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nutraceuticals; polyphenols; clinical trials; nutrition; dietetics; ginger


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Nutraceuticals in mood disorders: Current knowledge and future directions

N Travica, S Teasdale, W Marx

(2023), Vol. 36, pp. 54-59, Current Opinion in Psychiatry, United States, C1

journal article

The effect of psychological treatment on repetitive negative thinking in youth depression and anxiety: a meta-analysis and meta-regression

Imogen Bell, Wolfgang Marx, Katherine Nguyen, Sally Grace, John Gleeson, Mario Alvarez-Jimenez

(2023), Vol. 53, pp. 6-16, Psychological Medicine, Cambridge, England, C1

journal article

Validation of the Collaborative Outcomes study on Health and Functioning during Infection Times (COH-FIT) questionnaire for adults

M Solmi, T Thompson, A Estradé, A Agorastos, J Radua, S Cortese, E Dragioti, F Leisch, D Vancampfort, L Thygesen, H Aschauer, M Schlögelhofer, E Aschauer, A Schneeberger, C Huber, G Hasler, P Conus, K Do Cuénod, R von Känel, G Arrondo, P Fusar-Poli, P Gorwood, P Llorca, M Krebs, E Scanferla, T Kishimoto, G Rabbani, K Skonieczna-Żydecka, P Brambilla, A Favaro, A Takamiya, L Zoccante, M Colizzi, J Bourgin, K Kamiński, M Moghadasin, S Seedat, E Matthews, J Wells, E Vassilopoulou, A Gadelha, K Su, J Kwon, M Kim, T Lee, O Papsuev, D Manková, A Boscutti, C Gerunda, D Saccon, E Righi, F Monaco, G Croatto, G Cereda, J Demurtas, N Brondino, N Veronese, P Enrico, P Politi, V Ciappolino, A Pfennig, A Bechdolf, A Meyer-Lindenberg, K Kahl, K Domschke, M Bauer, N Koutsouleris, S Winter, S Borgwardt, I Bitter, J Balazs, P Czobor, Z Unoka, D Mavridis, K Tsamakis, V Bozikas, C Tunvirachaisakul, M Maes, T Rungnirundorn, T Supasitthumrong, A Haque, A Brunoni, C Costardi, F Schuch, G Polanczyk, J Luiz, L Fonseca, L Aparicio, S Valvassori, M Nordentoft, P Vendsborg, S Hoffmann, J Sehli, N Sartorius, S Heuss, D Guinart, J Hamilton, J Kane, J Rubio, M Sand

(2023), Vol. 326, pp. 249-261, Journal of Affective Disorders, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Identifying Future Study Designs for Mental Health and Social Wellbeing Associated with Diets of a Cohort Living in Eco-Regions: Findings from the INSUM Expert Workshop

F Elsner, L Matthiessen, D Średnicka-Tober, W Marx, A O’Neil, A Welch, R Hayhoe, S Higgs, M van Vliet, E Morphew-Lu, R Kazimierczak, R Góralska-Walczak, K Kopczyńska, T Steenbuch Krabbe Bruun, B Rosane, S Gjedsted Bügel, C Strassner

(2023), Vol. 20, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Therapeutic health effects of ginger (Zingiber officinale): updated narrative review exploring the mechanisms of action

Megan Crichton, Skye Marshall, Wolfgang Marx, Elizabeth Isenring, Anna Lohning

(2023), Vol. 81, pp. 1213-1224, Nutrition Reviews, Oxford, Eng., C1

journal article

Soluble Fiber Supplementation and Serum Lipid Profile: A Systematic Review and Dose-Response Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

A Ghavami, R Ziaei, S Talebi, H Barghchi, E Nattagh-Eshtivani, S Moradi, P Rahbarinejad, H Mohammadi, H Ghasemi-Tehrani, W Marx, G Askari

(2023), pp. 1-10, Advances in Nutrition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Peri-Operative Risk Factors Associated with Post-Operative Cognitive Dysfunction (POCD): An Umbrella Review of Meta-Analyses of Observational Studies

N Travica, M Lotfaliany, A Marriott, S Safavynia, M Lane, L Gray, N Veronese, M Berk, D Skvarc, H Aslam, E Gamage, M Formica, K Bishop, W Marx

(2023), Vol. 12, Journal of Clinical Medicine, C1

journal article

Minocycline as Treatment for Psychiatric and Neurological Conditions: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

B Panizzutti, D Skvarc, S Lin, S Croce, A Meehan, C Bortolasci, W Marx, A Walker, K Hasebe, B Kavanagh, M Morris, M Mohebbi, A Turner, L Gray, L Berk, K Walder, M Berk, O Dean

(2023), Vol. 24, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, C1-1

journal article

Metabolically Healthy Overweight and Obesity, Transition to Metabolically Unhealthy Status and Cognitive Function: Results from the Framingham Offspring Study

M Kouvari, N M. D’Cunha, T Tsiampalis, M Zec, D Sergi, N Travica, W Marx, A McKune, D Panagiotakos, N Naumovski

(2023), Vol. 15, pp. 1-10, Nutrients, Basel, Switzerland, C1

journal article

The association of dietary and nutrient patterns on neurocognitive decline: A systematic review of MRI and PET studies

L Arnoldy, S Gauci, L Young, W Marx, H Macpherson, A Pipingas, O Civier, D White

(2023), Vol. 87, pp. 1-30, Ageing Research Reviews, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

The cross-cultural generalizability of cognitive ability measures: A systematic literature review.

C Wilson, S Bowden, L Byrne, N Joshua, W Marx, L Weiss

(2023), Vol. 98, pp. 1-16, Intelligence, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Efficacy of low carbohydrate and ketogenic diets in treating mood and anxiety disorders: Systematic review and implications for clinical practice

D Dietch, J Kerr-Gaffney, M Hockey, W Marx, A Ruusunen, A Young, M Berk, V Mondelli

(2023), Vol. 9, BJPsych Open, C1

journal article

Polyphenols as novel interventions for depression: Exploring the efficacy, mechanisms of action, and implications for future research

E Gamage, R Orr, N Travica, M Lane, T Dissanayaka, J Kim, G Grosso, J Godos, W Marx

(2023), Vol. 151, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, C1

journal article

High ultra-processed food consumption is associated with elevated psychological distress as an indicator of depression in adults from the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study

M Lane, M Lotfaliany, A Hodge, A O'Neil, N Travica, F Jacka, T Rocks, P Machado, M Forbes, D Ashtree, W Marx

(2023), Vol. 335, pp. 57-66, Journal of Affective Disorders, C1

journal article

The distribution of dietary choline intake and serum choline levels in Australian women during pregnancy and associated early life factors

L Staskova, W Marx, S Dawson, M O’Hely, T Mansell, R Saffery, D Burgner, F Collier, B Novakovic, P Vuillermin, C Field, D Dewey, A Ponsonby

(2023), Vol. 62, pp. 2855-2872, European Journal of Nutrition, C1

journal article

Effect of ginger root powder on gastrointestinal bacteria composition, gastrointestinal symptoms, mental health, fatigue, and quality of life: A double-blind placebo-controlled trial

Megan Crichton, Skye Marshall, Wolfgang Marx, Elizabeth Isenring, Xabier Vázquez-Campos, Samantha Dawson, Anna Lohning

(2023), pp. 1-14, Journal of Nutrition, Oxford, Eng., C1

journal article

Mediterranean diet and chronotype: Data from Italian adults and systematic review of observational studies

J Godos, S Castellano, R Ferri, F Caraci, G Lanza, F Scazzina, A Alanazi, W Marx, F Galvano, G Grosso

(2023), Vol. 181, pp. 1-9, Experimental Gerontology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Comorbidity between major depressive disorder and physical diseases: a comprehensive review of epidemiology, mechanisms and management

M Berk, O Köhler-Forsberg, M Turner, B Penninx, A Wrobel, J Firth, A Loughman, N Reavley, J McGrath, N Momen, O Plana-Ripoll, A O'Neil, D Siskind, L Williams, A Carvalho, L Schmaal, A Walker, O Dean, K Walder, L Berk, S Dodd, A Yung, W Marx

(2023), Vol. 22, pp. 366-387, World Psychiatry, London, Eng., C1-1

journal article

The Effect of Green Coffee Bean Extract on Cardiovascular Risk Factors: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

M Pourmasoumi, A Hadi, W Marx, A Najafgholizadeh, S Kaur, A Sahebkar

(2022), Vol. 1328, pp. 323-345, Natural Products and Human Diseases : Pharmacology, Molecular Targets, and Therapeutic Benefits, Cham, Switzerland, B1

book chapter

Inflammatory potential of diet in mental disorders and psychosocial stress

J Davis, H Aslam, F Jacka, W Marx

(2022), pp. 531-563, Diet, Inflammation, and Health, B1

book chapter

Adherence to a healthy lifestyle and multiple sclerosis: a case-control study from the UK Biobank

N Veronese, L Yang, L Piccio, L Smith, J Firth, W Marx, G Giannelli, M Caruso, A Cisternino, M Notarnicola, R Donghia, M Barbagallo, L Fontana

(2022), Vol. 25, pp. 1231-1239, Nutritional Neuroscience, England, C1

journal article

Efficacy of synbiotic interventions on blood pressure: a systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials

