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Right Story, Wrong Story Adventures in Indigenous Thinking

Tyson Yunkaporta

(2023), A1


Indigenous knowledge

B Le Hunte, T Yunkaporta, J Melvold, M Potts, K Ross, L Allen

(2023), pp. 187-194, Handbook Transdisciplinary Learning, Bielefeld, Germany, B1

book chapter

Indigenous systems knowledge applied to protocols for governance and inquiry

Gabrielle Fletcher, Joshua Waters, Tyson Yunkaporta, Chels Marshall, John Davis, Jack Manning Bancroft

(2023), Vol. 40, pp. 757-760, Systems Research and Behavioral Science, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Aboriginal Pedagogy: Integrity in Academic and CulturalPractice

Tyson Yunkaporta

(2023), Vol. 3, pp. 1-6, Holistic Education Review, Ashland, Or., C1

journal article

Mental Health and Well-being in Space: Artificial Intelligence-supported Heritage Extended Reality Experiences and What Can be Learnt for the Indigenous Perspectives

Kaja Antlej, Annahita Nezami, Bahareh Nakisa, Kaori Becerril, Tyson Yunkaporta, Gabrielle Fletcher, John Davis

(2023), AIAA SCITECH 2023 Forum, E1


Sustainable Processes in Engineering

Tyson Yunkaporta, Cat Kutay, Elyssebeth Leigh

(2022), pp. 349-376, Indigenous Engineering for an Enduring Culture, Newcastle upon Tyne, Eng., B1

book chapter

The Tether

Tyson Yunkaporta

(2022), pp. 147-160, How Psychedelics Can Save the World: Visionary and Indigenous Voices Speak Out, Rochester, Vt., B1

book chapter

Sustainable Processes In Engineering

Cat Kutay, Tyson Yunkaporta, Elyssebeth Leigh

(2022), pp. 349-376, Indigenous Engineering for an Enduring Culture, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Eng., B1

book chapter

Settler-on-Settler Violence: ritual protocols in YouTube street fight videos - paper 1

K Menzel, T Yunkaporta

(2022), Vol. 10, pp. 1-15, Journal of Indigenous Research, Logan, U.T., C1

journal article

Settler on Settler Violence: ritual protocols in YouTube street fight videos - paper 2

Kelly Menzel, Tyson Yunkaporta

(2022), Vol. 10, pp. 1-15, Journal of Indigenous Research, Logan, Utah, C1

journal article

The Trouble with this Canoe

Tyson Yunkaporta

(2022), Vol. 2, pp. 51-66, The New Platform Papers, Sydney, N.S.W., JO3

Non-Traditional Research Output

Thought ritual: an Indigenous data analysis method for research

Tyson Yunkaporta, Donna Moodie

(2021), Vol. 11, pp. 87-96, Indigenous knowledges : privileging our voices, Leiden, The Netherlands, B1

book chapter

Wik pedagogies: Adapting oral culture processes for print-based learning contexts

B Frazer, T Yunkaporta

(2021), Vol. 50, pp. 88-94, Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, C1

journal article

All our landscapes are broken: right story and the law of the land

Tyson Yunkaporta

(2021), pp. 1-1, Griffith review, Melbourne, Vic., C1

journal article

Australian Aboriginal techniques for memorization: Translation into a medical and allied health education setting

D Reser, M Simmons, E Johns, A Ghaly, M Quayle, A Dordevic, M Tare, A McArdle, J Willems, T Yunkaporta

(2021), Vol. 16, PLoS ONE, United States, C1

journal article

Australian Indigenous Knowledge in the Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory

Angela Ziebell, Tina Overton, Tyson Yunkaporta

(2021), Vol. 29, pp. 32-46, International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education, Sydney, N.S.W., C1

journal article

Out of the Black Box: Indigenous Protocols for AI

Angela Abdilla, Megan Kelleher, Rick Shaw, Tyson Yunkaporta

(2021), pp. 1-18, UNESCO Report, [Paris, France], A6

research report/technical paper

A Conversation About Indigenous Pedagogy, Neuroscience and Material Thinking

Tyson Yunkaporta, John Rae, Natalia Bilton

(2020), pp. 85-97, Teaching Aboriginal Cultural Competence, Singapore, B1

book chapter

Molecular decolonization: An indigenous microcosm perspective of planetary health

N Redvers, M Bird, D Quinn, T Yunkaporta, K Arabena

(2020), Vol. 17, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Switzerland, C1

journal article


Tyson Yunkaporta

(2020), Vol. 55, pp. 25-28, Imprint, Melbourne, Vic., JO3

Non-Traditional Research Output

Sand talk: how indigenous thinking can save the world

Tyson Yunkaporta

(2019), Melbourne, Victoria, A1


An Aboriginal language pedagogy framework for Western New South Wales

T Yunkaporta

(2019), Vol. 3, pp. 130-130, ab-Original, State College, Pa., C1

journal article

First Law

T Yunkaporta

(2019), Melbourne, Vic., JO1

Non-Traditional Research Output

Deadly choices

Tyson Yunkaporta

(2019), Vol. 7, pp. 1-2, Australian Poetry Anthology, Melbourne, Vic., J3

Non-Traditional Research Output

Privacy versus relatedness: managing device use in Australia's remote Aboriginal communities

Ellie Rennie, Tyson Yunkaporta, Indigo Holcombe-James

(2018), Vol. 12, pp. 1291-1309, International journal of communication, Los Angeles, Calif., C1-1

journal article

Cyber safety in remote Aboriginal communities: Final report

Ellie Rennie, T Yunkaporta, Indigo Holcombe-James

(2018), Melbourne, Vic., A6-1

research report/technical paper

Dream Walk

Tyson Yunkaporta

(2018), Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne, JR1

Non-Traditional Research Output

No Cure for Colour Blind

T Yunkaporta

(2018), Vol. 6, pp. 59-59, Australian poetry anthology, Melbourne, Vic., J3

Non-Traditional Research Output

First Law

T Yunkaporta

(2017), Vol. 7, pp. 21-21, Australian poetry journal, Melbourne, Vic., J3

Non-Traditional Research Output

Our ways of learning in Aboriginal languages

T Yunkaporta

(2010), pp. 37-49, Re-awakening languages: theory and practice in the revitalisation of Australia's Indigenous languages, Sydney, N.S.W., B1-1

book chapter

Reclaiming Aboriginal knowledge at the cultural interface

T Yunkaporta, Sue McGinty

(2009), Vol. 36, pp. 55-72, Australian educational researcher, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, C1-1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Australian Spirituality: Wellness, Wellbeing and Risks

A/Prof Anna Halafoff, Prof Cristina Rocha, Prof Andrew Singleton, Dr Tyson Yunkaporta, Prof Lori Beaman, Prof Paul Bramadat, A/Prof Mar Griera

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Dr Tyson Yunkaporta

Paul Kearney (Kearney Group Pty Ltd)

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Dr Tyson Yunkaporta, Dr John Davis, Dr Chels Marshall, A/Prof Gabrielle Fletcher

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience Indigenous Corporation (AIME Mentoring)

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Principal Supervisor

Kelly Louise Menzel

Thesis entitled: Stirred, not shaken: An Aboriginal Woman's experience of the Academy

Doctor of Philosophy, NIKERI Institute