Ms Tanja Capic



Research Assistant


Faculty of Health


School of Psychology


Melbourne Burwood Campus

+61 3 924 68383, 95278


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Efficacy of a Smartphone App Intervention for Reducing Caregiver Stress: Randomized Controlled Trial

Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Ben Richardson, Keriann Little, Samantha Teague, Linda Hartley-Clark, Tanja Capic, Sarah Khor, Robert Cummins, Craig Olsson, Delyse Hutchinson

(2020), Vol. 7, pp. 1-18, JMIR Mental Health, Toronto, Ont., C1

journal article

Confirmation of subjective wellbeing set-points: foundational for subjective social indicators

T Capic, N Li, R Cummins

(2018), Vol. 137, pp. 1-28, Social indicators research, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

Why self-report variables inter-correlate: the role of Homeostatically Protected Mood (HPMood)

Robert Cummins, Tanya Capic, Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Delyse Hutchinson, C Olsson, Ben Richardson

(2018), Vol. 2, pp. 93-114, Journal of well-being assessment, Cham, Switzerland, C1

journal article

The StressLess Mobile App Study: Helping carers thrive

M Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, B Richardson, K Little, S Teague, L Hartley-Clark, T Capic, S Khor, R Cummins, C Olsson, D Hutchinson

(2017), Geelong, Vic., A6

research report/technical paper

Investigating the use of IELTS in determining employment, migration and professional registration outcomes in healthcare and early chidlhood education in Australia

C Gribble, J Blackmore, A Morrissey, T Capic

(2016), A6

research report/technical paper

Funded Projects at Deakin

Industry and Other Funding

Australian Unity Wellbeing Index (AUWI): Adult Survey 32.0 and Teen Pulse Pilot Study

A/Prof Delyse Hutchinson, Prof Gregory Tooley, Prof Craig Olsson, Prof Robert Cummins, Dr Ben Richardson, A/Prof Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Dr Linda Hartley-Clark, Ms Tanja Capic, Prof Brendan Crotty

  • 2015: $186,800

Australian Unity Wellbeing Index and Young Carer Wellbeing Project

A/Prof Delyse Hutchinson, Prof Craig Olsson, Dr Ben Richardson, A/Prof Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Dr Linda Hartley-Clark, Ms Tanja Capic, Prof Nicole Rinehart, Ms Nicole Papadopoulos, Prof Robert Cummins

  • 2017: $199,927
  • 2016: $291,031

Australian Unity Wellbeing Index 2018 - 2020

A/Prof Delyse Hutchinson, Prof Craig Olsson, A/Prof Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Dr Ben Richardson, Ms Tanja Capic, Ms Sarah Khor, Prof Robert Cummins

  • 2020: $160,800
  • 2019: $210,489
  • 2018: $206,441


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