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Dr Stephen Gill



Senior Research Fellow


Faculty of Health


School of Medicine


St John of God Hospital


Doctor of Philosophy, La Trobe University, 2009
Bachelor of Physiotherapy, La Trobe University, 2000

+61 3 522 73776

Biography summary

Dr Stephen Gill is a Research Fellow with the Barwon Centre for Orthopaedic Research and Education (B-CORE) and a senior clinician physiotherapist with Barwon Health.

Stephen obtained his PhD from La Trobe University in 2009 by investigating exercise-based interventions for people awaiting joint replacement surgery. Following his PhD, Stephen's postdoctoral research program has predominantly involved clinical and health services research.

Stephen commenced with B-CORE in 2017, and together with Professor Richard Page develops and implements B-CORE's research program which involves 'bench top to bedside' investigation of a broad range of musculoskeletal health conditions and treatments.

Stephen continues to work as a senior clinician physiotherapist in Barwon Health's Emergency Department and Orthopaedic Outpatient Service.


Current major projects:

1. Shoulder Biomarker Studies (AdCaB, CUBA, ShOA)
a. Investigating gene expression and clinical biomarkers in people with adhesive capsulitis, shoulder instability, rotator cuff tears and osteoarthritis
2. Injuries in Australian Football players
a. Investigating injuries and their consequences in female football players in South West Victoria
3. Simultaneous versus staged bilateral total knee replacement
a. Investigating the effects of simultaneous versus staged bilateral knee replacement
4. Joint replacement registries
a. Designing and implementing the St John of God Joint Replacement Registry (one of the most comprehensive private hospital joint registries in Australia)
5. Metabolic syndrome, osteoarthritis and joint replacement
a. Investigating the prevalence and effects of metabolic syndrome in people undergoing joint replacement
6. Tourniquet use in total knee replacement
a. Investigating the effects of tourniquet versus no tourniquet use during knee replacement
7. Service redesign following joint arthroplasty
a. Evaluating a remote model of care for people following joint arthroplasty at University Hospital Geelong
8. Shoulder biomechanics
a. Investigating joint loads and biomechanics in people following shoulder surgery
9. Microfracture for glenohumeral chondral lesions
a. Investigating clinical outcomes and the utility of MRI for identifying microfracture location and cartilage healing post-operatively
10. Shoulder range of motion using a wireless inertial motion capture device
a. Investigating the validity of an inertial measurement unit for measuring shoulder movements
11. Multi-attribute Predictor Tool (MAPT) for hip and knee replacement surgery
a. Investigating the psychometric properties of the MAPT
12. Simple fracture care pathways
a. Investigating the effects of a new management pathway for people following simple fractures
13. Glenoid version measurement
a. Investigating methods to measure glenoid version using MRI


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HealthPathways improving access to care

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Stroke survivor activity during subacute inpatient rehabilitation: how active are patients?

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Consumer preferences regarding physiotherapy practitioners and nurse practitioners in emergency departments-a qualitative investigation

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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Reverse vs conventional shoulder replacement for adults with osteoarthritis

Prof Richard Page, Prof Nadine Foster, Prof Ian Harris, Prof Rachelle Buchbinder, Dr Stephen Gill, Prof Stephen Graves, A/Prof Ilana Ackerman, Dr Denise O'Connor, A/Prof Tracy Comans, A/Prof Laurent Billot

NHMRC-NIHR Collaborative Research

  • 2022: $288,554

Industry and Other Funding

Injury profiles of female Australian Rules Football players: a survey of Geelong and South-Western Victoria (AFLW Injury Study).

Prof Richard Page, Dr Stephen Gill

AFL Grant - Research - Australian Football League

  • 2019: $25,050

Clinical biomarker shoulder study: transcriptomic differences between osteoarthritis of the shoulder, capsulitis and rotator cuff tears

Prof Richard Page, Dr Stephen Gill, Prof Sean Mcgee

Australian Orthopaedic Association Research Foundation

  • 2021: $50,000


Associate Supervisor

Nicholas Paltoglou

Thesis entitled: Comparison of Shoulder Arthroplasty Outcomes between Private and Public Settings

Master of Surgical Research, School of Medicine