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A brief clinician training program to manage sleep problems in ADHD: what works and what do clinicians and parents think?

E Sciberras, M Mulraney, N Hayes, N Rinehart, T Schuster, S Mudiyanselage, H Hiscock

(2022), Vol. 89, pp. 185-192, Sleep Medicine, Netherlands, C1

journal article

The Impact of Nurse Home Visiting on the Use, Dose and Quality of Formal Childcare: 3-Year Follow-Up of a Randomized Trial

A Price, S Mudiyanselage, R Schembri, F Mensah, L Kemp, D Harris, S Goldfeld

(2022), Vol. 22, pp. 233-243, Academic Pediatrics, United States, C1

journal article

Prioritising Responses Of Nurses To deteriorating patient Observations (PRONTO): a pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of a facilitation intervention on recognition and response to clinical deterioration

T Bucknall, J Considine, G Harvey, I Graham, J Rycroft-Malone, I Mitchell, B Saultry, J Watts, M Mohebbi, S Bohingamu Mudiyanselage, M Lotfaliany, A Hutchinson

(2022), pp. 1-12, BMJ Quality and Safety, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Added socioeconomic burden of non-communicable disease on HIV/AIDS affected households in the Asia Pacific region: A systematic review

S Wanni Arachchige Dona, S Bohingamu Mudiyanselage, J Watts, R Sweeney, B Coghlan, I Majmudar, J Abimanyi-Ochom

(2021), Vol. 9, The Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific, England, C1

journal article

Motivational interviewing with community-dwelling older adults after hip fracture (MIHip): Protocol for a randomised controlled trial

N Taylor, N Taylor, P O'Halloran, P O'Halloran, J Watts, J Watts, R Morris, R Morris, C Peiris, C Peiris, J Porter, J Porter, L Prendergast, L Prendergast, K Harding, K Harding, D Snowdon, D Snowdon, C Ekegren, C Ekegren, R Hau, R Hau, S Mudiyanselage, S Mudiyanselage, M Rimayanti, M Rimayanti, K Noeske, K Noeske, M Snowdon, M Snowdon, D Kim, D Kim, N Shields, N Shields

(2021), Vol. 11, BMJ Open, England, C1

journal article

Clinical, financial and social impacts of COVID-19 and their associations with mental health for mothers and children experiencing adversity in Australia

H Bryson, F Mensah, A Price, L Gold, S Mudiyanselage, B Kenny, P Dakin, T Bruce, K Noble, L Kemp, S Goldfeld

(2021), Vol. 16, PLoS ONE, United States, C1

journal article

Economic evaluation of an Australian nurse home visiting programme: a randomised trial at 3 years

S Bohingamu Mudiyanselage, A Price, F Mensah, H Bryson, S Perlen, F Orsini, H Hiscock, P Dakin, D Harris, K Noble, T Bruce, L Kemp, S Goldfeld, L Gold

(2021), Vol. 11, BMJ Open, England, C1

journal article

Health-related quality of life, service utilization and costs of low language: a systematic review

H Le, L Le, P Nguyen, S Mudiyanselage, P Eadie, F Mensah, E Sciberras, L Gold

(2020), Vol. 55, pp. 1-23, International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Personalised telehealth intervention for chronic disease management: A pilot randomised controlled trial

S Bohingamu Mudiyanselage, J Stevens, J Watts, J Toscano, M Kotowicz, C Steinfort, J Bell, J Byrnes, S Bruce, S Carter, C Hunter, C Barrand, R Hayles

(2019), Vol. 25, pp. 343-352, Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, England, C1

journal article

A systematic review of utility values in children with cerebral palsy

U Tonmukayakul, L Le, S Mudiyanselage, L Engel, J Bucholc, B Mulhern, R Carter, C Mihalopoulos

(2019), Vol. 28, pp. 1-12, Quality of Life Research, Netherlands, C1

journal article

Impact of a behavioral intervention, delivered by pediatricians or psychologists, on sleep problems in children with ADHD: a cluster-randomized, translational trial

H Hiscock, M Mulraney, H Heussler, N Rinehart, T Schuster, A Grobler, L Gold, S Bohingamu Mudiyanselage, N Hayes, E Sciberras

(2019), Vol. 60, pp. 1230-1241, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines, England, C1

journal article

Strategies to reduce diagnostic errors: A systematic review

J Abimanyi-Ochom, S Bohingamu Mudiyanselage, M Catchpool, M Firipis, S Wanni Arachchige Dona, J Watts

(2019), Vol. 19, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, England, C1

journal article

Cost of Living with Parkinson's Disease over 12 Months in Australia: A Prospective Cohort Study

S Bohingamu Mudiyanselage, J Watts, J Abimanyi-Ochom, L Lane, A Murphy, M Morris, R Iansek

(2017), Vol. 2017, Parkinson's Disease, United States, C1

journal article

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