Dr Tricia Wevill



Lecturer in Environmental Sciences


Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


School of Life & Env. Sciences


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Graduate Certificate of Higher Ed. Learning & Teaching, Deakin University, 2016
Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University, 2009


+61 3 924 46439


My research interests include the study of vegetation dynamics at both fine-scale and landscape levels, in response to altered environmental and disturbance regimes.  I am particularly interested in how ecological theory can be used to understand community development and the application of this knowledge to land management.  Recent research has focused on the restoration of degraded landscapes, understanding plant community responses to changed disturbance regimes through the study of soil seed banks, and recruitment requirements in semi-arid systems.

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Biography summary

Since completing my PhD in 2009,  I have worked with environmental consultants, with industry partners in research and in tertiary education.

Research interests

Plant Ecology

Restoration Ecology


Monash University
Federation University
Ecological Society of Australia
International Association of Vegetation Scientists
Australian Science Communicators

Units taught

SLE101 - Techniques in Environmental  Science

SLE103  - Ecology  and the Environment

Knowledge areas

Plant Ecology


Environmental Science



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journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

No Funded Projects at Deakin found


Principal Supervisor

John Wallace Patykowski

Thesis entitled: The effect of disturbance on plant rarity and ecosystem function

Doctor of Philosophy (Life & Env), School of Life and Environmental Sciences