A Hadi, M Pourmasoumi, M Kazemi, A Najafgholizadeh, W Marx

(2022), Vol. 62, pp. 5582-5591, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, United States, C1

journal article

Efficacy and safety of biophenol-rich nutraceuticals in adults with inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases or irritable bowel syndrome: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis

J Giang, X Lan, M Crichton, W Marx, S Marshall

(2022), Vol. 79, pp. 76-93, Nutrition and Dietetics, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Lithium therapy and weight change in people with bipolar disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis

S Gomes-da-Costa, W Marx, F Corponi, G Anmella, A Murru, M Pons-Cabrera, A Giménez-Palomo, F Gutiérrez-Arango, C Llach, G Fico, G Kotzalidis, N Verdolini, M Valentí, M Berk, E Vieta, I Pacchiarotti

(2022), Vol. 134, pp. 104266-104266, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, United States, C1

journal article

The influence of childhood trauma on the treatment outcomes of pharmacological and/or psychological interventions for adolescents and adults with bipolar disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis

A Wrobel, A Jayasinghe, S Russell, W Marx, L Alameda, O Dean, S Cotton, M Berk, A Turner

(2022), Vol. 296, pp. 350-362, Journal of Affective Disorders, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Extra virgin olive oil high in polyphenols improves antioxidant status in adults: a double-blind, randomized, controlled, cross-over study (OLIVAUS)

K Sarapis, E George, W Marx, H Mayr, J Willcox, T Esmaili, K Powell, O Folasire, A Lohning, M Garg, C Thomas, C Itsiopoulos, G Moschonis

(2022), Vol. 61, pp. 1073-1086, European Journal of Nutrition, Germany, C1

journal article

Intertwined associations between oxidative and nitrosative stress and endocannabinoid system pathways: Relevance for neuropsychiatric disorders

G Morris, K Walder, M Berk, A Carvalho, W Marx, C Bortolasci, A Yung, B Puri, M Maes

(2022), Vol. 114, pp. 1-17, Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Neurofilament light protein as a biomarker in depression and cognitive function

N Travica, M Berk, W Marx

(2022), Vol. 35, pp. 30-37, Current Opinion in Psychiatry, Philadelphia, Pa., C1

journal article

Maternal inflammatory and omega-3 fatty acid pathways mediate the association between socioeconomic disadvantage and childhood cognition

W Marx, S Thomson, M O'Hely, C Symeonides, F Collier, M Tang, A Loughman, D Burgner, R Saffery, C Pham, T Mansell, P Sly, P Vuillermin, S Ranganathan, A Ponsonby

(2022), Vol. 100, pp. 211-218, Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, C1

journal article

Physical and mental health impact of COVID-19 on children, adolescents, and their families: The Collaborative Outcomes study on Health and Functioning during Infection Times - Children and Adolescents (COH-FIT-C&A)

M Solmi, A Estradé, T Thompson, A Agorastos, J Radua, S Cortese, E Dragioti, F Leisch, D Vancampfort, L Thygesen, H Aschauer, M Schloegelhofer, E Akimova, A Schneeberger, C Huber, G Hasler, P Conus, K Cuénod, R von Känel, G Arrondo, P Fusar-Poli, P Gorwood, P Llorca, M Krebs, E Scanferla, T Kishimoto, G Rabbani, K Skonieczna-Żydecka, P Brambilla, A Favaro, A Takamiya, L Zoccante, M Colizzi, J Bourgin, K Kamiński, M Moghadasin, S Seedat, E Matthews, J Wells, E Vassilopoulou, A Gadelha, K Su, J Kwon, M Kim, T Lee, O Papsuev, D Manková, A Boscutti, C Gerunda, D Saccon, E Righi, F Monaco, G Croatto, G Cereda, J Demurtas, N Brondino, N Veronese, P Enrico, P Politi, V Ciappolino, A Pfennig, A Bechdolf, A Meyer-Lindenberg, K Kahl, K Domschke, M Bauer, N Koutsouleris, S Winter, S Borgwardt, I Bitter, J Balazs, P Czobor, Z Unoka, D Mavridis, K Tsamakis, V Bozikas, C Tunvirachaisakul, M Maes, T Rungnirundorn, T Supasitthumrong, A Haque, A Brunoni, C Costardi, F Schuch, G Polanczyk, J Luiz, L Fonseca, L Aparicio, S Valvassori, M Nordentoft, P Vendsborg, S Hoffmann, J Sehli, N Sartorius, S Heuss, D Guinart, J Hamilton, J Kane, J Rubio, M Sand, Wolf Marx

(2022), Vol. 299, pp. 367-376, Journal of Affective Disorders, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

The collaborative outcomes study on health and functioning during infection times in adults (COH-FIT-Adults): Design and methods of an international online survey targeting physical and mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

M Solmi, A Estradé, T Thompson, A Agorastos, J Radua, S Cortese, E Dragioti, F Leisch, D Vancampfort, L Thygesen, H Aschauer, M Schloegelhofer, E Akimova, A Schneeberger, C Huber, G Hasler, P Conus, K Cuénod, R von Känel, G Arrondo, P Fusar-Poli, P Gorwood, P Llorca, M Krebs, E Scanferla, T Kishimoto, G Rabbani, K Skonieczna-Żydecka, P Brambilla, A Favaro, A Takamiya, L Zoccante, M Colizzi, J Bourgin, K Kamiński, M Moghadasin, S Seedat, E Matthews, J Wells, E Vassilopoulou, A Gadelha, K Su, J Kwon, M Kim, T Lee, O Papsuev, D Manková, A Boscutti, C Gerunda, D Saccon, E Righi, F Monaco, G Croatto, G Cereda, J Demurtas, N Brondino, N Veronese, P Enrico, P Politi, V Ciappolino, A Pfennig, A Bechdolf, A Meyer-Lindenberg, K Kahl, K Domschke, M Bauer, N Koutsouleris, S Winter, S Borgwardt, I Bitter, J Balazs, P Czobor, Z Unoka, D Mavridis, K Tsamakis, V Bozikas, C Tunvirachaisakul, M Maes, T Rungnirundorn, T Supasitthumrong, A Haque, A Brunoni, C Costardi, F Schuch, G Polanczyk, J Luiz, L Fonseca, L Aparicio, S Valvassori, M Nordentoft, P Vendsborg, S Hoffmann, J Sehli, N Sartorius, S Heuss, D Guinart, J Hamilton, J Kane, J Rubio, M Sand, Michael Berk

(2022), Vol. 299, pp. 393-407, Journal of Affective Disorders, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Metabolic Syndrome, Cognitive Impairment and the Role of Diet: A Narrative Review

M Kouvari, N D’cunha, N Travica, D Sergi, M Zec, W Marx, N Naumovski

(2022), Vol. 14, pp. 1-21, Nutrients, Basel, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Orally consumed ginger and human health: an umbrella review

Megan Crichton, Alexandra Davidson, Celia Innerarity, Wolfgang Marx, Anna Lohning, Elizabeth Isenring, Skye Marshall

(2022), Vol. 115, pp. 1511-1527, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Oxford, Eng., C1

journal article

A systematic review of gut microbiota composition in observational studies of major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

A McGuinness, J Davis, S Dawson, A Loughman, F Collier, M O’Hely, C Simpson, J Green, W Marx, C Hair, G Guest, M Mohebbi, M Berk, D Stupart, D Watters, F Jacka

(2022), Vol. 27, pp. 1920-1935, Molecular Psychiatry, C1

journal article

Clinician guidelines for the treatment of psychiatric disorders with nutraceuticals and phytoceuticals: The World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP) and Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments (CANMAT) Taskforce

J Sarris, A Ravindran, L Yatham, W Marx, J Rucklidge, R McIntyre, S Akhondzadeh, F Benedetti, C Caneo, H Cramer, L Cribb, M de Manincor, O Dean, A Deslandes, M Freeman, B Gangadhar, B Harvey, S Kasper, J Lake, A Lopresti, L Lu, N Metri, D Mischoulon, C Ng, D Nishi, R Rahimi, S Seedat, J Sinclair, K Su, Z Zhang, M Berk

(2022), pp. 1-32, World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Inflammation and Nitro-oxidative Stress as Drivers of Endocannabinoid System Aberrations in Mood Disorders and Schizophrenia

G Morris, L Sominsky, K Walder, M Berk, W Marx, A Carvalho, C Bortolasci, M Maes, B Puri

(2022), Vol. 59, pp. 3485-3503, Molecular Neurobiology, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

Infant inflammation predicts childhood emotional and behavioral problems and partially mediates socioeconomic disadvantage

C Pham, S Bekkering, M O'Hely, D Burgner, S Thomson, P Vuillermin, F Collier, W Marx, T Mansell, C Symeonides, P Sly, M Tang, R Saffery, A Ponsonby

(2022), Vol. 104, pp. 83-94, Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, C1

journal article

Associations of Total Protein or Animal Protein Intake and Animal Protein Sources with Risk of Kidney Stones: A Systematic Review and Dose-Response Meta-Analysis

F Asoudeh, S Talebi, A Jayedi, W Marx, M Najafi, H Mohammadi

(2022), Vol. 13, pp. 821-832, Advances in Nutrition, United States, C1

journal article

The Effects of Dietary Advanced Glycation End-Products on Neurocognitive and Mental Disorders

N D’cunha, D Sergi, M Lane, N Naumovski, E Gamage, A Rajendran, M Kouvari, S Gauci, T Dissanayka, W Marx, N Travica

