Dr Sitarama Kada



Research Fellow, Alloy Development


Instit for Frontier Materials


Instit for Frontier Materials


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


+61 3 522 72812


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Influence of precipitation on yield elongation in Mg-Zn alloys

J Wang, M Ferdowsi, S Kada, C Hutchinson, M Barnett

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Observations on remarkable texture in cast zinc

B Hutchinson, J Komenda, S Kada, M Barnett, A Oskarsson

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Crystal plasticity and in-situ diffraction-based determination of the dislocation strengthening and load-sharing effects of precipitates in Mg alloy, AZ91

J Bhattacharyya, S Kada, M Barnett, S Agnew

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Use of Mg-Al nanoclay as an efficient vehicle for the delivery of the herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

P Nadiminti, H Sharma, S Kada, F Pfeffer, L O'Dell, D Cahill

(2019), Vol. 7, pp. 10962-10970, ACS sustainable chemistry and engineering, Washington, D.C., C1


Bayesian analysis of in-situ high-resolution X-ray diffraction synchrotron experiments of Ti-6Al-4V specimens undergoing tensile loading

N Armstrong, P Lynch, S Kada, P Cizek, J Kimpton, R Antoniou

(2019), Vol. 7A-2019, pp. 1-10, ASME Turbo Expo 2019 : Power for land, sea, and air : Proceedings of the ASME Turbomachinery and Technical Conference and Exposition, Phoenix, Ariz., E1


Effect of magnesium and silver doping on the thermoelectric performance of cast Mg2Sn alloys

R Varma, S Kada, M Barnett

(2018), Vol. 757, pp. 142-149, Journal of alloys and compounds, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


A high-resolution synchrotron-based diffraction technique for in situ characterization of deformation behaviour in magnesium alloys

Z Wang, P Lynch, S Kada, N Armstrong, E Motlagh, J Kimpton, M Barnett

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In situ synchrotron analysis of twinning stresses in an aged mg-4.5zn alloy

M Ghandehari Ferdowsi, J Wang, S Kada, Z Wang, P Lynch, M Barnett

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The effect of ageing on the compressive deformation of Mg-Sn-Zn-Na alloy

E Motlagh, A Ghaderi, S Kada, P Lynch, M Barnett

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In-situ X-ray diffraction studies of slip and twinning in the presence of precipitates in AZ91 alloy

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Development of a laboratory-based transmission diffraction technique for in situ deformation studies of Mg alloys

S Kada, P Lynch, M Barnett

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The effect of thermomechanical treatment on the microstructure and the mechanical behavior of a supersaturated Cu-Ag alloy

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Stress evolution during tensile twinning in MgAZ31 alloy processed by extrusion

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High strength and ductile ultrafine-grained Cu-Ag alloy through bimodal grain size, dislocation density and solute distribution

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Controlled synthesis of TiO2 hierarchical nanofibre structures via electrospinning and solvothermal processes: Photocatalytic activity for degradation of methylene blue

F Ochanda, S Rajukada, M Barnett

(2012), Vol. 2, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, C1


Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

X-Ray Line Profile Characterisation and Prediction of Microstructural Damage in Aerospace Materials Applications - MyIP7615

Dr Peter Lynch, Dr Sitarama Kada

  • 2018: $7,272
  • 2017: $6,363


Associate Supervisor

Jun Wang

Thesis entitled: Impact of aging on monotonic and cyclic loading of extruded Mg-Zn alloys

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering), Institute for Frontier Materials

Jun Cheng

Thesis entitled: Twinning during nanoindentation of magnesium single crystals

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering), Institute for Frontier Materials


Rameshkumar Ramkaran Varma

Thesis entitled: Study and development of Mg2Sn based thermoelectric alloys

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering), Institute for Frontier Materials