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Deputy Head of School


Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


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Geelong Waterfront Campus


I am Professor of Circular Cities and the founding Director of MInD (Mediated Intelligence in Design) Research Lab at the School of Architecture and Built Environment at Deakin (

I am also the co-Director of Deakin's newly founded DesignMind, Design and Innovation platform (, and representing the University at the UNESCO City of Design Work committe of Geelong.

My research and teaching expertise centre upon the creative, generative and collaborative use of information and communication technologies and digital media in Built Environment research and education. In recent years, I have been exploring the transformational potential of embedding computation, big-data, artificial intelligence, and real-time connectivity into the conception and realisation of buildings/urban spaces for a sustainable built habitat. My research is grounded-in and informed by practice, and involves the development of 'tangible models, tools and methods' with potential to create impact on industry practice, education, community practices and with policy implications.I strongly believe that Built Environment research cannot be separated from industry or education and the three must come together for the benefit and ultimate progress of our discipline.

I have taught, conducted research, delivered keynotes/workshops and published extensively (over 50 publications, including edited books, peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings) in the areas of Intelligent Built Environment, Digital Design Pedagogy, Design-Driven Innovation, Augmented Digital/Physical Place Making and Circular Economy. I have developed and led various postgraduate research and taught programmes and practice-based design studios exploring the creative, collaborative and innovative adoption of digital and media technologies in architectural and urban design.

My work is predominantly practice-based and advocates the use of “design thinking” and “system thinking” as a methodology for knowledge production (in research and education), and “trans-disciplinary thinking” as a strategy for cross-sector innovation (for the industry). I have implemented various bespoke innovation methods and strategies, as a design consultant, to help companies through their innovation process. 

I am the founding co-director of Resilient Urban Eco-Systems Research Group (in collaboration with ARUP, 2016), which brings together the complementary expertise of a highly interdisciplinary group of experts across Intelligent Buildings and Urban Informatics research fields, developing a vision and research agendas for the future. 

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Biography summary

I'm an an architect, educator, and a research leader in the field of smart and sustainable design & innovation in the Built Environment. I'm the founding director of MInD (Mediated Intelligence in Design) Research Lab, a trans-disciplinary and practice-based designresearch lab at Deakin University, which operates at the intersection of Built Environment, Information Technology, Design Innovation and Circular Economy. The lab collaborates closely with industry partners from design, construction, health, advanced manufacturing, art & culture, and technology sectors. The lab’s highly transdisciplinary work has been presented at various international events, and received funding from industry and government. I've co-founded Resilient Urban Ecosystems Network and the European Network of Transdisciplinary Design. My work led to her receiving one of the first Design Foundations grant, introduced by the UK government through Innovate UK, aimed at helping businesses engage with customers, and wider stakeholders through human-centred research to identify high-value innovation opportunities and
generate more innovative products, services and business models.


Editorial Board Member, Internationl Journal of Architectural Computing, publisher: SAGE (since 2014)

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Building Research & Information, publisher Taylor & Francis (since 2018)

Editorial Board Member of Global Epistemics, a transdisciplinary book series established through a partnership between gloknos and Rowman & Littlefield International (since 2019)