(2022), Vol. 14, pp. 1-22, Nutrients, Basel, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Ultra‐Processed Food Consumption and Mental Health: A Systematic Review and Meta‐Analysis of Observational Studies

M Lane, E Gamage, N Travica, T Dissanayaka, D Ashtree, S Gauci, M Lotfaliany, A O’neil, F Jacka, W Marx

(2022), Vol. 14, Nutrients, C1

journal article

Brain derived neurotrophic factor in perioperative neurocognitive disorders: Current evidence and future directions

N Travica, H Aslam, A O'Neil, M Lane, M Berk, E Gamage, K Walder, Z Liu, T Segasby, W Marx

(2022), Vol. 193, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, C1

journal article

The effect of vitamin D supplementation on depressive symptoms in adults: A systematic review and meta‐analysis of randomized controlled trials

T Mikola, W Marx, M Lane, M Hockey, A Loughman, S Rajapolvi, T Rocks, A O’Neil, D Mischoulon, M Valkonen-Korhonen, S Lehto, A Ruusunen

(2022), Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, C1

journal article

Higher Ultra-Processed Food Consumption Is Associated with Greater High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein Concentration in Adults: Cross-Sectional Results from the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study

M Lane, M Lotfaliany, M Forbes, A Loughman, T Rocks, A O’Neil, P Machado, F Jacka, A Hodge, W Marx

(2022), Vol. 14, Nutrients, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Urinary sodium concentration predicts time to major adverse coronary events and all-cause mortality in men with heart failure over a 28-33-year period: a prospective cohort study

A Ganes, J Davis, J Virtanen, A Voutilainen, T Tuomainen, J Atherton, J Amerena, A Driscoll, D Hare, G Wittert, A Ruusunen, W Marx, M Mohebbi, A O’Neil

(2022), Vol. 22, BMC Cardiovascular Disorders, England, C1

journal article

Clinical guidelines for the use of lifestyle-based mental health care in major depressive disorder: World Federation of Societies for Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP) and Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) taskforce

W Marx, S Manger, M Blencowe, G Murray, F Ho, S Lawn, J Blumenthal, F Schuch, B Stubbs, A Ruusunen, H Desyibelew, T Dinan, F Jacka, A Ravindran, M Berk, A O’Neil

(2022), World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, England, C1

journal article

Digital health experiences reported in chronic disease management: An umbrella review of qualitative studies

M Taylor, E Thomas, K Vitangcol, W Marx, K Campbell, L Caffery, H Haydon, A Smith, J Kelly

(2022), Vol. 28, pp. 705-717, Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Food insecurity is associated with the sleep quality and quantity in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis

S Mazloomi, S Talebi, M Kazemi, S Ghoreishy, S Moosavian, P Amirian, H Mohammadi, S Nouri-Majd, W Marx, M Hojjati Kermani, S Moradi

(2022), Public Health Nutrition, England, C1

journal article

Extra-virgin olive oil improves HDL lipid fraction but not HDL-mediated cholesterol efflux capacity: a double-blind, randomized, controlled, cross-over study (OLIVAUS)

K Sarapis, E George, W Marx, H Mayr, J Willcox, K Powell, O Folasire, A Lohning, L Prendergast, C Itsiopoulos, C Thomas, G Moschonis

(2022), British Journal of Nutrition, England, C1

journal article

Dietary Inflammatory Index and the Risk of Frailty Among Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

S Moradi, A Hadi, H Mohammadi, O Asbaghi, M Zobeiri, W Marx, M Entezari

(2021), Vol. 43, pp. 323-331, Research on Aging, United States, C1

journal article

A Systematic Review of Nutraceuticals for the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

M Ashton, B Kavanagh, W Marx, M Berk, J Sarris, C Ng, M Hopwood, L Williams, O Dean

(2021), Vol. 66, pp. 262-273, Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, United States, C1

journal article

Preventing the development of severe COVID-19 by modifying immunothrombosis

G Morris, C Bortolasci, B Puri, L Olive, W Marx, A O'Neil, E Athan, A Carvalho, M Maes, K Walder, M Berk

(2021), Vol. 264, Life Sciences, Netherlands, C1

journal article

Diet and depression: exploring the biological mechanisms of action

W Marx, M Lane, M Hockey, H Aslam, M Berk, K Walder, A Borsini, J Firth, C Pariante, K Berding, J Cryan, G Clarke, J Craig, K Su, D Mischoulon, F Gomez-Pinilla, J Foster, P Cani, S Thuret, H Staudacher, A Sánchez-Villegas, H Arshad, T Akbaraly, A O’Neil, T Segasby, F Jacka

(2021), Vol. 26, pp. 134-150, Molecular Psychiatry, England, C1

journal article

Ultraprocessed food and chronic noncommunicable diseases: A systematic review and meta-analysis of 43 observational studies

M Lane, J Davis, S Beattie, C Gómez-Donoso, A Loughman, A O'Neil, F Jacka, M Berk, R Page, W Marx, T Rocks

(2021), Vol. 22, Obesity Reviews, England, C1

journal article

The kynurenine pathway in major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia: a meta-analysis of 101 studies

W Marx, A McGuinness, T Rocks, A Ruusunen, J Cleminson, A Walker, S Gomes-da-Costa, M Lane, M Sanches, A Diaz, P Tseng, P Lin, M Berk, G Clarke, A O’Neil, F Jacka, B Stubbs, A Carvalho, J Quevedo, J Soares, B Fernandes

(2021), Vol. 26, pp. 4158-4178, Molecular Psychiatry, England, C1

journal article

Increasing Nrf2 Activity as a Treatment Approach in Neuropsychiatry

G Morris, A Walker, K Walder, M Berk, W Marx, A Carvalho, M Maes, B Puri

(2021), Vol. 58, pp. 2158-2182, Molecular Neurobiology, United States, C1

journal article

Prebiotic and probiotic supplementation and the tryptophan-kynurenine pathway: a systematic review and meta analysis

T Purton, L Staskova, M Lane, S Dawson, M West, J Firth, G Clarke, J Cryan, M Berk, A O'Neil, O Dean, A Hadi, C Honan, W Marx

(2021), Vol. 123, pp. 1-13, Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Classic serotonergic psychedelics for mood and depressive symptoms: a meta-analysis of mood disorder patients and healthy participants

N Galvão-Coelho, W Marx, M Gonzalez, J Sinclair, M de Manincor, D Perkins, J Sarris

(2021), Vol. 238, pp. 341-354, Psychopharmacology, Germany, C1

journal article

Plant-based Medicines (Phytoceuticals) in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders: A Meta-review of Meta-analyses of Randomized Controlled Trials: Les médicaments à base de plantes (phytoceutiques) dans le traitement des troubles psychiatriques: une méta-revue des méta-analyses d'essais randomisés contrôlés

J Sarris, W Marx, M Ashton, C Ng, N Galvao-Coelho, Z Ayati, Z Zhang, S Kasper, A Ravindran, B Harvey, A Lopresti, D Mischoulon, J Amsterdam, L Yatham, M Berk

(2021), Vol. 66, pp. 849-862, Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, United States, C1

journal article

The effect of soy products on circulating adiponectin and leptin concentration in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

S Moosavian, M Rahimlou, O Asbaghi, S Moradi, W Marx, Z Paknahad

(2021), Vol. 75, International Journal of Clinical Practice, England, C1

journal article

Diet and the Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis: Sowing the Seeds of Good Mental Health

Kirsten Berding, Klara Vlckova, Wolfgang Marx, Harriet Schellekens, Catherine Stanton, Gerard Clarke, Felice Jacka, Timothy Dinan, John Cryan

(2021), Vol. 12, pp. 1239-1285, Advances in Nutrition, Oxford, Eng., C1

journal article

"It's natural so it shouldn't hurt me": Chemotherapy patients' perspectives, experiences, and sources of information of complementary and alternative medicines

M Crichton, K Strike, E Isenring, A McCarthy, W Marx, A Lohning, S Marshall

(2021), Vol. 43, Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, England, C1

journal article

The Dietary Inflammatory Index and Human Health: An Umbrella Review of Meta-Analyses of Observational Studies

W Marx, N Veronese, J Kelly, L Smith, M Hockey, S Collins, G Trakman, E Hoare, S Teasdale, A Wade, M Lane, H Aslam, J Davis, A O'neil, N Shivappa, J Hebert, L Blekkenhorst, M Berk, T Segasby, F Jacka

(2021), Vol. 12, pp. 1681-1690, Advances in Nutrition, United States, C1

journal article

Effect of Probiotic Consumption on Immune Response in Athletes: A Meta-analysis

R Tavakoly, A Hadi, N Rafie, B Talaei, W Marx, A Arab

(2021), Vol. 42, pp. 769-781, International Journal of Sports Medicine, Germany, C1

journal article

Diet and mental health

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(2021), Vol. 32, pp. 100-112, Mod Trends Psychiatry, Basel, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Polyphenols as adjunctive treatments in psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders: Efficacy, mechanisms of action, and factors influencing inter-individual response

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journal article

The cytokine storms of COVID-19, H1N1 influenza, CRS and MAS compared. Can one sized treatment fit all?

