Diversity and inclusion

Deakin values inclusion and diversity, embraces difference and seeks to nurture a connected, safe and respectful community.

We believe that inclusion and embracing the differences across our Deakin community nurtures and fosters a more respectful community and this is integral to the prevention of problem behaviour and sexual harm.

Our diversity and inclusion guiding plans and strategies

We aspire to achieve a diverse and inclusive Deakin Community that is reflective of the broader Victorian community. We want students and staff from all cultural backgrounds to feel welcome, safe and supported to achieve academic or career success.

Deakin's strong values of inclusion, equality and equity, and our unwavering commitment to creating an environment of respect, are the foundation of our strategy of primary prevention of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Gender Equity Plan (PDF, 614KB)

LGBTIQ+ Action Plan (PDF, 3.5MB)

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (PDF, 3.9MB)

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Plan (PDF, 387KB)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Higher Education Agenda (PDF, 425KB)

Learning and academic achievement will flourish when all members of our community have their dignity and equality recognised.

Professor Iain Martin


LGBTIQ+ awareness and education

Our focus on the prevention of violence and sexual harm must start by addressing the drivers and precursors caused by intrusive questions and behaviour. These drivers include transphobia, biphobia, homophobia, discrimination, inequality, inequity and disrespectful behaviour. Education and training is a key strategy to addressing these drivers of problem behaviours.

Learn more about the Deakin LGBTIQ+ community

Progress to date

Since the AHRC report, we have enhanced existing programs by uplifting education and awareness by:

  • ensuring that Deakin's 'Responding to Disclosure of Sexual Harm' training includes information on 'at risk' groups and to provide information on the prevalence and vulnerability of the LGBTIQ+ community
  • representation in International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT) activities with information stall to provide students with information on 'Safer Community', student support services, and peer education sessions on supporting LGBTIQ+ students.
  • IDAHOBIT: Deakin hosted 'Being Frank' at Geelong, Warrnambool and Burwood
  • development of a trans-theatre based bystander program developed by Professor Ann Taket with the support of Transgender Victoria. The program looks at how bystanders can help support and prevent discrimination and harassment towards trans people.

Policies and training

Policy and training initiatives include improving support services and where possible removing unintentional discrimination in the workplace by:

  • establishing a LGBTIQ+ Advisory Committee with participation from staff and students to lead positive change in the LGBTIQ+ Deakin experience
  • Improving our policies to be more inclusive of partners, regardless of their sex and gender to engender a more respectful environment for LGBTIQ+ students and staff
  • ensuring that future Respectful Relationship and Ethical Sex education online modules (currently in development) include information on diversity, gender and sexuality
  • the provision of Ally training, which includes LGBTIQ+ awareness and bystander intervention with specific LGBTIQ information
  • LGBTIQ+ awareness training made widely available to staff by using content provided by Pride in Diversity. To organise tailored training for your unit please send us an email
  • introducing the DeakinSync eWellbeing platform, which covers topics such as coming out, transitioning identity, questioning, and same-sex relationships
  • new Bystander Intervention Program to include several different modules, one with LGBTIQ+ specific information to be made widely available throughout 2019
  • the development of Gender Transitioning Guide, procedure and plan for staff and students.
  • commencement of work toward gaining the Rainbow Tick service accreditation for Deakin medical centres by 2019.