Knowledge areas

Architectural and Urban Design

Design for Circular Cities

Smart Cities and Urban Resilience

Design Cognition and Computation

Spatial Computation and MR in Built Environment

Digital Heritage and Augmented Storytelling

Intelligent Built Environment

Human-Centric Sensing and Ambient Intelligence 

Design Thinking / System Thinking / Transdisciplinarity

Professional activities

Recent Invited Speaker Roles, Keynotes, International Workshops 


(2024) Invited Speaker (upcoming), Melbourne Design Week Event, organised by Design Institute of Australia, 29 May.
(2024) Invited Speaker, Geelong Manufacturing Council Technology & Innovation Summit, Geelong, 18 April.
(2023) Panel Chair (Moderator), 2nd Circularity Conference organized by Australian Circular Economy (ACE) Hub, Melbourne, 21 November.
(2023) Keynote Speaker, DesignRegio Kortrijk Special Event, Kortrijk, Belgium, 27 September.
(2023) Invited Speaker, Digitalisation for a Circular Built Environment Seminar, organised by the Digital Circular Economy (DiCE) Lab, TU Delft, Delft, The Netherlands, 21 September.
(2023) Keynote Speaker, GMC Connect: Sustainability For Manufacturers – Value Or Vortex?, Geelong, 1 August.
(2022) Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Sustainable Resilient Built Environments (SRBE) 2022, Manipal, India, 19 December.
(2022) Invited Speaker, 1st Circularity Conference organised by Australian Circular Economy (ACE) Hub, Sydney, 24 November.
(2022) Invited Speaker, Istanbul Technical University, Circularity in Built Environment Research Group, 11 May.
(2022) Keynote Speaker, Computational Ecosystems and Architecture Symposium, Istanbul (Turkey), 24 June.
(2021) Keynote Speaker, Australian Circular Economy Hub, Circular Built Environment Event, 26 November.
(2021) Keynote Speaker, 25th International Conference on Information Visualisation, IV2021_Built Viz, 7 July.
(2021) Invited Speaker, Taylors University, Faculty of Innovation & Technology, 21 April.
(2021) Invited Speaker, Panel member, World Science Festival Brisbane, Cities 2060, 25 March.
(2020) Invited Speaker, Milan Design Week, Panel Discussion about the role of Remote Design learning in post-Covid World, 28 July.
(2020) Keynote Speaker, Online Webinar Series organised by IMAGINE, Designing for/within Systems, 24 June.
(2019) Invited Speaker, Victoria University of Wellington, School of Architecture, Wellington (NZ), November.
(2019) Invited Speaker, DIADEM Annual Design Conference, Werribee, July.
(2019) Invited Speaker, MAV Technology Annual Conference, Geelong, May.
(2019) Invited Speaker, Milan Design Week, Worldwide Conference on Sustainable Innovation, at Design in the Age
of Experience Event by Dassault Systemes, Milan, Italy, April.
(2019) Keynote Speaker, UNESCO Creative Cities Network, Geelong City of Design Stakeholder Day, Geelong Library
and Heritage Centre, Geelong, March.
(2019) Invited Speaker, Singapore Design Week, UNESCO Creative Cities Network Public Forum, Singapore, March.





Media appearances

Emerging Models of Transdisciplinarity 


Recently Funded Projects:

(2022) CSIRO, New Emergent Technologies Graduate Program, $1,8M (PI: Thuong Hoang, CIs: Tuba Kocaturk, Stefan Greuter, Rui Wang, in collaboration with Western Sydney University)

(2021) CRC-P, Recycling construction demolition waste to manufacture sustainable brick, $1,6M, (PI: Jun Wang, CIs: Tuba Kocaturk, Reza Husseini, Imriyas Kamardeen, in collaboration with Western Sydney and Melbourne

(2021) Creative Victoria Grant, A Spatially Intelligent Art Centre, $230,000 (PI: Tuba Kocaturk, CIs: Stefan Greuter, Rui Wang).

(2021) CoGG Arts & Culture, Arts Industry Commissions, (In)Tangible Heritage of the Greater Geelong: Public Space as Virtual Museum, $20,000 (PI: Tuba Kocaturk, CIs: Sofija Kaljevic, Domenico Mazza)

(2020) Innovation Connections Grant, Application Framework for Graphene Sensing Technology, $150,000 (PI: Tuba Kocaturk, CIs: Belinda Huang, Rui Wang)

(2019) China Railway, A Prototype of Railway Traffic Construction BIM Parametric Modelling System, $30,000 (PI: Rui Wang, CIs: Tuba Kocaturk, Jun Wang)

(2019) City of Greater Geelong, Experiencing (in)Tangible Heritage through Extended Reality, $22,000 (PI: Tuba Kocaturk, CIs: Rui Wang, Sofija Kaljevic)




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Enhancing human-building interaction and spatial experience in cultural spaces

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journal article

BIM with Blockchain for Decentralised Circular Construction Supply Chain

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Future proofing for hospital building design: from research to practice

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Towards a circular transition of the built environment: systemic and transdisciplinary models, methods and perspectives

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Digitalised circular construction supply chain: An integrated BIM-Blockchain solution

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journal article

Memory Lane

Tuba Kocaturk, Stefan Greuter, Thuong Hoang, Sofija Kaljevic, Rui Wang

(2023), Geelong Arts Centre, JR4

Non-Traditional Research Output

A multiple feature fusion framework for video emotion recognition in the wild

N Samadiani, G Huang, W Luo, C Chi, Y Shu, R Wang, T Kocaturk

(2022), Vol. 34, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, C1

journal article

The interdisciplinary conceptualization of future proofing in the context of hospital buildings

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journal article

The nature of innovation in hospital building design: a mixed grounded theory study

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journal article

Analysis of Factors Historically Affecting Innovation in Hospital Building Design

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journal article

Circular economy in the Australian AEC industry: investigation of barriers and enablers