G Morris, C Bortolasci, B Puri, W Marx, A O'Neil, E Athan, K Walder, M Berk, L Olive, A Carvalho, M Maes

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journal article

Nutraceuticals as potential targets for the development of a functional beverage for improving sleep quality

A Bulman, N D’cunha, W Marx, A McKune, R Jani, N Naumovski

(2021), Vol. 7, Beverages, C1

journal article

The Effect of Adjunctive Mangosteen Pericarp on Cognition in People With Schizophrenia: Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial

W Marx, D Skvarc, M Mohebbi, A Walker, A Meehan, A Turner, A Baker, S Dodd, S Cotton, J Scott, B Kavanagh, M Ashton, E Brown, J McGrath, M Berk, O Dean

(2021), Vol. 12, Frontiers in Psychiatry, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Baseline serum amino acid levels predict treatment response to augmentation with N-acetylcysteine (NAC) in a bipolar disorder randomised trial

C Bortolasci, A Turner, M Mohebbi, Z Liu, M Ashton, L Gray, W Marx, A Walker, G Kowalski, F Jacka, M Berk, O Dean, K Walder

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journal article

The effects of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.) on depression and anxiety in clinical trials: A systematic review and meta-analysis

J Ghazizadeh, S Sadigh-Eteghad, W Marx, A Fakhari, S Hamedeyazdan, M Torbati, S Taheri-Tarighi, M Araj-khodaei, M Mirghafourvand

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journal article

Associations between indicators of diet quality and psychological distress, depression and anxiety in emerging adults: Results from a nationally representative observational sample

S Collins, M Lotfalian, W Marx, M Lane, S Allender, F Jacka, E Hoare

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journal article

Designing lifestyle interventions for common mental disorders: What can we learn from diabetes prevention programs?

R Opie, F Jacka, W Marx, T Rocks, C Young, A O’neil

(2021), Vol. 13, Nutrients, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Universal depression prevention: An umbrella review of meta-analyses

E Hoare, S Collins, W Marx, E Callaly, R Moxham-Smith, P Cuijpers, A Holte, A Nierenberg, N Reavley, H Christensen, C Reynolds, A Carvalho, F Jacka, M Berk

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journal article

Prevalence of food insecurity in people with major depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia and related psychoses: A systematic review and meta-analysis

S Teasdale, A Müller-Stierlin, A Ruusunen, M Eaton, W Marx, J Firth

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journal article

Glucosinolates From Cruciferous Vegetables and Their Potential Role in Chronic Disease: Investigating the Preclinical and Clinical Evidence

E Connolly, M Sim, N Travica, W Marx, G Beasy, G Lynch, C Bondonno, J Lewis, J Hodgson, L Blekkenhorst

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journal article

Y Machine learning risk prediction of mortality for patients undergoing surgery with perioperative SARS-CoV-2: the COVIDSurg mortality score

