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Dr Sarah Ohi



Senior Lecturer in Education (Language and Literacy Education)


Faculty of Arts and Education


School of Education


Doctor of Education, Monash University, 2007
Master of Educational Studies, Monash University, 1999

Career highlights

2022 Expert National Presenter (by invitation) for the Primary English Teaching Association's (PETAA) Leading with Literacy Conference: From Babble to Batavia and Beyond, Sydney, 2022. Delivery of 2 Early Years presentations for the Early Childhood Program:

  • The Early Years Framework; The Language of Play; a foundation for children’s literacy
  • Why aren’t you teaching my child to read? How to answer this inevitable question

2022 Expert Consultant for Pasifika Education by invitation from Swinburne University. Provided consultation on a scoping review on the Educational Successes and Challenges of Pacific Learners in Australia 2010-2021

2021 - 2022 Region Mentor for pre-service teachers on placement in 10 schools, The Melbourne Teaching Academy, Deakin University

2018 - 2020 State Conference Presenter for Victorian Primary and Secondary school teachers at the Graduate Teacher Conferences: Design, Implementation and Evaluation Department of Education and Training (DET), Victoria.

2017 - 2021 Coordinator/Leader of The Language, Literacies & Learning,Teaching and Research Group, School of Education, Deakin University.

2019 The Imaginarium Community of Practice, Deakin University. Investigating pedagogies for use in the 360-degree interactive learning in the Nyaal Precinct.

2015 Key Note Speaker for The 3rd International Conference of Early Chidlhood Education (IECE), Early Childhood Education Holistic and Integrative. By invitation from Padang Universitas, Padang, Indonesia.Keynote Speech titled, Communication keys: understanding the importance of the early childhood teacher's role in children's language and literacy development within a holistic, integrative approach to child development.

Research interests

Teacher Education

Language and Literacy Development in the Early Years

Digital literacies

Cloud Learning & Teaching in Higher Education

Pasifika Education

Critical Discourse Analysis


Supervision of domestic and international student research projects.

Recent topics include:

  • The complexities of language in education policies in the Pacific: The Kiribati context
  • A focus on literacy development in primary schools in Solomon Islands: Engaging parents to support children’s English reading development
  • Parents’ perceptions of touch-screen device use to foster pre-schoolers’ emergent literacy development
  • Levelled Text Series and the Perpetuation of Majoritarian Narratives
  • The role of play in teaching English as a foreign language in early childhood settings in Indonesia
  • Spelling in the early years: Linguistically based approaches
  • Play, children’s rights and the pandemic: a systematic literature review on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on children’s access to play and the implications for long-term wellbeing
  • Assessment for Children with English as a Second Language (ESL) in Early Childhood Education
  • Are Video Modelling techniques adaptable to the adults undertaking the teaching of communication? A Self-Study
  • What does digital literacy mean in Australian higher education institutions? A case study of four Australian universities
  • Investigating the representation of problems in the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2022
  • An in-depth analysis of three Aviation English textbooks

Units taught

Unit Chair, Lecturer, Curriculum & Assessment Developer, Cloud Instructional Designer

  • ECE703 Master of Teaching, Early Childhood Language, Literacy and Mathematics 
  • ECE230 Bachelor Early Childhood Education,Language and Literacy Development in the Early Years

Knowledge areas

Teacher Education & Professional Learning

Literacy Education

Early language and literacy development (early childhood and primary school)

Pasifika Education

Discourse Analysis

Professional activities

2014 - 2023 Human Ethics Advisor, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University 

2020 - 2023 Annual Presenter at the Bachelor of Early Childhood Cloud Conference, Deakin University

2019 - 2020 Co-opted Member of the Faculty Board, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University


2022 - Industry and Community Engagement Award, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University. For Engagement and Partnership Excellence, The Bach. Early Childhood Education Teaching Team.

2017 - School of Education Teaching Award, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University. For Sustained Excellence in Teaching from 2015-2017.

