai Meiri, Don Driscoll

(2020), Vol. 29, pp. 1265-1279, Global Ecology and Biogeography, London, Eng., C1

journal article

A critique of 'countryside biogeography' as a guide to research in human-dominated landscapes

Don Driscoll, Sara Balouch, Thomas Burns, Tim Garvey, Tricia Wevill, Kaori Yokochi, Tim Doherty

(2019), Vol. 46, pp. 2850-2859, Journal of biogeography, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Industry and Other Funding

Consequences of Keystone Plant Decline for Reptiles

Prof Don Driscoll, Ms Sara Balouch

ESA - Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment - 20 571 098 795

  • 2019: $2,500
  • 2017: $6,000

Impact of Agriculture Land Management on Reptile Assemblages

Prof Don Driscoll, Dr Tim Doherty, Ms Sara Balouch

Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation - RSG UK

  • 2018: $8,458

Impact of Agricultural Land Management on Reptile Assemblages in Chakwal, Pakistan

Prof Don Driscoll, Miss Sara Balouch, Dr Tim Doherty

NGS Grant - Research - National Geographic Society (US)

  • 2018: $10,089


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