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Bartolini, C Bergamini, A Bruscino, C Checcucci, R De Vincenti, A Di Bella, M Fambrini, L Fortuna, G Maltinti, P Muiesan, F Petraglia, P Prosperi, M Ringressi, M Risaliti, F Sorbi, A Taddei, V Lizzi, F Vovola, A Arminio, A Cotoia, A Sarni, P Familiari, G D'Andrea, V Picotti, F Bambina, T Fontana, F Barra, S Ferrero, C Gustavino, C Kratochwila, A Ferraiolo, S Costantini, P Batistotti, A Aprile, C Almondo, L Ball, C Robba, S Scabini, D Pertile, A Massobrio, D Soriero, S D'Ugo, N Depalma, M Spampinato, L Lippa, C Gambacciani, O Santonocito, F Aquila, F Pieri, M Ballabio, P Bisagni, M Longhi, T Armao, M Madonini, A Gagliano, P Pizzini, A Costanzi, M Confalonieri, M Monteleone, G Colletti, C Frattaruolo, G Mari, A Spinelli, G Mercante, G Spriano, F Gaino, F Ferreli, A De Virgilio, V Rossi, M Carvello, F Di Candido, H Kurihara, E Marrano, G Torzilli, C Castoro, F Carrano, F Martinelli, A Macchi, M Fiore, S Pasquali, S Cioffi, M Baia, C Abatini, C Sarre, A Mosca, D Biasoni, A Gronchi, D 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Piccirillo, R Palaia, E Francone, S Gentilli, H Nikaj, A Fiorini, C Norcini, A Chessa, M Marino, A Mirabella, G Vaccarella, L Musini, L Ampollini, M Bergonzani, A Varazzani, L Bellanti, M Domenichini, E Cabrini, A Fornasari, A Freyrie, D Dejana, G D'Angelo, G Bertoli, F Di Lella, G Bocchialini, M Falcioni, D Lanfranco, T Poli, M Giuffrida, A Annicchiarico, G Perrone, F Catena, A Raffaele, A Garberini, E Baldini, L Conti, M Ribolla, P Capelli, S Isolani, P Maniscalco, M Cauteruccio, C Ciatti, C Pagliarello, S Gattoni, R Galleano, M Malerba, M Ciciliot, F Farnesi, M Calabro, N Federico, E Lunghi, A Muratore, G Di Franco, M Palmeri, D Tartaglia, F Coccolini, M Chiarugi, T Simoncini, A Gadducci, M Caretto, A Giannini, A Perutelli, L Domenici, S Garibaldi, R Capanna, L Andreani, N Furbetta, S Guadagni, M Bianchini, D Gianardi, E Pinotti, M Montuori, F Carissimi, G Baronio, M Zizzo, C Ruiz, V Annessi, M Montella, G Falco, S Mele, G Ferrari, V Mastrofilippo, V Mandato, L Aguzzoli, C Corbellini, C Baldi, G Sampietro, G Palini, N Zanini, G Garulli, R Barone, A Murgese, S Mungo, M Grasso, C Marafante, S Birolo, E Moggia, M Caccetta, A Masciandaro, A Deirino, M Garino, R Perinotti, F Maiello, L Gordini, C Lombardi, F Marzi, A Marra, C Ratto, M Di Muro, F Litta, V De Simone, V Cozza, F Rosa, A Agnes, A Parello, S Alfieri, G Sganga, P Lapolla, A Mingoli, G De Toma, E Fiori, F La Torre, P Sapienza, G Brachini, B Cirillo, I Iannone, M Zambon, A Chiappini, S Meneghini, G Fonsi, P Cicerchia, P Bruzzaniti, A Santoro, A Frati, G Marruzzo, D Ribuffo, A Sagnotta, L Cosentino, S Mancini, G Lisi, D Spoletini, V Bellato, M Campanelli, G Sica, L Siragusa, L Bonavina, E Asti, D Bernardi, A Lovece, T Perra, A Porcu, A Fancellu, C Feo, A Scanu, F Tuminello, A Franceschi, A Langone, F Fleres, A Spolini, P Bordoni, M Franzini, G Clarizia, A Grechi, A Longhini, E Guaitoli, G Manca, U Grossi, S Novello, G Zanus, M Romano, S Rossi, G Pirozzolo, A Recordare, S Paiella, G Turri, S Rattizzato, T Campagnaro, A Guglielmi, C Pedrazzani, A Ruzzenente, E Poletto, S Conci, L Casetti, M Fontana, R Salvia, G Malleo, A Esposito, L Landoni, M De Pastena, C Bassi, M Tuveri, S Nobile, G Marchegiani, L Bortolasi, F Ferrara, M La Torre, E Sambugaro, M Malavolta, G Moretto, H Impellizzeri, M Inama, G Barugola, F Ascari, G Ruffo, S Granieri, C Cotsoglou, M Berselli, M Desio, V Marchionini, E Cocozza, S Di Saverio, G Ietto, D Iovino, G Carcano, F Ayasra, A Qasem, Y Ayasra, M Al-Masri, M Abou Chaar, H Al-Najjar, K Ghandour, F Alawneh, R Jalil, S Al Abdel, M Elayyan, R Ghanem, I Lataifeh, O Alsaraireh, F Abu Za'nouneh, T Fahmawee, A Ibrahim, K Obeidat, K Lee, S Shin, H Chung, I Albader, J Alabbad, M Albader, A Bouhuwaish, A Taher, M Omar, E Abdulwahed, M Biala, M Morgom, A Elhadi, A Alarabi, A Msherghi, F Elhajdawe, A Alsoufi, A Salamah, H Salama, M Bulugma, H Almabrouk, D Venskutonis, E Dainius, E Kubiliute, S Bradulskis, A Parseliunas, J Kutkevicius, A Subocius, Y Cheong, M Masood, C Ngo, R Saravanan, N Maei, F Hayati, N Sahid, G Reyes, J Orozco Perez, R Damian, R Santana Ortiz, C Colunga Tinajero, F Cordera, A Gomez-Pedraza, A Maffuz-Aziz, J Posada, M De la Rosa Abaroa, M Alvarez, R Arrangoiz, R Hernandez, K Bozada Gutierrez, M Trejo-Avila, C Valenzuela-Salazar, J Herrera-Esquivel, M Moreno-Portillo, V Pinto-Angulo, E Sosa-Duran, H Ziad-Aboharp, X Jimenez Villanueva, C Soule Martinez, A Lupian-Angulo, J Martinez Zarate, E Reyes Rodriguez, G Montalvo Dominguez, F Becerra Garcia, J Melchor-Ruan, D Vilar-Compte, E Romero-Banuelos, A Herrera-Gomez, A Meneses-Garcia, D Isla-Ortiz, R Salcedo-Hernandez, J Hernandez-Nava, J Morales-Castelan, O Posadas-Trujillo, G Buerba, A Alfaro-Goldaracena, E Pena Gomez-Portugal, G Lopez-Pena, C Hinojosa, M Mercado, A Ramos-De la Medina, L Martinez, I Duran, D Gonzalez, M Martinez, A Sainz de la Fuente, L Miguelena, L Hernandez Miguelena, S Louraoui, A El Azhari, M Rghioui, E Khya, A Ghannam, A Souadka, B El Ahmadi, Z Belkhadir, M Majbar, A Benkabbou, R Mohsine, M Oudrhiri, H Bechri, Y Arkha, A El Ouahabi, H Frima, S Bachiri, L Groen, T Verhagen, F ter Brugge, J Scheijmans, M Boermeester, R Hompes, E Meima-van Praag, S Sharabiany, A Borgstein, S Gisbertz, M Henegouwen, S Gans, P Van Duijvendijk, T Herklots, T De Hoop, M De Graaff, D Sloothaak, M Bolster-van Eenennaam, J Baaij, J Klinkenbijl, R Van Eekeren, E Bilgen, S Van der Burg, N Harlaar, F Jonker, M Vermaas, K Voigt, D Nellensteijn, E Bensi, L Posma-Bouman, M Van Sambeek, M Holscher, W Van den den Broek, S Kruijff, J De Vries, P Steinkamp, P Jonker, W Van der Plas, W Bierman, Y Janssen, J Franken, S Oosterling, E Boerma, D Schweitzer, M Keulen, S Ketting, J Wegdam, T Reilingh, E Schipper, P Teeuwen, E Hendriks, A Van Geloven, M Emous, R Poelstra, M Teunissen, S Gerritsen, D Boerma, P De Reuver, F Thunnissen, B Vermeulen, A Groen, T Van Ginhoven, C Vietor, M van der Oest, P Vriens, T Houwen, J Heisterkamp, A van Petersen, W van der Meij, C Stevens, A Pronk, W Bakker, M Richir, M Vriens, M Filipe, M Uittenbogaart, W Leclercq, J Sijmons, P Vancoillie, J Konsten, M Van Heinsbergen, N Dekker, F den Boer, A Akinmade, A Adeyeye, E Enoch, S Fayose, A Okunlola, A Adeniyi, O Adeyemo, I Adebara, A Bakare, O Babalola, O Abiyere, O Banjo, S Olori, O Akaba, E Agida, I Abdullahi, I Egbuchulem, D Olulana, T Lawal, O Ogundoyin, O Oyelakin, O Nwaorgu, S Sule, C Makwe, B Afolabi, J Seyi-Olajide, A Ademuyiwa, C Bode, O Atoyebi, O Elebute, A Okunowo, O Williams, N Eke, O Oshodi, O Faboya, A Adeniran, O Omisanjo, Y Oshodi, A Ogunyemi, K Atobatele, I Aremu, O Olasehinde, L Abdur-Rahman, J Bello, A Popoola, T Sayomi, H Raji, N Adeleke, B Lawal, O Habeeb, O Agodirin, M Tolani, T Sholadoye, S Nwabuoku, M Abubakar, T Risteski, V Naunova, L Jovcheski, E Lazova, I Agledahl, R Breuer, J Massoud, S Waqar, I Rashid, A Ayubi, A Bhatti, M Younis, A Ghouri, B Ayub, R Sayyed, A Saleem, K Turk, A Alvi, J Abassy, S Khan, M Arshad, K Ahmed, T Siddiqui, A Pirzada, A Kerawala, A Jamal, L Rai, R Ahmed, A Memon, A Qureshi, M Ayyaz, M Umar, U Butt, M Kashif, W Khan, M Farooka, T Wasim, N Talat, W Tahir, J Naseem, A Akbar, S Afroze, L Ali, A Sultan, H Ali, M Janjua, A Janjua, S Asghar, M Farooq, M Sarwar, S Naqi, K Gondal, S Bukhari, M Tariq, S Javed, E Yaqoob, U Mahmood, K Shabbir, S Abukhalaf, A Amro, J Lee, A Aguilar, E Rodriguez, K Castillo, M Cukier, H Rodriguez-Zentner, E Arrue, R Isaacs Beron, A Rodriguez Gonzalez, V Panduro-Correa, D Cornelio, C Otiniano Alvarado, V Caballero Sarabia, X Vasquez-Ojeda, G Lizzetti-Mendoza, M Niquen-Jimenez, S Shu-Yip, J Leon Palacios, G Borda-Luque, S Zegarra, E Huaman Egoavil, C Suazo Carmelo, R Castro de la Mata, D Rivas, J Targarona, Y Trujillo, M Olivera Villanueva, A Lahoud-Velaochaga, K Cabillas, W Castaneda, J Colina Casas, J Betalleluz Pallardel, F Camacho Zacarias, E Valez Segura, D Cruz Condori, E Huaman, R Ugarte Oscco, C Vergel Cabrera, Y Carpio Colmenares, L Garcia Barrionuevo, D Cardenas Ruiz de Castilla, P Mansilla Doria, M Li Valencia, A Salazar, A Sarmiento, C Diaz, E Morales, E Ore, H Zegarra, J Siccha, M Guardia, M Sandoval, G Mendiola, M Mimbela, R Diaz-Ruiz, L Zeta, E Cordova-Calle, H Nunez, M Ortiz-Argomedo, J Caballero-Alvarado, A Salazar-Tantalean, R Espinoza-Llerena, M Aliaga-Ramos, O Asodisen, E Jabagat, C Tedoy, R Ramos, M Lopez, K Violago, R Aram, P Carlos Santos, R Filarca, A Carlos, P Santos, R Filarca, E Domingo, K Khu, M Lapitan, M Sacdalan, M Kho, R Baticulon, S Bravo, M Cueto, C Ramos, J Fuentes, H Sadian, A Gumarao, A Barraquio, E Cruz, A Gonzales, J Reyes, J Salud, E Tancinco, R Rivera, J Lim, J Barcelon, J Chiu, M Carballo, P Major, I Gawron, R Jach, F Borges, P Matos Costa, S Henriques, S Rodrigues, N Goncalves, J Curvas, A Cabeleira, C Branco, P Serralheiro, R Alves, T Teles, A Lazaro, C Canhoto, J Simoes, M Costa, A Almeida, O Nogueira, A Oliveira, R Nemesio, M Silva, C Lopes, M Amaral, A da Costa, R Andrade, R Martins, A Guimaraes, P Guerreiro, A Ruivo, C Camacho, M Duque, E Santos, D Breda, J Oliveira, A De Oliveira Lopez, S Garrido, M Colino, J De Barros, S Correia, M Rodrigues, P Cardoso, J Teixeira, A Soares, H Morais, R Pereira, T Revez, M Manso, J Domingues, P Henriques, R Ribeiro, V Ribeiro, N Cardoso, S Sousa, G dos Santos, L Carvalho, C Osorio, J Antunes, S Lourenco, P Balau, M Godinho, A Pereira, N Silva, A da Silva Andrade, A Pereira Rodrigues, N Borges, J Correia, I Vieira, T Ribeiro, J Catarino, R Correia, F Pais, R Carreira Garcia, R Bento, J Cardoso, M Luis, J Henriques, J Patena Forte, J Maciel, J Pinheiro Santos, T Silva, A Branquinho, A Caiado, P Miranda, R Garrido, M Peralta Ferreira, J Ascensao, B Costeira, C Cunha, L