2013 - Vice Chancellor’s Award For Outstanding Contribution to Partnerships, Deakin University. BECE-DAYD Project Team.

2010 - The Dean's Teaching Award (Prof.Jennifer Radbourne), Faculty of Arts & Education, Deakin University. For Excellence in Teaching; First Year Teaching.

2010 - Best Abstract Award, Deakin Teaching and Learning Conference, Deakin University.


Graduate Teacher Conferences: Design, Implementation and Evaluation Department of Education and Training (DET), Victoria. 

Pre-Service Teachers Theory-Praxis Nexus: Perspectives on Early Years Literacy Education. Cross- University Research partnership with Swinburne University of Technology - Dr. Maryanne Pale.


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Investigating English for aviation: An in-depth analysis of aviation English textbooks - Review

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journal article

Investigating the representation of Foundation to Grade 2 students in a Victorian Government Policy on student voice in Australia: a curriculum perspective

Bonita Gardiner, Sarah Ohi

(2023), pp. 1-10, Curriculum Perspectives, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

Towards Pre-service Teachers' Theory-Praxis Nexus in Early Years English and Literacy Education: A Pilot Study

Maryanne Pale, Sarah Ohi, Lyn Kee

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What do they do digitally? Identifying the home digital literacy practices of young children in Turkey

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journal article

Examining the paradoxes children experience in language and literacy learning

G Auld, J O’Mara, A Cloonan, T Delphine, A Eyers, M Nicholas, S Ohi, L Paatsch, L Pangrazio, J Quick

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journal article

Preparing I-Kiribati for the future: probing the English language research-policy nexus in Kiribati education in the South Pacific

S Ohi, P Ingram

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Interrogating the promise of a whole-school approach to intercultural education: An Australian investigation

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Understanding young children's attitudes towards reading in relation to their digital literacy activities at home

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An analysis of the use of autobiographical narrative for teachers' intercultural learning

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Building a model of support for preschool children with speech and language disorders

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Doing diversity: intercultural understanding in primary and secondary schools

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research report/technical paper

Supporting intercultural engagement in literacy education

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book chapter

A day in the life of an early childhood teacher: identifying the confronting issues and challenges that arise

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journal article

Literacy in early childhood and primary education : issues, challenges and solutions

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The literacy and numeracy strategy literature review

A Kostogriz, C Vale, G Auld, D Blake, L Bragg, S Ohi, T Ollis, J O'Mara, L Paatsch, G Williams

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research report/technical paper

Investigating Ways of Enhancing Online Research

S Ohi

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The teacher's role in the research-policy-praxis nexus

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An evaluation of the early years literacy program

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research report/technical paper

Teacher's professional knowledge and the teaching of reading in the early years

S Ohi

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journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Pilot statewide professional mentoring program for early childhood teachers

A/Prof Anne-Marie Morrissey, Dr Sarah Ohi, Ms Louise Laskey, A/Prof Liz Rouse, Prof Andrea Nolan

DEECD Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria University Linkage Coll grant

  • 2015: $188,450
  • 2013: $64,200
  • 2011: $64,200

Literacy and Numeracy Strategy - Literature Review

A/Prof Colleen Vale, Prof Damian Blake, A/Prof Glenn Auld, Dr Leicha Bragg, Prof Louise Paatsch, A/Prof Trace Ollis, Prof Joanne O'Mara, Dr Sarah Ohi, Dr Gaye Williams

DEECD Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

  • 2013: $54,420

Learner Improvement in Reading in Tasmanian Government Schools.

A/Prof Glenn Auld, Prof Julianne Moss, Prof Louise Paatsch, Prof Joanne O'Mara, Dr Maria Nicholas, Dr Sarah Ohi

Department for Education, Children & Young People (Tasmania)

  • 2023: $605,126


Associate Supervisor

Dewi Mulia

Thesis entitled: The role of play in teaching English as a foreign language in early childhood settings in Indonesia

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education

Kathy Swinkels

Thesis entitled: Mathematically-rich Interactions in Early Childhood Centres

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education