Dr Shamsul Huda



Senior Lecturer, Computer Science


Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


School of Info Technology


Melbourne Burwood Campus


+61 3 924 45509


Shamsul Huda received his PhD degree in Computer Science from the Center for Informatics and Applied Optimization (CIAO), School of Science, Information Technology and Engineering (SITE), Federation University, in 2009 under the supervision of Professor John Yearwood, Head, School of IT, Deakin University and Professor Roberto Tognieri, Head, School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Western Australia (UWA). During his PhD, he jointly worked with CIAO, Signal Processing and Recognition Laboratory, UWA with Prof Roberto Tognieri where he spent significant time in UWA, at Perth, WA for completion of his PhD and gained research experiences from both universities.
He achieved “Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)” certification from the topmost organization of the world for training and certifications for cybersecurity: “The International Information System Security Certification Consortium, (ISC)² ”. He also has achieved a full membership of (ISC)² as part of the recognition of his contribution and expertise in cybersecurity areas and industry based research engagement.

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Career highlights

  • January 2016  to date: Lecturer, School of IT, Deakin University, Australia 
  • January 2015  to December 2015:Research Fellow, School of IT, Deakin University, Australia 
  • October  2015 to 2016 February: Development team member and consultant on behalf of Deakin, Sparx Systems, Australia 
  • January 2010   to 2014 December: Research Fellow, School of IT, Federation University, Australia
  • February 2008  to August 2008: Programmer, ArgusConnect, Australia
  • July  2003  to March 2009, Assistant professor, (2005-2009 on study leave), Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Khulna university of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh

Research interests

  • Cyber-security for critical infrastructure
  • Secure authentication and communication protocols and network components for secure operations of industrial control systems
  • Industrial IoT networks and security
  • National and portfolio level cyber strategy development and Global cybersecurity indices
  • Critical assets, services portfolio level risk assessments
  • Endpoint security and anti-malware solutions for mobile system and client-based systems
  • Software vulnerability analysis and detection
  • Innovative strategies in teaching and learning, testing the effectiveness of innovation for learning design

Teaching interests

  • Cyber Security Management
  • Systems security
  • Software requirement analysis and modelling
  • Database management systems
  • Networks and Communications
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning

Units taught

  • SIT725 Software Engineering
  • SIT773 Software requirement analysis and modelling
  • SIT202 Networks and Communications
  • SIT737 Service oriented architecture
  • SIT790/SIT792 Major Thesis/Minor thesis
  • SIT207 Android Programming
  • SIT382 Systems Security (current)

Knowledge areas

  • Cyber security
  • Critical infrastructure and IIoT security
  • Cyber risk assessment for critical assets and services
  • National and portfolio level cyber strategy development
  • Global cybersecurity indices
  • Artificial intelligence, Deep learning
  • Software Engineering
  • Malware

Professional activities

  • Recent conference committee member:
  • 5th North American International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Detroit, Michigan, USA, August 10-14, 2020,
  • http://ieomsociety.org/detroit2020/committee/
  • 11th Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Singapore, March 9-11.
  • http://ieomsociety.org/singapore2021/committee/
  • Journal Reviewer for:
  • IEEE transaction on Industrial informatics,
  • Information science
  • IEEE access
  • Future Generation Computer Systems
  • Applied soft computing

Research groups

Member of Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation
Member of Security and PrivacY Research in IoT Lab (SPYRIT)
Member of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) group


  • Obfuscation-resilient novel algorithms and techniques for the analysis, detection and prevention of emerging time variant malware, Crypto malware, Funding (2020): 30,000AUD by Innovation Agency in the Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia.
  • Cybersecurity risk modeling framework, detective and preventive measure in security operations for Industrial control systems, Critical Infrastructure, Smart grid.
  • National and portfolio level cyber strategy development including risk assessment for critical assets at the national level:Vanuatu Cybersecurity Capacity Building Project, Cybersecurity Maturity Model for Nations; with the Oceania Cyber Security Centre and Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre, Oxford University, Funding (2020): $125K jointly with Melbourne University, Latrobe University and Federation University


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Kronos: Towards Fast Feedback Fuzzers for Discovering Vulnerabilities in Software Binaries

Prof Robin Ram Mohan Doss, Dr Shamsul Huda

  • 2021: $6,667

Industry and Other Funding

Intelligent software engineering techniques to monitor and improve the quality of software development and managing the productivity of the developers

Dr Shamsul Huda, Prof John Yearwood, Prof Jemal Abawajy

  • 2016: $20,000
  • 2015: $40,000

Obfuscation-resilient Algorithm for Early Detection of Malicious Software

Prof Jemal Abawajy, Dr Shamsul Huda

  • 2021: $30,000


Associate Supervisor

Ahmed Falah

Thesis entitled: Improving PDF Maldoc Detection via Data-Driven Feature Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology), School of Information Technology