Rio Rodrigues, M Sousa Fernandes, P Azevedo, J Ribeiro, I Lourenco, H Gomes, G Mendinhos, A Nobre Pinto, A Ribeiro, C Gil, C Lima-da-Silva, C Pereira, F Tavares, I Ferraz, J Almeida, J Marialva, L Lopes, M Costa, M Nunes-Coelho, M Teixeira, N Machado, J Alfonso, P Saraiva, R Silva, R Santos, R Almeida-Reis, T Correia-de-Sa, V Fernandes, J Almeida-Pinto, J Goncalves, H Santos-Sousa, S Cavaleiro, A Leite-Moreira, A Pereira-Neves, C Faria, J Monteiro, J Nogueiro, M Sampaio-Alves, M Magalhaes Maia, P Vieira, T Pina-Vaz, F Jacome, V Devezas, A Almeida, H Silveira, S Vaz, S Castanheira Rodrigues, D Costa Santos, J Grilo, A Abreu da Silva, M Claro, A Deus, R Branquinho, P Santos, B Patricio, A Paiva Lopes, J Mendes, M Carvalho, C Oliveira, A Tojal, J Pinto, A Abutaka, A Zarour, M Abdelkareem, S Ali, M Al Tarakji, R Alfkey, K Mukhtar, I Wani, R Singh, N Bouchiba, H Mahdi, S Mustafa, A Al Ansari, R Drasovean, A Caziuc, E Galliamov, M Agapov, V Kakotkin, E Semina, V Kubyshkin, A Kamalov, S Efetov, V Kochetkov, T Garmanova, P Tsarkov, I Tulina, S Rodimov, D Markaryan, E Kazachenko, A Yanishev, A Abelevich, A Bazaev, A Kokobelyan, P Zarubenko, A Zakharenko, A Novikova, G Kim, D Shmatov, M Stoliarov, M Kamenskikh, G Nambi, A Almulhim, T Madkhali, A Alzouhir, A Alissa, E Alameer, M Badedi, A Alnami, H Darraj, A Alkhuzaie, F Khadwardi, M Abualjadayel, W Tashkandi, A Farsi, N Malibary, N Trabulsi, S Farsi, A Bayazeed, M Nasser, M Siddiqui, S Al Awwad, M Alshahrani, F Alsharif, M Fahmi, A Gudal, A Alasmari, S Alqahtani, S Majrashi, A Mashat, R Al Raddadi, A Alharbi, Y Nasser, H Hamayel, A Alhojaili, R Aljohani, O Sogair, O Alfarhan, A Alzahrani, B Alzomaili, M Azab, M Alotaibi, A Maashi, A Zowgar, M Alsakkaf, M Alnemary, S Khayat, S Felmban, A Almhmadi, M Alqannas, D Guiral, M Alyami, A Elawad, A Alhefdhi, F Alresaini, W Kurdi, M Tulbah, M Aldakheel, N Alsahan, S Koussayer, H Elsheikh, M Al-qattan, S Alshanafey, A Rafique, N Mahabbat, B Saeed, E Al-Kharashi, K Alsowaina, N Arab, F Aljaber, I Al Hasan, A Alghamdi, F Badahdah, A Alghuliga, F Abdulfattah, F Alanazi, F Albaqami, A Alsuhaibani, A AlFakhri, S Alqasem, N Alajaji, T Nouh, A Bin Nasser, J Alowais, A Alburakan, O Alamri, A Albdah, K Alawi, M Alshalhoub, K ElSanhoury, A Almofarreh, S Ibrahim, H Elshafie, I Osman, T Guzman, H Mutair, A Siddiqui, S Chowdhury, R Alghamdi, S Almutrafi, J Alfaifi, J D'Souza, A Alshitwi, N Alkreedees, M Alramadhan, M Alshehri, S Alobaysi, A Alshahrani, A Alshehri, M Alrashed, T Altahan, T Alsabahi, R Alhossaini, M Sbaih, Y Alalawi, K Alnwijy, A Al Ayed, S Ghedan, R Alharthi, S Awad, M Sharara, S Abdelrhman, W Althobaiti, L Srbinovic, M Perovic, Z Mikovic, B Nikolic, M Vasiljevic, V Pazin, V Markovic, D Dimitrijevic, N Zecevic, P Gregoric, D Micic, Z Loncar, K Doklestic, N Ivancevic, V Djukic, D Stojakov, R Ilic, P Savic, N Pijanovic, M Milanovic, M Radosavljevic, T Dejanovic, M Kostic, J Paskas, S Bojic, P Stevanovic, M Djuric, M Kadija, G Tulic, I Jovanovic, B Lieske, E Kayombo, I Kruger, M De Kock, A Malan, C Ferreira, H Du Preez, W Mulder, C Noel, S Le Grange, O Lusawana, C Kies, E Steyn, J Janson, J Buitendag, K Chu, M Mihalik, R Nel, S Naidoo, C Kloppers, D Nel, E Jonas, H Pickard, M Bernon, N Almgla, S Rayamajhi, W Mugla, C Carapinha, G Hyman, M Fourtounas, R Moore, A Sanchez Mozo, H Aguado Lopez, A Zarate Pinedo, M Jimenez Toscano, N Alonso de la Fuente, G Mancebo, L Cecchini, M Munarriz, M Cazador Labat, A Lopez Campillo, P Martorell, C Espinosa, P Caja Vivancos, I Villalabeitia Ateca, M Prieto Calvo, H Marin, P Martin Playa, A Gainza, E Aragon Achig, A Rodriguez Fraga, I Melchor Corcostegui, G Mallabiabarrena Ormaechea, J Garcia Gutierrez, L Barbier, M Pesantez Peralta, M Jimenez Jimenez, J Municio Martin, J Gomez Suarez, G Garcia Opere, L Pascua Gomez, M Onate Aguirre, A Fernandez-Colorado, M De la Rosa-Estadella, A Gasulla-Rodriguez, M Serrano-Martin, A Peig-Font, S Junca-Marti, M Juarez-Pomes, S Garrido-Ondono, L Blasco-Torres, M Molina-Corbacho, Y Maldonado-Sotoca, A Gasset-Teixidor, J Blasco-Moreu, L Gomez Fernandez, L Cayetano Paniagua, O Izquierdo, D Ventura, J Castellanos, E Ballester Vazquez, A Sanchez Lopez, C Balague Ponz, E Targarona Soler, S Sanchez Cabus, V Molina Santos, J Gonzalez Lopez, R Medrano Caviedes, A Moral Duarte, E Espin-Basany, G Pellino, R Blanco-Colino, V Turrado-Rodriguez, A Lacy, F de Lacy, X Morales, A Carreras-Castaner, P Torner, M Jornet-Gibert, M Balaguer-Castro, M Renau-Cerrillo, P Camacho-Carrasco, M Vives-Barquiel, B Campuzano-Bitterling, I Gracia, R Pujol-Muncunill, O Martin-Sole, J Rubio-Palau, X Tarrado, L Garcia-Aparicio, I De Haro Jorge, A Martin, J Rojas-Ticona, S Perez-Bertolez, M Cuesta Argos, B Capdevila Vilaro, M Coronas Soucheiron, M Riba Martinez, L Saura Garcia, J Prat Ortells, M Bejarano Serrano, P Parri, C Massaguer, F Vicario, P Palazon Bellver, I Moraleda Gudayol, A Lara, D Escobar, M Arrieta, U Garcia de Cortazar, I Villamor Garcia, A Landaluce-Olavarria, M Gonzalez De Miguel, L Gomez Cruzado, E Begona, D Lecumberri, M Acosta Merida, A Yepes Cano, M Estaire Gomez, D Padilla-Valverde, S Sanchez-Garcia, D Sanchez-Pelaez, E Jimenez Higuera, R Picon Rodriguez, A Fernandez Camunas, C Martinez-Pinedo, E Garcia Santos, V Munoz-Atienza, A Moreno Perez, C de la Manzanara Cano, B Ugarte-Sierra, F Ibanez-Aguirre, U De Andres Olabarria, F Fernandez Pablos, M Duran Ballesteros, A Sanz Larrainzar, V Jimenez Carneros, A Valle Rubio, L Alonso-Lamberti, J Garcia-Quijada, R Leon, J Rodriguez, J Jimenez Miramon, J Jover, M Martin Salamanca, M Assaf, V Parez Simon, S Landeo Aguero, N Baeza Pintado, M Huertas Fernandez, A Carabias, M Sosa, P Lora-Cumplido, L Lanuza, M Galipienso Eri, J Garcia Montesino, J Dellonder Frigole, D Noriego Munoz, A Navarro-Sanchez, D Enjuto, M Perez Gonzalez, P Diaz Pena, J Gonzalez, M Marqueta De Salas, P Martinez Pascual, L Rodriguez Gomez, R Garcis Garcia, A Ramos Bonilla, N Herrera-Merino, P Fernandez Bernabe, E Cagigal Ortega, I Hernandez, E de Castro Rubio, I Cervera, M Espino Segura-Illa, G Sanchez Aniceto, A Castano-Leon, L Jimenez-Roldan, J Delgado Fernandez, A Parez Nunez, A Lagares, D Garcia Perez, M Santas, I Paredes, O Esteban Sinovas, L Moreno-Gomez, E Rubio, V Vega, A Vivas Lopez, M Labalde Martinez, O Garcia Villar, P Pelaez Torres, J Garcia-Borda, E Ferrero Herrero, P Gomez, C Eiriz Fernandez, C Ojeda-Thies, J Pardo Garcia, M Di Martino, A De la Hoz Rodriguez, J Garcia Septiem, R Maqueda Gonzalez, L Delgado Burdalo, A Correa Bonito, E Martin-Perez, J Garcia Villayzon, B Albi Martin, P Lozano Lominchar, L Martin, M Fernadez, C Rey-Valcarcel, M Tousidonis, L Martin-Albo Caballero, A Lowy, P Alonso Ortuno, E Ayuso Herrera, J Cano Velasco, J Aragon-Chamizo, M Perez Diaz, O Mateo-Sierra, B Quintana-Villamandos, J Barrio, M Fanjul, C Sanchez-Perez, M Fernandez, S Hernandez-Kakauridze, J Rio, D Diaz Perez, J Serrano Gonzalez, L Colao Garcia, M Gutierrez Samaniego, M Hernandez Bartolome, P Galindo Jara, E Esteban Agusti, J Ripolles-Melchor, A Abad-Motos, A Abad-Gurumeta, E Martinez-Hurtado, A Ruiz-Escobar, N Brogly, E Guasch, A Hernandez Gutierrez, J Bartha Rasero, Y Perez, V Garcia-Pineda, M Gracia, J Siegrist Ridruejo, M Diestro, J Sanchez-Mendez, C Marti, M Melendez, E Moreno-Palacios, A Loayza, L Frias, I Zapardiel, I Rubio-Perez, M Prieto Nieto, J Guevara, A Simon, S Gortazar, N Chavarrias, E Alvarez, J Saavedra, P Ramos-Martin, A Urbieta, J Gomez Rivas, C Toribio-Vazquez, A Yebes, M Hernandez-Garcia, M Losada, B Dieguez, M Garcia-Conde, A Alonso Poza, L Marquez, R Becerra, M Martin, T Jorgensen, J Muguerza, J Dziakova, C Sanchez del Pueblo, P Saez Carlin, E Camarero, S Picazo, M Pizarro, R Avellana, V Catalan, L Lopez Antonanzas, O Cano, R Anula, R Sanz Lopez, G Sanz Ortega, M Garcia Alonso, A Torres, E Martin Antona, S Garcia Botella, D Ramos, A Barranquero, J Ocana, J Nunez, C Cerro Zaballos, D Crego-Vita, M Huecas-Martinez, L Sanchez-Guillen, A Fernandez-Candela, C Curtis-Martinez, A Soler-Silva, I Oller, D Triguero-Canovas, M Bosch-Ramirez, C Lillo, S Lario, A Arroyo, M Diez Alonso, F Mendoza-Moreno, C Vera Mansilla, E Ovejero Merino, P Hernandez, A Blazquez Martin, F Ruiz Grande, N Morales Palacios, E Garcia-Loarte Gomez, E Garca Rico, A Minaya-Bravo, C San Miguel Mendez, A Galvan Perez, E Gonzalez-Gonzalez, A Valle de Lersundi, E Calcerrada Alises, M Garcia-Urena, A Cruz Cidoncha, P Troncoso Pereira, F Alcaide Matas, J Garcia Perez, J Munoz Vives, A Osorio, C Gomez Diaz, C Guariglia, C Soto Montesinos, L Sanchon, M Xicola Martinez, N Guardia, P Collera, R Diaz Del Gobbo, R Sanchez Jimenez, R Farre Font, R Flores Clotet, P Calvo Espino, P Guillamot Ruano, J Rey-Biel, L Pingarron-Martin, I Ruiz Martin, C Moliner Sanchez, M Carrasco-Prats, C Gimenez-Frances, M Ruiz-Marin, A Fernandez-Lopez, D Garcia-Escudero, V Garcia-Porcel, R Lax-Perez, M Sanchez-Robles, M Valero-Soriano, E Medina-Manuel, V Garcia-Soria, E Gurrea-Almela, A Marco-Garrido, J Martinez-Alonso, F Gonzalez-Valverde, P Fernandez-Fernandez, C Sanchez-Rodriguez, J Aguilar-Jimenez, M Baeza-Murcia, J Aguayo-Albasini, T Nicolas-Lopez, F Alconchel, D Fernandez Martinez, L Solar-Garcia, L Garcia Flarez, H Llaquet Bayo, N Pujol-Cano, J Segura-Sampedro, C Soldevila-Verdeguer, S Jeri-McFarlane, A Gil-Catalan, A Craus-Miguel, L Cruz, P Valente, M Afonso-Garcia, E Ferrer-Inaebnit, A Oseira-Reigosa, L Fernandez-Vega, B Villalonga-Ramirez, F Gonzalez Argente, I Mora-Guzman, F Landete Molina, F Morera Ocon, E Canelles Corell, M Gavalda Pellice, J Salinas Pena, P Cavalle Busquets, J Trebol, A Sanchez-Casado, L Munoz-Bellvis, L Perez-Sanchez, V Concepcion Martin, A Diaz Garcia, M Vallve-Bernal, A Calvo Rey, G Prada Hervella, L Dos Santos Carregal, M Rodriguez Fernandez, M Freijeiro, S