A/Prof. Tamsyn Crowley



Associate Professor in Medical Bioinformatics


Faculty of Health


School of Medicine


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2007



Dr Crowley began her scientific career at RMIT University followed by completing her PhD at Deakin University in 2004. She then moved to CSIRO's AAHL where she spent 12 years working on projects focused on agriculture. During her time at AAHL she had the opportunity to develop her bioinformatic capabilities. In the later part of the CSIRO position she also established links with Deakin through a joint Bioinformatics position. Recently (2016) Dr Crowley has joined the School of Medicine as an academic staff member teaching in the areas of Pharmacology and Therapeutic development. Dr Crowley Is also the founder of Deakin's Bioinformatic Core Research Facility.

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Research interests

Bioinformatics, biomarkers, microRNA, NGS, Pigeon milk

Teaching interests

Bioinformatics, Pharmacology, Therapeutic development

Units taught

HMM301, HMM304

Knowledge areas

Bioinformatics, pharmacology, therapeutics and cellular biology.


  1. Biomarkers in poultry welfare
  2. Biomarkers for animal production
  3. Is the pigeon crop the avian mammary gland?
  4. Identifying novel signalling factors in breast milk: do they play a role in food sensitisation?


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Solving for X: evidence for sex-specific autism biomarkers across multiple transcriptomic studies

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Modulation of high fat diet-induced microbiome changes, but not behaviour, by minocycline

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The use of a gene expression signature and connectivity map to repurpose drugs for bipolar disorder

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Leptin receptor signaling via Janus kinase 2/Signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 impacts on ovarian cancer cell phenotypes

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propr: An R-package for identifying proportionally abundant features using compositional data analysis

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Impact of maternal high fat diet on hypothalamic transcriptome in neonatal Sprague Dawley rats

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Selection on mitochondrial variants occurs between and within individuals in an expanding invasion

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Clinico-pathological association of delineated miRNAs in uveal melanoma with monosomy 3/Disomy 3 chromosomal aberrations

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Potential role of glutathione in evolution of thiol-based redox signaling sites in proteins.

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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

A novel way to suppress growth of Campylobacter in chickens prior to processing

A/Prof Tamsyn Crowley

RIRDC Grant - Research - Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

  • 2019: $160,000
  • 2018: $166,952
  • 2017: $54,368
  • 2016: $80,000

Other Public Sector Funding

Mani Grover CSIRO top-up Scholarship - Using the Gentrepid, human candidate gene discovery platform to prioritize candidate genes for human inherited disorders

A/Prof Tamsyn Crowley, Mr Mani Grover

  • 2015: $1,750
  • 2014: $7,000
  • 2013: $7,000

Industry and Other Funding

Saving our antibiotics: an innovative way of restoring bacterial sensitivity to antimicrobials

Dr Ben Wade, A/Prof Tamsyn Crowley, Dr Sarah Shigdar, Dr Anthony Keyburn

  • 2018: $41,000

Other Funding Sources

A new test for the measure of poultry welfare

A/Prof Tamsyn Crowley, Mrs Michelle Cummins

  • 2016: $78,224
  • 2015: $26,074
  • 2014: $5,000
  • 2013: $232,040

miRNAs, a novel target for improving broiler chicken health and production

A/Prof Tamsyn Crowley

  • 2017: $18,635
  • 2016: $18,634
  • 2015: $37,268


Principal Supervisor

Mani Grover

Thesis entitled: Novel therapeutics for complex diseases from genome-wide association data

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Kaavya Mohanasundaram

Thesis entitled: Mapping the genotype-phenotype relationship in complex disease

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Associate Supervisor

Smithamol Sithara

Thesis entitled: A beta-cell specific global approach for drug identification in Type 2 Diabetes

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Shahzad Sadiq

Thesis entitled: Evaluating the Role of Novel microRNAs in Cardiac Hypertrophy

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Sugeetha Ramakrishnan

Thesis entitled: The relationship between milk, mammary adipocytes and ECM in regulating murine mammary gland involution

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Vengama Naidu Modepalli

Thesis entitled: The Marsupial: A unique model for understanding the regulation of lung development

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine