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I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Deakin University in Australia. I have spent more than two wonderful years as a Research Fellow in Singapore. Prior to that, I received my Ph.D in the College of Computer Science and Technology at Zhejiang University (China) in June 2016.

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Research interests

My research interests mainly fall into the category of Visual Data Computing, for example, geometry modeling, processing and analysis, animation/simulation, 2D data processing and analysis. Please refer to DBLP for a complete list of my research work.

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HLO: Half-kernel Laplacian Operator for surface smoothing

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A Search History-Driven Offspring Generation Method for the Real-Coded Genetic Algorithm.

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GPF: GMM-inspired feature-preserving point set filtering

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AA-FVDM: an accident-avoidance full velocity difference model for animating realistic street-level traffic in rural scenes

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An original-stream based solution for smoothly replaying high-definition videos in desktop virtualization systems

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Adaptive-AR model with drivers' prediction for traffic simulation

X Lu, M Xu, W Chen, Z Wang, A El Rhalibi

(2013), International journal of computer games technology, Cairo, Egypt, C1-1

journal article

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