El Drubi Vega, A Picardo, A Cuadrado-Garcia, D Serralta de Colsa, J Rojo Lopez, F Cabezudo Noguera, I Ortega Vazquez, L Garcia-Sancho Tellez, P Mato, J Heras Aznar, J Jimeno Fraile, D Morales-Garcia, M Carrillo-Rivas, E Toledo Martinez, A Pascual, A Senent-Boza, A Sanchez-Arteaga, I Benitez-Linero, F Manresa-Manresa, L Tallon-Aguilar, L Melero-Cortes, M Fernandez-Maron, V Duran-Munoz-Cruzado, I Ramallo-Solis, P Beltran-Miranda, F Pareja-Ciuro, B Anton-Eguia, F 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Alam, M Kalkat, J Mak, R Kulkarni, N Sharma, P Nankivell, F Tirotta, A Parente, O Breik, A Kisiel, L Cato, S Saeed, A Bhangu, E Griffiths, A Pathanki, S Ford, A Desai, M Almond, M Kamal, S Sundar, E Leung, R Kaur, C Brett-Miller, F Buruiana, G Markose, A Rico, A Taib, D Myatt, A Khaled, F Younis, A Sultana, M Taggarsi, L Vitone, J Lambert, O Vaz, I Sarantitis, D Shrestha, S Timbrell, A Shugaba, B Quddus, J Law, M Bittar, M Creanga, M Elniel, M Youssef, S Ali, S Qadri, G Brixton, L Findlay, T Klatte, A Majkowska, J Manson, R Potter, V Oktseloglou, F Mosley, M Monroy, P Bobak, I Omar, S Ahad, F Langlands, V Brown, M Hashem, L Kennedy, S Jaunoo, E Coomber, O Williams, H Rhodes, A Williams, A Ridgway, D Pournaras, E Britton, E Lostis, G Ambler, H Chu, J Hopkins, J Manara, M Chan, M Doe, R Moon, S Lawday, T Jichi, W Singleton, B Main, T Maccabe, C Newton, N Blencowe, D Fudulu, D Bhojwani, M Baquedano, M Caputo, F Rapetto, O Flannery, A Hassan, A Coonar, G Aresu, C Smith, D Gearon, J Hogan, I Pradeep, H Yates, A Peryt, Z Barrett-Brown, M King, N Ahmadi, D Jenkins, N Moorjani, F Taghavi, F Wells, J Hardie, S Page, F Anazor, S King, J Luck, S Kazzaz, R Mannion, G Stewart, J Ramzi, M Mohan, A Singh, J Ashcroft, O Baker, P Coughlin, R Davies, A Durst, A Abood, A Habeeb, V Hudson, A Kolias, B Lamb, L Luke, S Mitrasinovic, S Murphy, A Ngu, J O'Neill, S Waseem, K Wong, F Georgiades, P Hutchinson, X Tan, J Pushpa-rajah, A Colquhoun, L Masterson, I Abu-Nayla, C Walker, A Balakrishnan, S Rooney, E Irune, M Byrne, A Durrani, A Simoes, B Eddy, E Streeter, I Ahmed, M Yao, W Wang, A Djouani, J Tait-Bailey, M Thomas, F Hassan, S Kommu, S Chopra, T Richards, A Venkatesan, T Combellack, J Williams, G Tahhan, M Mohammed, M Kornaszewska, V Valtzoglou, I Deglurkar, M Rahman, U Von Oppell, D Mehta, M Koutentakis, S Chek, G Hill, C Morris, M Shinkwin, J Torkington, J Cornish, R Houston, S Mannan, F Ayeni, H Tustin, M Bordenave, A Robson, G Dovell, R Preece, P Rolland, B Miranda, A Sobti, A Khaleel, A Unnithan, K Memon, R Bhaskar, F Maqboul, F Kamel, A Al-Samaraee, R Madani, L Kumar, P Nisar, S Agrawal, D Vimalachandran, N Manu, N Eardley, E Krishnan, O Serevina, E Martin, A Jones, S Mahapatra, R Clifford, G Jones, A Gardner, S Tripathi, M Greenhalgh, W Matthews, K Mohankumar, I Khawaja, A Palepa, T Doulias, C Gill, N Dunne, D Sarma, C Godbole, W Carlos, N Tewari, D Jeevan, P Naredla, A Khajuria, H Connolly, S Robertson, C Sweeney, G Di Taranto, S Shanbhag, K Dickson, K McEvoy, J Skillman, M Sait, H Al-Omishy, M Baig, B Heer, A Brown, A Ebrahim, A Alwadiya, A Goyal, A Phillips, A Bhalla, C Demetriou, E Grimley, E Theophilidou, E Ogden, F Malcolm, G Davies-Jones, J Ng, M Mirza, M Hassan, N Elmaleh, P Daliya, S Williams, A Bateman, Z Chia, Y Premakumar, Y Jauhari, Z Koshnow, D Bowen, A Uberai, F Hirri, B Stubbs, R Crichton, J Sonksen, K Aldridge, C McDonald, J Manickavasagam, K Ragupathy, S Davison, S Dalgleish, N McGrath, R Kanitkar, C Payne, L Ramsay, C Ng, T Collier, K 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Flavin, D Walker, S Humphries, H Assalaarachchi, T Curl-Roper, E Westwood, C Delimpalta, C Liao, V Velchuru, D Raptis, J Pollok, N Machairas, B Davidson, G Fusai, F Soggiu, S Xyda, C Salinas, H Tzerbinis, T Pissanou, J Gilliland, M Varcada, C Hart, R Mirnezami, J Knowles, N Angamuthu, V Vijay, T Shakir, R Hasan, R Tansey, C Hardie, E Powell-Smith, F Kashora, M Siddique, A Singh, C Barmpagianni, A Basgaran, A Basha, V Okechukwu, A Bartsch, P Gallagher, A Maqsood, K Sahnan, C Leo, S Lewis, H Ubhi, R Exley, U Khan, P Shah, S Saxena, N Zafar, H Abdul-Jabar, M Patel, A Shabana, A Alanbuki, O Usman, C Ong, W Butterworth, O Magar, M El Hadi, S Abas, J Annett, E Ross, M Loubani, A Wilkins, H Cao, H Capitelli-McMahon, L Hitchman, H Ikram, A Andronic, A Ibrahim, J Totty, J Blanco, R Vanker, M Ghobrial, G Jones, S Kanthasamy, H Fawi, M Awadallah, F Chen, J Cheung, A Moscalu, T Bhuvanakrishna, L Bibby, M Sinclair, M Nahid, L Williams, P Basnyat, A Shrestha, N Kumaran, S Sambhwani, N Sheikh, O Taylor, I Liew, A Al-Sukaini, S Mediratta, D Saxena, A Sgro, M Rashid, K Milne, J McIntyre, M Akhtar, A Turnbull, A Brunt, K Stewart, M Wilson, D Rutherford, K McGivern, E Massie, M Ho, R Wade, J Johnstone, G Bourke, A Brunelli, H Elkadi, M Otify, C Pompili, J Burke, E Bagouri, M Chowdhury, Z Abual-Rub, A Kaufmann, S Munot, T Lo, A Young, M Kowal, J Wall, A Peckham-Cooper, G Layton, B Karki, H Jeong, S Pankhania, S Asher, A Folorunso, S Mistry, B Singh, J Winyard, J Mangwani, E Caruana, A Mohammad, M Acharya, K Chandarana, K Ang, M Chowdhry, S Rathinam, A Nakas, A Boddy, T Hossain, C Ashmore, S Annamalai, A Kourdouli, E Irvine, A Al-Harbawi, K Kassam, A Al-Harbawee, A Miller, M Mair, R Lunevicius, A Sheel, M Sundhu, A Santini, M Fathelbab, K Hussein, Q Nunes, R Jones, K Shahzad, I Haq, M Baig, J Hughes, A Kattakayam, K Rajput, N Misra, S Shah, A Clynch, N Georgopoulou, H Sharples, A Apampa, I Nzenwa, A Sud, A Harky, B Kirmani, M Shackcloth, M Jenkinson, R Zakaria, T Elmoslemany, C Millward, R Baron, D Dunne, P Szatmary, A Thomas, F McNicol, S Gahunia, D Sochorova, G Nita, R McKinney, J Russ, J Tan, R Harwood, H Corbett, C Rossborough, B Skelly, N Bakri, S Nazarian, R Vashisht, L Jiao, Z Jawad, A Allan, C Kontovounisios, T Grove, O Warren, M Fadel, M Chatzikonstantinou, P Sorelli, S Rahman, M Hadjipavlou, C Holbrook, C Chong, D Kufeji, S Rufai, I Lloyd, G James, A Chari, A Silva, L Stroman, B Challacombe, A Sayasneh, M Najdy, A Bille, S Fraser, P Agoston, V Rizzo, J King, R Nath, S McCrindle, G Mehra, K Harrison-Phipps, J Pilling, L Okiror, T Routledge, L Mills, A Wali, K El-Boghdadly, C Fotopoulou, S Saso, M Fehervari, J Ploski, S Ghaem-Maghami, D Spalding, P Rajagopal, M Pai, N Habib, S Hamrang-Yousefi, S Tayeh, T Chase, L Humphreys, J Ayorinde, A Ghanbari, T Cuming, N Anscomb, R Baldwin-Smith, M Rizk, C Grainger, M Davies, A Surendran, J Nunoo-Mensah, M Dunstan, P Beak, I Gerogiannis, A Jain, A Menon, B Pramodana, D Choi, H Marcus, L Webber, R May, R Hutchison, V Luoma, S Ranjit, J Parakh, V Sarodaya, A Daadipour, M Khalifa, K Bosch, V Bashkirova, L Dvorkin, V Kalidindi, J Dudek, T Singhal, S El-Hasani, A De Souza, M Cannoletta, M Rochon, S Bhudia, S Bennett, L Navaratne, M Venn, V Yip, B Kayani, C Sohrabi, H Kocher, A Minicozzi, A Banerjee, T Sullivan, R Sivaprakasam, A Anzak, K Ghufoor, M Thaha, C Knowles, F Ledesma, P Patki, D Popova, P Sadigh, R Ramamoorthy, C Uff, L Attwell, C Tanabalan, M Goh, J Jayasinghe, I Silva, B Thakur, M Lebe, M Thet, F Hughes, R Rahman, O Fuwa, J Sanders, A Oo, T Bueser, M Curtis, S Stamenkovic, T Abbott, S Anwar, K Williams, E Chung, R Hagger, A Karim, A Hainsworth, M Flatman, A Trompeter, C Hing, P Tsinaslanidis, M Benjamin, A Leyte, C Tan, J Smelt, P Vaughan, G Santhirakumaran, I Hunt, M Raza, A Labib, X Luo, A Sudarsanam, A Rolls, O Lyons, S Onida, J Shalhoub, K Sugand, C Park, K Sarraf, S Erridge, J Kinross, M Denning, S Yalamanchili, A Abuown, M Ibrahim, G Martin, D Davenport, S Wheatstone, V Kasivisvanathan, K Kapriniotis, A Elhamshary, S Imam, N Kalavrezos, D Sinha, M Chand, L Green, N Beech, R McEwen, H Kiconco, S Andreani, M Bath, A Sahni, N Judkins, L Springford, J Bacarese-Hamilton, F Taylor, C Parmar, S McCluney, S Shah, R Talwar, K Patel, A Askari, P Jambulingam, S Shaw, A Maity, C Hatzantonis, J Sagar, S Kudchadkar, N Cirocchi, C Chan, J Reynolds, M Alexander, C Smart, B Jayasankar, D Balasubramaniam, K Abdelsaid, N Mundkur, B Gallagher, J Shah, J Anthoney, O Emmerson, N Stylianides, M Abdalla, K Newton, K Bhatia, R Edmondson, L Abdeh, D Jones, M Zeiton, O Ismail, H Naseem, R Advani, S Duff, F Moura, B Brown, A Khan, P Asaad, B Wadham, I Aneke, J Collis, H Warburton, A Fell, A Smith, C Halkias, S Nikolaou, C English, S Kristinsson, T Oni, N Ilahi, K Ballantyne, Z Woodward, R Merh, J Dunning, Y Viswanath, K Freystaetter, J Dixon, J Hadfield, A Hilley, A Egglestone, B Smith, T Hine, B Keeler, R Soulsby, A Taylor, E Davies, O Ryska, T Raymond, S Rogers, A Tong, P Hawkin, S Tingle, F Abbadessa, A Sachdeva, B Rai, C Chan, I McPherson, K Booth, F Ali, S Pandanaboyana, T Grainger, S Nandhra, A Patience, C Roy, T Williams, N Dawe, C McCaffer, J Riches, S Bhattacharya, J Moir, N Kalson, H Ahmed, C Mellor, C Saleh, R Koshy, J Hammond, L Sanderson, S Wahed, A Phillips, K Ghosh, A Tang, A Beamish, C Price, D Bosanquet, D Magowan, F Solari, G Williams, H Nassa, L Smith, B Robertson-Smith, A Mahmoud, P Ameerally, J Finch, C Gnanachandran, I Pop, M Rogers, Y Yousef, I Mohamed, R Woods, H Zahid, G Mundy, L Sreedharan, D Baskaran, I Shaikh, K Seebah, J Reid, D Watts, V Kouritas, D Chrastek, G Maryan, D Gill, F Khatun, K Gajjar, K Williamson, D Bratt, K Konstantinidi, T Walton, N Burnside, H Weaver, M Hawari, E Addae-Boateng, R Rollett, M Collins, M Tamimy, H Riyat, J Wen, J Neil-Dwyer, H Brewer, D Humes, D Worku, A Chowdhury, O Oyende, C Lewis-Lloyd, A Adiamah, A Koh, J Jackman, R Vohra, A Navarro, J Reilly, A Aujayeb, D Townshend, N McLarty, A Shenfine, K 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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Investigating dietary polyphenols as a novel strategy to improve mental health outcomes in people with multiple sclerosis

