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Birdwatchers evoke longer escape distances than pedestrians in some African birds

A Radkovic, W Van Dongen, L Kirao, P Guay, M Weston

(2019), Vol. 18, pp. 100-106, Journal of ecotourism, Abingdon, Eng., C1


Evaluating how the group size of domestic, invasive dogs affect coastal wildlife responses: the case of flight-initiation distance (FID) of birds on southern Australian beaches

Sue Guiness, Wouter Van Dongen, Patrick Guay, Robinson Randall, M Weston

(2019), Vol. 29, pp. 413-424, Impacts of invasive species on coastal environments: coasts in crisis, Cham, Switzerland, B1


A genetic assessment of the human-facilitated colonization history of black swans in Australia and New Zealand

V Montano, W van Dongen, M Weston, R Mulder, R Robinson, M Cowling, P Guay

(2018), Vol. 11, pp. 364-375, Evolutionary applications: evolutionary approaches to environmental, biomedical and socio-economic issues, Chichester, Eng., C1


Are the big and beautiful less bold? Differences in avian fearfulness between the sexes in relation to body size and colour

P Guay, R Leppitt, M Weston, T Yeager, W van Dongen, M Symonds

(2018), Vol. 304, pp. 252-259, Journal of zoology, Chichester, Eng., C1-1


Bicycles evoke longer flight-initiation distances and higher intensity escape behaviour of some birds in parks compared with pedestrians

G Bernard, W van Dongen, P Guay, M Symonds, R Robinson, M Weston

(2018), Vol. 178, pp. 276-280, Landscape and Urban Planning, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Does zonation and accessibility of wetlands influence human presence and mediate wildlife disturbance?

P Guay, W Van Dongen, E McLeod, D Whisson, H Vu, H Wang, M Weston

(2018), pp. 1-15, Journal of environmental planning and management, Abingdon, Eng., C1


Joggers cause greater avian disturbance than walkers

H Lethlean, W Van Dongen, K Kostoglou, P Guay, M Weston

(2017), Vol. 159, pp. 42-47, Landscape and urban planning, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


A comparison of the effectiveness and time efficiency of traditional and photographic environmental monitoring techniques

W van Dongen, R San Martin, P-J Guay, M Weston

(2017), Vol. 193, pp. 64-69, Journal of environmental management, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Variation in public perceptions and attitudes towards terrestrial ecosystems

H Kiley, G Ainsworth, W van Dongen, M Weston

(2017), Vol. 590-591, pp. 440-451, Science of the total environment, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Acoustic cues from within the egg do not heighten depredation risk to shorebird clutches

K Kostoglou, W Van Dongen, D Lees, G Maguire, M Weston

(2017), Vol. 28, pp. 811-817, Behavioral ecology, Oxford, Eng., C1


AvianBuffer: an interactive tool for characterising and managing wildlife fear responses

P Guay, W van Dongen, R Robinson, D Blumstein, M Weston

(2016), Vol. 45, pp. 841-851, Ambio, Dodrecht, The Netherlands, C1


Time since urbanization but not encephalisation is associated with increased tolerance of human proximity in birds

M Symonds, M Weston, W Van Dongen, A Lill, R Robinson, P Guay

(2016), Vol. 4, pp. 1-1, Frontiers in ecology and evolution, Lausanne, Switzerland, C1


The height of approaching humans does not affect flight-initiation distance

W Van Dongen, E McLeod, R Mulder, M Weston, P Guay

(2015), Vol. 62, pp. 285-288, Bird study: the science of pure and applied orinthology, Oxford, Eng., C1


Variation at the DRD4 locus is associated with wariness and local site selection in urban black swans

W van Dongen, R Robinson, M Weston, R Mulder, P Guay

(2015), Vol. 15, pp. 1-11, BMC evolutionary biology, London, Eng., C1


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