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The common drivers of children and young people's health and wellbeing across 13 local government areas: a systems view

S O’Halloran, J Hayward, M Valdivia Cabrera, T Felmingham, P Fraser, C Needham, J Poorter, D Creighton, M Johnstone, M Nichols, S Allender

(2024), Vol. 24, BMC Public Health, C1

journal article

Systems thinking in local government: intervention design and adaptation in a community-based study

T Felmingham, S O’Halloran, J Poorter, E Rhook, C Needham, J Hayward, P Fraser, S Kilpatrick, D Leahy, S Allender

(2023), Vol. 21, Health Research Policy and Systems, C1

journal article

Building capacity for the use of systems science to support local government public health planning: A case study of the VicHealth Local Government Partnership in Victoria, Australia

S O'Halloran, J Hayward, C Strugnell, T Felmingham, J Poorter, S Kilpatrick, P Fraser, C Needham, E Rhook, A Demaio, S Allender

(2022), Vol. 12, BMJ Open, C1

journal article

The Food Environment of Primary School Learners in a Low-to-Middle-Income Area in Cape Town, South Africa

Siobhan O'Halloran, Gabriel Eksteen, Nadene Polayya, Megan Ropertz, Marjanne Senekal

(2021), Vol. 13, NUTRIENTS, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Adapting the SPOTLIGHT Virtual Audit Tool to assess food and activity environments relevant for adolescents: a validity and reliability study

Oddbjorn Andersen, Siobhan O'Halloran, Elin Kolle, Nanna Lien, Jeroen Lakerveld, Onyebuchi Arah, Mekdes Gebremariam


journal article

Patients in public hospitals received insufficient food to meet daily protein and energy requirements: Cape Town Metropole, South Africa

M Theron, S O’Halloran

(2021), South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition, C1

journal article

Measurement methods used to assess the school food environment: A systematic review

S O’halloran, G Eksteen, M Gebremariam, L Alston

(2020), Vol. 17, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Mediators of socioeconomic inequalities in dietary behaviours among youth: A systematic review

T Mekonnen, H Havdal, N Lien, S O'Halloran, O Arah, E Papadopoulou, M Gebremariam

(2020), Vol. 21, Obesity Reviews, England, C1

journal article

The provision of ultra-processed foods and their contribution to sodium availability in Australian long day care centres

S O'Halloran, K Lacy, J Woods, C Grimes, K Campbell, C Nowson

(2018), pp. 1-8, Public health nutrition, Cambridge, Eng., C1

journal article

Sodium content of lunches and snacks provided in australian long day care centres: A cross-sectional study

S O’Halloran, K Lacy, C Grimes, K Campbell, C Nowson

(2018), Vol. 10, Nutrients, Switzerland, C1

journal article

A novel processed food classification system applied to Australian food composition databases

S O'Halloran, K Lacy, C Grimes, J Woods, K Campbell, C Nowson

(2017), Vol. 30, pp. 534-541, Journal of human nutrition and dietetics, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Dietary sources and sodium intake in a sample of Australian preschool children

S O'Halloran, C Grimes, K Lacy, C Nowson, K Campbell

(2016), Vol. 6, BMJ Open, England, C1

journal article

Dietary intake and sources of potassium and the relationship to dietary sodium in a sample of Australian pre-school children

S O’Halloran, C Grimes, K Lacy, K Campbell, C Nowson

(2016), Vol. 8, Nutrients, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Dietary salt intake and discretionary salt use in two general population samples in Australia: 2011 and 2014

C Nowson, K Lim, C Grimes, S O'Halloran, M Land, J Webster, J Shaw, J Chalmers, W Smith, V Flood, M Woodward, B Neal

(2015), Vol. 7, pp. 10501-10512, Nutrients, Basel, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Probiotic bacteria and the human immune system

L O'Mahony, M Feeney, C Dunne, S O'Halloran, L Murphy, B Kiely, G O'Sullivan, F Shanahan, J Collins

(2000), pp. 63-70, Functional foods II: claims and evidence : Proceedings of the Joint Conference of the British Nutrition Foundation/Food Chemistry Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry 1999, Wye, Eng., E1-1


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