Dr Wolf Marx

Multiple Sclerosis Aust Grant - Research

  • 2023: $20,000
  • 2022: $40,000
  • 2021: $40,000
  • 2020: $40,000

Using 'omics to unravel the pathophysiology and repurpose drugs to treat ME/CFS

Prof Ken Walder, Prof Michael Berk, Dr Chiara Bortolasci, Prof Sean Mcgee, Prof Clinton Bruce, Dr Wolf Marx

NHMRC Targeted Call for Research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Grant Opportunity

  • 2023: $258,097
  • 2022: $164,314
  • 2021: $152,361
  • 2020: $25,320

Nutritional Psychiatry: Investigation and translation of personalised nutritional therapies for depression

Dr Wolf Marx

NHMRC - Investigator Grant

  • 2023: $104,452
  • 2022: $50,549

Industry and Other Funding

Exploring the interaction between clinical symptoms multiple sclerosis, lifestyle factors, and the gut microbiome

Dr Wolf Marx, Prof Felice Jacka, Prof Anne-Louise Ponsonby

Multiple Sclerosis Aust Grant - Research

  • 2019: $12,055
  • 2018: $12,055

Evaluating the impact of fermented dairy on brain health and function: An eight week, randomised, placebo-controlled intervention study.

Prof Felice Jacka, Dr Wolf Marx, Dr Hajara Aslam, Miss Meghan Hockey

BDD Australia Pty Ltd

  • 2022: $152,213
  • 2021: $76,106



Melissa Lane

Thesis entitled: The Role of Ultra-Processed Food Consumption in Relation to Depressive Outcomes

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine