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Two time scales model based robust tracking control of MBTs autoloaders with oscillatory chassis and flexible joint

Yufei Guo, V Huynh, Zhigang Wang

(2020), Nonlinear Dynamics of Structures, Systems and Devices Proceedings of the International Nonlinear Dynamics Conference (NODYCON 2019), Volume I, Rome, Italy, E1


Design of observers for positive systems with delayed input and output information

Van Huynh, Adetokunbo Arogbonlo, Hieu Trinh, Amanullah Oo

(2020), Vol. 67, pp. 107-111, IEEE transactions on circuits and systems II: express briefs, Piscataway, N.J., C1


Robust tracking control of MBT autoloaders with oscillatory chassis and compliant actuators

Y Guo, B Xi, V Huynh, Z Wang

(2020), Vol. 99, pp. 2185-2200, Nonlinear Dynamics, Berlin, Germany, C1


On Static and Dynamic Triggered Mechanisms for Event-Triggered Control of Uncertain Systems

Dinh Huong, Van Huynh, Hieu Trinh

(2020), pp. 1-19, Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, Berlin, Germany, C1


Dynamic event-triggered state observers for a class of nonlinear systems with time delays and disturbances

D Huong, Van Huynh, H Trinh

(2020), pp. 1-5, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, Piscataway, N.J., C1


Functional Observers Design for Positive Systems with Delays and Unknown Inputs

Adetokunbo Arogbonlo, Van Huynh, Amanullah Oo, Hieu Trinh

(2020), IET Control Theory and Applications, C1


Integral outputs-based robust state observers design for time-delay systems

D Huong, V Huynh, H Trinh

(2019), Vol. 57, pp. 2214-2239, SIAM journal on control and optimization, Philadelphia, Pa., C1


Static output feedback control of positive linear systems with output time delays

V Huynh, C Nguyen, H Trinh

(2019), Vol. 50, pp. 2815-2823, International Journal of Systems Science, London, Eng., C1


Eigenvalue assignment for positive observers and its feasibility

V Huynh, H Trinh

(2017), Vol. 36, pp. 10-17, European journal of control, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Design and development of a low-cost autonomous surface vehicle

G Thirunavukkarasu, L Patrick, B Champion, L Chua, V Huynh, M Joordens

(2017), pp. 1-6, SoSE 2017 : Proceedings of the 2017 12th System of Systems Engineering Conference, Waikoloa, Hawaii, E1


Transformation in engineering education - a case study of remote learning experiences in China

V Huynh, S Chandrasekaran, J Long, Y Guo, I Gibson

(2017), pp. 677-686, AAEE 2017 : Integrated engineering : Proceedings of the 28th Australasian Association for Engineering Education Annual Conference, Sydney, N.S.W., E1


A robust hybrid watermarking scheme based on DCT and SVD for copyright protection of stereo images

P Vo, T Nguyen, V Huynh, T Do

(2017), pp. 331-335, NICS 2017 : Proceedings of the 2017 4th NAFOSTED Conference on Information and Computer Science, Hanoi, Vietnam, E1-1


Predictive motion planning for AUVs subject to strong time-varying currents and forecasting uncertainties

V Huynh, M Dunbabin, R Smith

(2015), pp. 1144-1151, ICRA 2015 : Proceedings of the IEEE Robotics and Automation 2015 International Conference, Seattle, Wash., E1-1


Controlling buoyancy-driven profiling floats for applications in ocean observation

R Smith, V Huynh

(2014), Vol. 39, pp. 571-586, IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, United States, C1-1


Convergence-guaranteed time-varying RRT path planning for profiling floats in 4-dimensional flow

V Huynh, M Dunbabin, R Smith

(2014), pp. 1-9, ACRA 2014 : Proceedings of the Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation 2014, Melbourne, Vic., E1-1


Monocular vision based autonomous navigation for a cost-effective MAV in GPS-denied environments

I Sa, H He, V Huynh, P Corke

(2013), pp. 1355-1360, AIM 2013 : Proceedings of the IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics, Wollongong, N.S.W., E1-1


Reducing actuator switchings for motion control of autonomous underwater vehicles

M Chyba, S Grammatico, V Huynh, J Marriott, B Piccoli, R Smith

(2013), pp. 1406-1411, ACC 2013 : Proceedings of the American Control Conference 2013, Washington, D.C., E1-1


Controlling minimally-actuated vehicles for applications in ocean observation

R Smith, V Huynh

(2012), Vol. 45, pp. 31-36, IFAC Proceedings Volumes : NGCUV 2012 : Proceedings of the Navigation, Guidance & Control of Underwater Vehicles 2012 Workshop, Porto, Portugal, E1-1


A nonlinear PI and backstepping-based controller for tractor-steerable trailers influenced by slip

V Huynh, R Smith, N Kwok, J Katupitiya

(2012), pp. 245-252, ICRA 2012 : Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Saint Paul, Minnesota, E1-1


Derivation of an error model for tractor-trailer path tracking

V Huynh, J Katupitiya, N Kwok, R Eaton

(2010), pp. 60-66, ISKE 2010 : Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE International Conderence on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering, Hangzhou, China, E1-1


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