Salman Shooshtarian, M Hosseini, Tuba Kocaturk, Tony Arnel, Nicole T. Garofano

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journal article

Diagrammatic Modelling Tools for Grounded Theory Research: The Implementation of a Multi-Representational Approach

A Sal Moslehian, R Tucker, T Kocaturk

(2022), Vol. 21, pp. 1-15, International Journal of Qualitative Methods, London, Eng., C1

journal article

GDOM: An Immersive Experience of Intangible Heritage through Spatial Storytelling

Tuba Kocaturk, Domenico Mazza, Malcolm Mckinnon, Sofija Kaljevic

(2022), Vol. 15, pp. 1-18, Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage, New York, N.Y., C1

journal article

Geelong Digital Outdoor Museum (GDOM) - Photogrammetry as the Surface for a Portable Museum

Domenico Mazza, Tuba Kocaturk, Sofija Kaljevic

(2022), pp. 677-686, CAADRIA 2022 : Proceedings of the Association for Computer Aided Architecural Design Research 2022 Conference, Sydney, N.S.W. and Virtual, E1


An integral view of innovation in hospital building design: understanding the context of the research/practice gap

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Discovering Traffic Anomaly Propagation in Urban Space Using Enhanced Traffic Change Peaks

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Task complexity and learning styles in situated virtual learning environments for construction higher education

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A Novel Video Emotion Recognition System in the Wild Using a Random Forest Classifier

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From Finnish AEC knowledge ecosystem to business ecosystem: lessons learned from the national deployment of BIM

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Integrating user-behaviour as performance criteria in conceptual parametric design

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Towards an intelligent digital ecosystem - sustainable data-driven design futures

Tuba Kocaturk

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book chapter

Oppia suomalaisesta BIM-kehitystyöstä

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T Kocaturk

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[Re]searching [im]probable, [im]possible and [un]desirable design futures

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Exploiting BIM in energy efficient domestic retrofit: evaluation of benefits and barriers

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Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Experiencing (In) tangible Heritage through eXtended reality (XR).

Prof Tuba Kocaturk

City of Greater Geelong - Creative Communities Grants

  • 2019: $20,250

Application Framework for Graphene Sensing Technology

Prof Tuba Kocaturk, Dr Rui Wang

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

  • 2021: $25,000
  • 2020: $25,000

(In)tangible Heritage of the Greater Geelong: Public City Space as Virtual Museum

Prof Tuba Kocaturk, Dr Sofija Kaljevic, Dr Domenico Mazza

City of Greater Geelong

  • 2021: $20,000

Empowering Human within the Metaverse ¿ CSIRO Next Generation Emerging Technologies Graduate Program

A/Prof Thuong Hoang, Prof Stefan Greuter, Prof Tuba Kocaturk, Dr Rui Wang, A/Prof Mohamed Abdelrazek, Prof Antonio Robles-Kelly

CSIRO Scholarship - Next Generation Graduates Program

  • 2024: $117,098

Industry and Other Funding

A Prototype of Railway Traffic Construction BIM Parametric Modelling System with VR/AR Extension (TBV)

Dr Rui Wang, Dr Jun Wang, Prof Tuba Kocaturk

Shanghai Langjia Traffic Environment Technology Co Ltd

  • 2019: $30,000

Application Framework for Graphene Sensing Technology

Prof Tuba Kocaturk, Dr Rui Wang

Imagine Intelligent Materials Ltd

  • 2020: $75,000

A Spatially Intelligent Arts Centre.

Prof Tuba Kocaturk, Prof Stefan Greuter, Dr Rui Wang

The Trustee for Geelong Performing Arts Centre Trust

  • 2022: $155,000
  • 2021: $75,000

Building Information Modelling Added Value Dashboard Project

Prof Tuba Kocaturk

BECA Pty Ltd

  • 2024: $6,765

VR Wayfinding Visitor and Customer Experience VR Assessment Model.

Prof Stefan Greuter, Prof Tuba Kocaturk, A/Prof Thuong Hoang, Dr Luke Heemsbergen, A/Prof Victoria Duckett

ID Laboratory Pty Ltd

  • 2024: $40,000



Anahita Sal Moslehian

Thesis entitled: A Grounded Theory of Design Innovation in Hospital Design

Doctor of Philosophy (Architecture and Built Environment), School of Architecture and Built Environment

Associate Supervisor

Sanaz Memari

Thesis entitled: An Investigation into Future Proofing in the Architectural Design Process of Hospital Buildings

Doctor of Philosophy (Architecture and Built Environment), School of Architecture and Built Environment