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Food enzymes from extreme environments: sources and bioprocessing

Taiwo Akanbi, Dominic Agyei, Nazamid Saari

(2019), pp. 795-816, Enzymes in food biotechnology: production, applications, and future prospects, London, Eng., B1


Influence of conventional and recent extraction technologies on physicochemical properties of bioactive macromolecules from natural sources: a review

C Okolie, T Akanbi, B Mason, C Udenigwe, A Aryee

(2019), Vol. 116, pp. 827-839, Food research international, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1-1


Complex coacervation: principles, mechanisms and applications in microencapsulation

Yakindra Timilsena, Taiwo Akanbi, Nauman Khalid, Benu Adhikari, Colin Barrow

(2019), Vol. 121, pp. 1276-1286, International journal of biological macromolecules, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Investigating the mechanism for the enhanced oxidation stability of microencapsulated omega-3 concentrates

Qiuyu Xia, Taiwo Akanbi, Bo Wang, Rui Li, Wenrong Yang, Colin Barrow

(2019), Vol. 17, Marine drugs, Basel, Switzerland, C1


Lipase-catalysed synthesis of palm oil-omega-3 structured lipids

Q Xia, T Akanbi, R Li, B Wang, W Yang, C Barrow

(2019), Vol. 10, pp. 3142-3149, Food and function, Cambridge, Eng., C1


Polydatin-fatty acid conjugates are effective antioxidants for stabilizing omega 3-containing bulk fish oil and fish oil emulsions

T Akanbi, S Marshall, C Barrow

(2019), Vol. 301, pp. 1-8, Food chemistry, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Compositional information useful for authentication of krill oil and the detection of adulterants

T Akanbi, C Barrow

(2018), Vol. 11, pp. 178-187, Food analytical methods, Berlin, Germany, C1


Lipase-produced hydroxytyrosyl eicosapentaenoate is an excellent antioxidant for the stabilization of omega-3 bulk oils, emulsions and microcapsules

T Akanbi, C Barrow

(2018), Vol. 23, pp. 1-15, Molecules, Basel, Switzerland, C1


Recovery and utilization of seaweed pigments in food processing

A Aryee, D Agyei, T Akanbi

(2018), Vol. 19, pp. 113-119, Current opinion in food science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Coacervation technique as an encapsulation and delivery tool for hydrophobic biofunctional compounds

B Wang, T Akanbi, D Agyei, B Holland, C Barrow

(2018), pp. 235-261, Role of materials science in food bioengineering, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, B1


Candida antarctica lipase A effectively concentrates DHA from fish and thraustochytrid oils

T Akanbi, C Barrow

(2017), Vol. 229, pp. 509-516, Food chemistry, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Microencapsulation of lipase produced omega-3 concentrates resulted in complex coacervates with unexpectedly high oxidative stability

Q Xia, B Wang, T Akanbi, R Li, W Yang, B Adhikari, C Barrow

(2017), Vol. 35, pp. 499-506, Journal of functional foods, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Bioprocessing of plant-derived bioactive phenolic compounds

B Holland, D Agyei, T Akanbi, B Wang, C Barrow

(2017), pp. 135-181, Food biosynthesis, Abingdon, Eng., B1


Lipid profiles, in vitro digestion and oxidative stability of mutton bird oil

T Akanbi, C Barrow

(2016), Vol. 53, pp. 1230-1237, Journal of food science and technology, Berlin, Germany, C1


Opening lids: modulation of lipase immobilization by graphene oxides

M Mathesh Shanmugam, B Luan, T Akanbi, J Weber, J Liu, C Barrow, R Zhou, W Yang

(2016), Vol. 6, pp. 4760-4768, ACS Catalysis, Washington D.C., Wash., C1


Lipase-catalysed incorporation of EPA into emu oil: Formation and characterisation of new structured lipids

T Akanbi, C Barrow

(2015), Vol. 19, pp. 801-809, Journal of functional foods, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Pancreatic lipase selectively hydrolyses DPA over EPA and DHA due to location of double bonds in the fatty acid rather than regioselectivity

T Akanbi, A Sinclair, C Barrow

(2014), Vol. 160, pp. 61-66, Food chemistry, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Selective concentration of EPA and DHA using Thermomyces lanuginosus lipase is due to fatty acid selectivity and not regioselectivity

T Akanbi, J Adcock, C Barrow

(2013), Vol. 138, pp. 615-620, Food Chemistry, C1


Increased hydrolysis by Thermomyces lanuginosus lipase for omega-3 fatty acids in the presence of a protic ionic liquid

T Akanbi, C Barrow, N Byrne

(2012), Vol. 2, pp. 1839-1841, Catalysis Science and Technology, C1


Purification, characterization and thermal inactivation kinetics of a non-regioselective thermostable lipase from a genotypically identified extremophilic Bacillus subtilis NS 8

A Olusesan, L Azura, B Forghani, F Bakar, A Mohamed, S Radu, M Manap, N Saari

(2011), Vol. 28, pp. 738-745, New biotechnology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1-1


The effects of carcass conditioning on shear force values and water holding capacity of different skeletal muscles of malaysian indigenous (MALIN) sheep and the changes in their pH and glycogen contents

S Qurni, H Abdullah, A Olusesan, A Malar

(2011), Vol. 10, pp. 3100-3106, Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, Al Rega, Pakistan, C1-1


Breadfruit starch-wheat flour noodles: preparation, proximate compositions and culinary properties

T Akanbi, S Nazamid, A Adebowale, A Farooq, A Olaoye

(2011), Vol. 18, pp. 1283-1287, International food research journal, Selangor, Malaysia, C1-1


Highly thermostable extracellular lipase-producing Bacillus strain isolated from a Malaysian hotspring and identified using 16S rRNA gene sequencing

T Akanbi, A Kamaruzaman, F Abu Bakar, N Sheikh Abdul Hamid, S Radu, M Abdul Manap, N Saari

(2010), Vol. 17, pp. 45-53, International food research journal, Serdang, Malaysia, C1-1


Level of chemical and microbiological contaminations in chili bo (paste)

N Zaini, H Harith, A Olusesan, A Zulkifli, F Bakar, A Osman, A Hamid, N Saari

(2010), Vol. 73, pp. 541-546, Journal of food protection, Des Moines, Iowa, C1-1


Phenotypic and molecular identification of a novel thermophilic Anoxybacillus species: a lipase-producing bacterium isolated from a Malaysian hotspring

A Olusesan, L Azura, F Abubakar, N Hamid, S Radu, N Saari

(2009), Vol. 25, pp. 1981-1988, World journal of microbiology and biotechnology, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, C1-1


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