Ms Teresa Capetola





Faculty of Health


School of Health & Social Dev


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Master of Arts, La Trobe University, 1997


Research interests

Teresa's research interests are in the field of social justice, especially in relation to gender, culture and diversity. She comes from a background of working in women's health and has focussed on a range of health issues including, reproductive health and body image. Recently she has extended her research interests to the effects of climate change on health, with a particular focus on disadvantaged population groups.

Teaching interests

Unit HSH 302 Politics, Policy and Health;

Unit HSH 707 Gender, Culture and Population Health


1999 Shortlisted VicHealth Awards for Gorgeous Girls (Promoting positive body image to young women)

1999 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Achievement for Community Development


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Dr Rebecca Patrick, Ms Teresa Capetola

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