Dr Yanan Wang



Senior Lecturer In Mechanical Engineering (International Partnership)


Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


School of Engineering


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


+61 3 522 73403

Biography summary

Dr. Yanan Wang obtained his PhD in Engineering from The Australian National University Canberra in 2011. He has a strong background in Mechanical Engineering, as well as Solid Mechanics. Before he joined Deakin University in 2014, he had worked in RMIT University Melbourne for about three and a half year with the focus on teaching. Currently he is the Coordinator of Deakin-WUST (Wuhan University of Science and Technology) Cooperative Education Program of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering which is one of the first Sino-Australian Bachelor education programs in Engineering that have been approved and supported by MoE (Ministry of Education) China.

Research interests

Hot stamping of high strengh steels

Green manufacturing and low carbon manufacturing modelling and analysis

Computational and Mathematical Modelling of Bone Remodelling under Mechanical and Electromagnetic Fields, Control Mechanism Analysis

Theoretical and Finite Element Analysis of Bone Remodelling's Impact on Mechanical Properties of Bone

Investigation of Changes of Bone Mechanical  Properties Due to Non-Pharmacological Treatments

Mechanical Properties of Dentine Material Modelling and Analysis

Teaching interests

Engineering Materials, Mechanics, Manufacturing Technology, Mechanical Design, Thermal and Fluids.

Units taught

Materials Selection in Engineering Design

Manufacturing Technology

Mechanics of Fluids


Knowledge areas

Fundamentals: Mechanical Engineering in general, and Solid Mechanics.

Applications: Hot stamping of  high strength steels; Biomedical Engineering applications in bone and dentine.


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