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Xiaoyang Li is an Associate Professor in the Department of Finance at Deakin Business School. Prior to joining Deakin, he was an Associate Professor of Finance at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF), Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He received his PhD from the University of Michigan in 2011.

He has published in the Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Finance, Strategic Management Journal, and Journal of Corporate Finance, among others. His broad teaching and research interests cover topics in mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and innovation.

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Research interests

Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate Governance

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Units taught

Corporate Finance

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2010 Kauffman Dissertation Fellow


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Autonomy, incentive and trade: How does trade liberalisation reshape corporate decentralisation in China?

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The complicit role of local government authorities in corporate bribery: Evidence from a tax collection reform in China

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Origin matters: the differential impact of import competition on innovation

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book chapter

Career concerns and the busy life of the young CEO

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journal article

Offshoring pollution while offshoring production?

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journal article

Does brain drain lead to institutional gain?

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The curious case of converts

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Origin matters: The differential impact of import competition on innovation

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Xiaoyang Li

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Workers, unions, and takeovers

Xiaoyang Li

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journal article

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Do market-wide circuit breakers calm markets or panic them? Evidence from COVID-19 pandemic

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